Instagram author account – what it means and for whom it is suitable

Social networks divide accounts into categories: business pages, bloggers, brands. The author’s Instagram account is a new type of profile for content creators and public figures.

The option appeared in 2019 and is receiving new updates.

In this article, you will learn what an author account is and how to switch to that type of account. Finally, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of authoring profiles.

Author account – what it means and for whom it is suitable

An author account is a profile that is suitable for content creators, influencers, artists and public figures. At least you can find such a description in the social network application …

This category of users includes:

  • bloggers and journalists who publish interesting posts: articles, photos, videos, stories;
  • athletes – football players, basketball players, hockey players;
  • famous Russian and foreign actors, musical performers;
  • producers and directors;
  • Comedians – StandUp comedians, participants in entertainment shows.

The new profile type is not suitable for commercial pages. If you are promoting your online store, marketing agency or beauty salon, then connect the “Business Account”.

Author accounts get access to additional features of the Instagram social network:

  • adding buttons for communication in the account description;
  • distributing incoming messages in Direct into folders;
  • Track your account statistics to help you grow your audience with promotional promotions.

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How to switch to author account – 7 steps

Now let’s talk about how to create an Instagram author account in 7 easy steps.

First step – open your main profile page and go to the “Settings” section.

Настройки страницы в Инстаграм
Opening Instagram profile settings

Second step – go to the “Account” section of the menu.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram
Account settings section

Third step – click the button “Switch to a professional account” – the very last item in the list of functions.

Переход на профессиональный аккаунт в Instagram
Switch to a professional account

Fourth step – select the “Author” page type.

Тип страницы — Автор
Select the desired page type

Step 5 – specify the profile topic: game video creator, blogger, graphic designer, journalist, art worker. You can enter a search term to find the category you want.

Выбор категории аккаунта
Determine the profile category based on the content theme

Sixth step – provide one type of contact information: email or phone number.

Проверка контактной информации при подключении аккаунта автора
Add contact information: phone number or E-mail

Seventh step – at the end, you need to enable or disable the function of showing category tags and contact information in the description.

Завершение перехода на авторский аккаунт
Final profile setup

The author account is connected. You can now use additional account features.

What functions will appear after connecting the author’s account

The “Promotions” button will appear in the header of the Instagram page. This is a function that is used to promote publications and attract new audiences. Promotion of posts is paid.

Промоакции в Instagram
Button for quick launch of advertising campaigns

In the profile menu, you can go to the “Statistics” section. Here you can see the audience interactions for the last 7 days; subscriber growth dynamics; how people respond to posts and stories you post to Stories.

Статистика профиля в Инстаграм
This is how detailed statistics are displayed

Direct now displays two folders: Main and Public. You can move messages to the “General” section – they will not receive notifications. They can be turned on at any time.

Разделы в Direct
Two sections in Direct

Authors on Instagram can publish branded content – advertising posts in partnership with major companies and brands. The publication will have a sponsor’s mark.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram0
An example of a sponsored publication using the example of Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano

You can set up approval for branded content in the page settings. Go to the “Author” section.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram1
Author options

Next, open Branded Content.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram2
The Branded Content section where you can set up sponsored publications

Turn Approved Checkmarks Only on or off.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram3
Approved marks

In this mode, only approved accounts can mark you – they need to be added to the list.

Examples of author accounts

You can distinguish an author’s profile from a regular account by the presence of the “Write” button in the header.

Now we are going to show you 2 examples of successful authoring pages: illustrator @beeple_crap and American serial entrepreneur @garyvee.

Study these profiles – content and presentation – and try to apply these “tricks” on your own projects.

On the @beeple_crap illustrator’s page, you can find the artist’s work – concept art, drafts, creative illustrations – that he publishes every day.

The header contains the “Write” button.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram4
Illustrator Profile Example

When you click on the button, a window for entering a message will open. Here you can enter text, insert a photo or video.

On the @garyvee page – Gary Vaynerchuk – an entrepreneur publishes materials about business, promotion in social networks, and motivating posts.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram5
Serial entrepreneur @garyvee example page

There are two buttons in the header: “Write” – send a private message to Direct; “Text” – write to the phone number specified in the profile.

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Disable the author account

If you connected the author’s page by mistake or changed the subject of your account – turned it into a business – then disable this type of profile.

Go to the page settings and open the “Account” section. At the end of the list of functions, click Switch to Personal Account.

Настройки аккаунта в Instagram6
Go to your personal account

You can also convert the page to a company account. This is true for entrepreneurs, online stores, beauty salons, hairdressing salons.

Advantages and disadvantages of an author account

Let’s look at the main pros and cons of an author account in table format:

Benefits Disadvantages
Access to page statistics Can’t filter messages in Direct – moving
is done manually
Running ad campaigns from
No Quick Replies feature
Disable message notifications in Direct
Placing contact information in section “About me”
The ability to create
branded materials
Access to Instagram Create Studio.
Tool for viewing profile statistics via Facebook on PC


The author’s Instagram account is an alternative to a personal profile, which is suitable for bloggers and public figures. If you are engaged in content creation, then switch to this type of profile: it will be easier for advertisers and potential partners to contact you.

There will also be access to statistics to track the growth of new audience.

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