Instagram beauty salon promotion: 7 ways + preparation

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to prepare an Instagram account of a beauty salon for promotion.
  • 7 effective ways to promote a beauty salon on Instagram.

Preparing to promote a beauty salon on Instagram: the main stages

First, let’s talk about the preparation process for promoting a beauty salon’s Instagram profile. It consists of 5 main steps.

Define target audience

The first stage is to define the target audience (TA). Your task is to understand who uses the services of beauty salons.

To do this, you need to conduct a small market analysis: find out the gender, age and interests of potential customers. Thus, you will compose a portrait of the target audience. This will help you customize your ads more accurately and create relevant content.

An example of target audience for a beauty salon:

  • Gender – women.
  • Age – from 18 to 55 years old.
  • Interests – fashion, beauty.

This is the simplest example. We recommend drawing up a more detailed portrait of a potential client: for example, analyze the psychological characteristics of the target audience; determine the approximate level of income.

Account Registration

The second stage is the design of the profile. This stage can be divided into several points.


The first step is to choose a nickname for your profile. It should be simple and memorable. By nickname, Instagram users will be able to find your account in the search.

Ник салона красоты в Инсте

You can use the name of the beauty salon and the region as a nickname: for example, @artemida_novosibirsk. Read more about how to come up with a nickname in our separate article.

Profile name

Next, you need to add a name.

Имя пользователя для салона красоты в Инстаграме

Use the name of your beauty salon here. For example: Beauty salon “Artemis”. You can add emoji.


Upload a bright avatar.

Аватарка для салона красоты в Instagram

For example, your brand logo or a photo of a beautiful girl.


Add a profile description: provide complete information about your beauty salon.

Шапка аккаунта салона красоты

Tell us what services you provide, add information about the opening hours, insert a link to the website (if any) or WhatsApp.


Add buttons for communication: for example, “Write”.

Кнопки в Инстаграм для аккаунта салона красоты

They will help potential clients to quickly contact managers: for example, to clarify the cost of services or find out available dates.


These are Stories Highlights. The “Relevant” block is located under the header. These are eternal stories that are not deleted after 24 hours.

Блок «Актуальное» (Stories Highlights)

Add additional information about the beauty salon to the “Actual” block: customer reviews, portfolio, description of services, current promotions.

Content plan development

The third stage is the development of a content plan. This is a schedule of publications for a specific period of time: for example, 2-3 months.

You can draw up a content plan in a spreadsheet – Excel or Google Sheets.

Sample Content Plan:

Контент-план в Инстаграм (пример для салона красоты)
Sample Instagram content plan

In the content plan, you can specify: post type , publication date, summary, #hashtags, publication time.

Read more about what a content plan is and how to schedule posts for Instagram in our separate article.

Competitor Analysis

The fourth stage is competitor analysis. Find 5-10 competitors on Instagram – for example, beauty salons in your city.

Study their profiles: find strengths and weaknesses. Example: strong side – beautiful design, weak side – content (competitor publishes only selling articles).

Also, study what promotion methods are used by competitors. LiveDune service will help to automate the process of competitor analysis.

For example, through LiveDune you can compare your profile with competitors. 7 metrics are used for the analysis: the number and growth of the audience, the number of published posts, the number of likes / comments / reposts / reach, the ER (engagement) indicator.

Perform competitor analysis via LiveDune >>>

Profile filling: posts

The fifth stage is filling the profile. To keep your account from looking empty, start posting content.

Submit 10-15 posts. Try to publish different posts: entertaining, educational, selling.

What to post to your beauty salon Instagram profile:

  • Beauty salon news: for example, the announcement of a new promotion or service.
  • Workflow. Show how your craftsmen are helping clients transform their appearance. To do this, shoot a short video of the workflow.
  • Examples of work. Show the results of your work in a before-after format.
  • Selling posts. Publish posts that sell your services.
  • Helpful hints. For example, tell your subscribers how to properly care for their skin at home. Write posts in instructional format.
  • Polls. Conduct polls in Stories or individual posts.
  • Industry news. Tell your audience about the current trends in the world of beauty and fashion.

