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Instagram advertising exchange: TOP-7 best and effective

The ever-growing popularity of the social network Instagram gives it significant marketing potential. At the same time, the Instagram advertising exchange allows bloggers to earn money even with a small number of subscribers.

On these sites, bloggers can find income in the form of advertisers, and the latter – executors of orders capable of providing an advertising campaign.

Such intermediaries are especially useful for bloggers who do not have regular partners, because they provide stable orders. The author can be creative, having a flow of orders, he has a choice of the most interesting tasks.

Let’s consider how Instagram advertising exchanges work, how to start cooperating with them, and what nuances of cooperation with them can be distinguished. Well, in order to avoid controversial situations and failure, it is worth considering the TOP-7 best advertising sites that provide the best conditions.

How the Instagram ad exchange works

Advertising on the visual social network Instagram is one of the most effective methods for promoting accounts and brands.

At the same time, popular bloggers can monetize their account by posting promotional materials of other people and companies. Finding advertisers on your own is quite difficult, especially if there are not hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Previously, advertisers were looking for bloggers exactly according to this scheme – spending a lot of time studying a person and establishing a connection with him. The problem was the inconsistency of many details, while bloggers experienced the same problems as they had to wait until they were contacted.

Therefore, advertising exchanges were created – Internet platforms acting as aggregators of advertising offers and bloggers.

They have the status of an intermediary, which forms the base of opinion leaders in advance, and also monitors the transaction so that both parties are satisfied with the cooperation.

The blogger exchange works according to a simple principle, which excludes long searches for advertisers and performers, and also offers statistics for quick acquaintance with the peculiarities of a public person’s work.

Thus, exchanges operate according to the following algorithm:

  1. Eligible bloggers register on the aggregator site. Fill out the account and provide all the links to the social networks in which the advertisement will be produced.
  2. Advertisers track current offers, determine the most suitable blogger. The account should contain the maximum amount of information about what topic the opinion leader works with, how many subscribers he has and what kind of activity is on the profile.
  3. The parties agree on the details of the transaction, conclude an agreement from which the advertising exchange takes a commission. As a rule, a blogger receives money after completing an order, which the exchange monitors, checking all the conditions.

The largest exchanges provide additional opportunities, for example, placing orders.

The party that needs promotion forms its order, which can be chosen by the blogger. At the same time, the contractor can evaluate the conditions and even offer the customer his additional requirements.

Under the terms of mediation, the exchange checks all registered accounts for compliance with the conditions and sets minimum thresholds.

Payment based on the results of the transaction is also guaranteed, for example, funds can be blocked on the internal account, withdrawn from the customer’s balance, but not transferred to the contractor. In this case, money is transferred only upon completion of the work.

Since the exchange must also make a profit, it takes its commission in the range of 10% -30% of the order amount.

Interest can be charged on both sides, although the latest trend is to charge commissions from the customer. This reduces the burden on the performer’s budget and leaves his remuneration untouchable.

Advertising sites differ in price parameters, the number of registered users and the availability of guarantees.

To choose the best one, you first need to figure out what the pros and cons of intermediary services and what criteria will need to be paid attention to, both for customers and for work performers.

Advantages and disadvantages of sites

Advertising exchanges for Instagram significantly increase the convenience for both sides of the advertising process. The advantages of such mediation are obvious:

  1. Transparent price – the customer or contractor sets a clear and final price, with which they agree or disagree. In the future, its changes are impossible, unless both parties agree with this.
  2. Comprehensive information – when creating an order card or a business proposal from a blogger, all conditions must be indicated. The exchange monitors this, specifying all points.
  3. Selection – customers have access to the full range of data: blogger’s page traffic, number of likes and comments, audience spread. This data allows you to determine where advertising will become more effective.
  4. Reviews – users represented on exchanges have their own rating and user status, in addition, you can leave reviews. This helps to find a good advertiser and professional blogger, without the risk of failure.

But such sites also have disadvantages that you should pay attention to.

First of all, this is the commission charged for mediation and competent execution of the transaction.

Since it can reach 30%, users overpay for order fulfillment, while when working directly, such inconvenience does not arise.

None of the sites guarantee the effectiveness of advertising – its responsibilities include only monitoring the honesty and compliance with the conditions.

At the same time, the statistics of performers is rarely checked, so the customer needs to independently check the option of cheating and the ineffectiveness of advertising.

Advertising exchange makes ordering advertising and making money for bloggers an easier task, but many prefer to work directly. This increases income, but increases the risk of being cheated.

Therefore, experienced bloggers can earn on direct customers, and exchanges are recommended for beginners and those who do not want to get into an awkward situation.

TOP-7 best advertising exchanges for Instagram

Dozens and even hundreds of exchanges that unite performers and customers offer their services in the advertising market. You can find both universal platforms and those that only work with Instagram.

They differ in terms of cooperation, pros and cons, level of convenience, so we will consider the best positions for advertising on the market.


One of the largest advertising exchanges with over a thousand advertisers who order services from over 40,000 bloggers.

Here you can find integrations with the largest brands in need of promotion – Wargaming, Ozon, Alfa-Bank and others.

The platform works not only on the web version, but also in the format of mobile applications, and a rating and feedback system is also implemented on the site.

Биржа рекламы Epicstars - одна из крупнейших

A direct communication between the customer and the blogger is available, even before the appointment to order, to discuss the possibilities and further strategy. The exchange commission is 10% of the blogger’s remuneration, but there is a risk for advertisers – the exact time of ad placement is usually not indicated.


A fairly popular platform for advertising on Instagram, which has been hosting bloggers from all over the CIS since 2012.

Rigid selection of performers is the main feature of this exchange, their statistics, conversion, the reality of the specified data are checked.

Advertisers can be sure that they are receiving quality promotion, confirmed by the administration.

Plibber площадка для рекламы в Инстаграм

Because of this, earnings on this site become more complicated, but the income is guaranteed to be higher. A user-friendly interface and prompt technical support complete the list of advantages, but it is not possible to automatically select bloggers by location in automatic mode – this task is performed manually.


A young but promising exchange that gives high pay for bloggers, but also offers the highest quality content.

The administration is trying to select influencers, so there is no chance of getting on the exchange for beginners or unpopular bloggers.

Биржа LabelUP молодая и перспективная

At the same time, the site allows you to make not only single posts, but also take full-fledged advertising campaigns into work. Customers get creative content, performers get decent pay, so LabelUP can be looked at as a place to make money.


This site began its work in 2014, it has an unusual mechanism of work.

The cost of advertising is calculated not by the customer or blogger, but by a robot that evaluates the statistical indicators of the blogger’s account. At the same time, the influencer can offer a price lower than the system calculated in order to attract additional advertisers.

Биржа 1.10.100 с необычным механизмом работы

The directory of performers contains more than 10,000 bloggers with a total audience of 100 million users. There is also an available filtering by city, topic and even personal interests in order to quickly find the most effective blogger.

At the same time, with a small budget, you should not rely on this service – you can even top up your account by at least 10,000 rubles.


An ideal exchange for newbies currently owned by EpicStars. However, the site operates separately, and order fulfillment is guaranteed, as well as detailed statistics on the effectiveness of advertising.

In the absence of creative ideas and difficulties, you can order a whole advertising campaign from the service specialists.

DealWay - идеальная биржа для новичков

The exchange will block funds until obligations are fulfilled, this protects both parties and guarantees that the order will be completed successfully. But there are quite a few bloggers working here, and it is problematic to search for performers from the existing pool due to an ill-conceived search filter.


This advertising platform is universal, and one of the directions is Instagram. The administration guarantees that advertising for business development will be placed, while direct contacts with bloggers and managers of public pages are not provided.

There are many advertisers on the site, but bloggers must meet the starting conditions.

Sociate - универсальная рекламная площадка для Instagram

They consist in the presence of activity on the page and the minimum number of subscribers, without which it is simply impossible to become a performer. A clear and comfortable targeting system complements the list of advantages offered by this fairly old exchange.


This platform is unique in that it only works with Instagram stories formats and a highly specialized direction bears fruit.

You cannot even order a post on this site – only promotion through “stories”. But clients receive the most detailed statistics on audience coverage and high advertising results.

Storiesgain уникальная платформа: продвижение через stories

There are a lot of bloggers on this site, and the interface, designed to be intuitive and understandable, complements the list of advantages.

To save time, the advertiser has the opportunity to view all the information about the blogger in order to place an order to the most worthy author.

A blogger can earn money on his Instagram page by posting promotional content from third-party customers.

At the moment, this is an excellent choice for business development, not only for Internet enterprises, but also for those that work offline. But to order a promotion, as well as to make money on it, it is important to choose a reliable partner.

Therefore, the Instagram advertising exchange should be chosen as the most effective and convenient for both parties. With the help of the TOP-7 best sites, you can get good income and regular customers, earning on your creativity and high-quality content.

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