TOP-7 ways to promote a beauty salon

Now let’s move on to the practical part of the article. Consider 7 effective ways to promote your beauty salon on Instagram.


Use hashtags in your posts. This is a free way to promote your Instagram profile. Potential clients will find your profile by hashtags.

Also # tags help posts get featured in recommendations. At the same time, do not use high-frequency queries – hashtags for which more than 500,000 posts have been published.

Use medium and low frequency tags.

Example: by hashtag # beauty salon – 10.1M publications. There is no point in using it – your publications will get lost among competitors. Therefore, try to search for less popular tags.

Read more about hashtags on Instagram in our article.

Targeted ads

Try targeted ads. These are sponsored posts that appear in the news feed of potential customers.

When setting up targeted advertising, you need to specify the target audience: age, gender, geography and interests. You can set up a target through the Facebook ad account or the Instagram app (post promotion function). To start promoting posts through the app, you need to connect a business account.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Conduct contests and sweepstakes among subscribers. For example, raffle tickets to a beauty salon.

Contests and sweepstakes will help attract new audiences.

How to hold a competition:

  1. Come up with the terms of the competition. For example, to participate in the drawing, you need to: subscribe to the profile, like the contest post and mark 2 friends in the comments.
  2. Publish the contest post. Please provide details on the conditions of participation in the post.
  3. Choose a winner. The most popular way is to randomly select a winner. The Winner service will help with this. To determine the winner of the contest, you just need to provide a link to the contest post. It’s free to start using the tool.

Mass Following and Mass Liking

Another way to attract clients to a beauty salon is mass following and mass liking. These are massive actions, the task of which is to attract the attention of the target audience.

You need to follow potential customers and like their photos. Part of the audience will go to your profile and take the targeted action: subscribe to your account, apply for services.

You can subscribe and like manually – for example, mass following and mass liking by competitors’ audience. But it will take a long time. Plus there is a risk of exceeding the limits and getting a temporary blocking of actions.

Therefore, we recommend automating the process of mass following and mass liking. The Tooligram service will help you with this.


It automatically subscribes and likes the target audience. It is completely safe: the service does not exceed the limits.

You can start promotion from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The first 25 people can be recruited for free.

Get Started with Tooligram >>>

Advertising with influencers

Another paid way to promote a beauty salon is advertising with opinion leaders. For example, you can order advertising for a salon from well-known bloggers. The price of an ad post depends on the influencer’s popularity.

For example, if you order advertising from an Instagram blogger with an audience of 500,000 subscribers, then the cost of one post can start from 50,000 rubles.

Many bloggers offer different ad formats:

  • Post-review about a beauty salon.
  • Classic advertising describing beauty services.
  • Conducting joint promotions – for example, discounts for blogger subscribers.


Carry out various promotions: for example, “Bring a friend and get a 30% discount”. Also, beauty salons often hold promotions that increase brand awareness on Instagram.

Simple example: to get a discount, a client needs to publish a post on his Instagram account with a review of the services of your beauty salon. In the post it is necessary to mark the profile of the beauty salon.

Thus, the number of mentions of the brand and the account of the beauty salon will increase.


At the initial stages of the development of a beauty salon account, you can use a wrap. For example, gain followers and likes.

To do this, use the LikeInsta service. It’s simple, convenient and cheap.


There are two work formats available on the site: paid and free. It’s completely safe: your Instagram profile will not be blocked for suspicious activity.

Increase followers and likes through LikeInsta >>>


As you can see, promoting a beauty salon on Instagram is a process that consists of several stages. First, there is preparation, and only then – active promotion of the profile.

Use all the promotion methods described in the article. This way you will quickly attract the first clients to your beauty salon.

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