Instagram Ads: How to Advertise on Instagram and Stories [Step by Step]

Instagram Ads is a platform used for ads in Feed and Stories on Instagram, ads are served in various formats, such as images, videos and carousel, which allows to publish sequences of videos and Photos.

Today you will learn how to advertise on Instagram!

And not only that, but also everything you need to know to generate sales and attract every time more customers for your business.

You will do this through instagram ads and without having to invest a lot of money.

Read this article to the end and you will learn how to advertise on Instagram, through a simple step by step, very quickly and easily, so you can start making your ads right now.

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How to Promote in Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are displayed in either photo or video formats.

As a digital entrepreneur, you can get in direct contact with your target audience and your customers through ads.

That’s because, on Instagram, people can interact with your ads, follow the profile you created to promote your business, like and comment on the photos and videos you post.

Your followers can also interact through CTA buttons, which you can use you can create by redirecting the person to your blog, WhatsApp link and even your affiliate link.

It is through this interaction between the user and the advertiser that Instagram allows you to get feedback of your customer.

And this feedback is very important so that, in the future, your ads are recognized as relevant to users, through the Instagram algorithm.

Working with Instagram Ads is one of the best ways to earn money on Instagram.

Can any-company advertise on Instagram?

For some time now, Instagram was intended to allow small and medium-sized businesses to create an ad.

But at that time, only large companies could create ads that reached the most users.

However , since 2015, any company can advertise on Instagram, reaching all audiences.

So, as you can also create targeted ads for any type of Instagram user, focus on your target audience on It’s time to create your ads.

Ads are also great for increasing Instagram followers, as it increases your brand’s visibility.

As well as being a good way to attract attention people interested in your niche content, build your email list, or have a heated initial audience for a live launch on Instagram.

How to Advertise on Instagram Ads

Follow the steps below to create Instagram ads and boost your business online.

Instagram ads are targeted by:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Geolocation;
  • General interests;
  • Consumer interests;
  • Access devices and systems;
  • Moments of life;
  • Custom audiences.

This potential for targeting audiences makes all the difference to your campaign results.

Step a Step: How to Advertise on Instagram Ads

Follow the step by step below to create ads and learn how to boost your online business on Instagram.

You will need a Facebook account, as this is where you can advertise on Instagram.

If you don’t know how to use Facebook, start here.

To access the Ads Manager, you will need to go to:

You must have a Facebook page, which will be integrated with your Instagram account.

I strongly recommend that before proceeding, you visit our Facebook Ads Guide as you advertise on Instagram using this platform.

Step #1 Create Campaign

Click the green “Create” button, then choose a method.

Step # 2 Goal

Select the goal you want for your ad.

Objetivo da Campanha no Instagram Ads

Step #3 Campaign Name

Once you’ve selected the objective, name your campaign, then click “Set up ad account”.

Nome da Campanha - Anunciar no Instagram

Step #4 Traffic

In the “Traffic” option, choose where you will send the person who clicks your ad.

Anunciando no Instagram Ads

Step #5 Dynamic Creative

In this step you can activate the button and provide images and titles to generate creative ads to your target audience.

usando criativos dinâmicos no Instagram

Step #6 Offer

The next step is “Offer”. You can create an offer, such as a discount coupon.

This is a great option if your business is an e-commerce business.

Step # 7 Public

In this step, you’ll choose who your ad will be served to.

Target by:

  • Location;
  • Age ;
  • Gender;
  • Language;

You can also enter a detailed targeting.

The more details you enter in this step, the more specific your ad will become, reaching the audience most likely to buy from you.

Look for a balance between reach and the specific audience you want to reach.

Dedicate yourself to know your audience and take tests. This attitude will help you achieve your goals more easily.

Once you have made all the necessary settings, click on “Save this audience”.

This way, you will be able to use that same audience in future ads. This will help you make your metrics easier.

Escolhendo o Público para anunciar no Instagram

Step #8 Positioning

In this step, you will define the ad that will be shown.

Click on “Edit placement” and then select the platform you want to advertise on.

Posicionamentos no Instagram Ads

Click on “Instagram” and then choose where the ad will appear: in Feed or Stories;

In “Advanced Settings”, you will define if the ad will appear for mobile devices and if it will appear when the user is connected to WI FI or mobile data as well.


Step #9 Budget and Scheduling

In this step, you will define how much you will invest in the ad and when it will start running and when it will see there to stop. You can also set it to pause yourself whenever you want.

I advise you not to invest too much money at the beginning. Start investing a little and see the return.

You can start an ad with $10.00 a day.

Slowly, with the results increasing, you can invest a little more.

After that you set your ad budget and schedule, click “Continue”;


Step #10 Ad

In this step, you will put the name of your ad.

This step is very important for you to follow the performance of that ad.

Step #11 Identity

Select the Instagram account where the ad will appear.

If you already have it If you have an account set up, it will automatically appear.

If you don’t already have an Instagram account, you can create one or select your Facebook Page, whichever you prefer.

Me I advise you to link the ad to your Instagram profile so that when the user clicks it goes straight to your profile.


Step #12 Format

Choose the style of the ad.

I advise you to keep testing each format until you find the one that brings the most results for your business;


Step #13 Images

Now select the images you will use in your ad;

You can either select an image from your computer or choose an image from the free image bank.

This step is also very important, because here you have to choose an image that is related to your business and that catches your audience’s attention.


Step #14 Links

After you’ve set your ad image, you’ll place the link from your blog or website to where you’re going to direct the person who clicks your ad ad.

Input your website URL, which can be the main page of your blog or the page of the product you promote;


Step #15 CTA

Define a call to action according to your goal advertisement and then click “Confirm”;


Step #16 Payment Method

Enter and confirm your payment information, then click “Continue”.


Done! Your ad is now ready and will start running.

Now that you know how to advertise on Instagram, constantly monitor your ads to stay up to date with any changes that come your way.

Make changes to your audience targeting, change your ad content, choose other formats, try different things until you find what’s right for your business.

How to create ads on Instagram Stories

Stories are getting more and more hot, it’s important to run ads on it too.

Now that you’ve learned how to advertise on Instagram, you’ll also learn how to create Instagram Stories ads, to further complement your digital marketing  strategies.

Next, you’ll go check out a very simple step by step to learn how to advertise on Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories has become very popular, both among users who like to share a few moments with their friends, and among those who use this feature to strengthen their business strategy.

On Instagram Stories, your ads can have immense reach, increasing your chances of making sales and driving the growth of your online business.

With Instagram Stories ads, many people will get to know about your business and the product or service you offer.

And because Instagram belongs to Facebook, you can use the same tools to reach your target audience across both platforms.

Ad Specifications for Instagram Stories


  • Video aspect ratio is 9:16 and 16:9 to 4:5
  • Video length is a minimum of 1 second and a maximum of 120 seconds
  • Video subtitles is optional.


  • The aspect ratios of image is from 9:16 and 16 :9 to 4:5
  • Images with more than 20% text may have a lower placement.

How to Advertise on Instagram Stories in Facebook Ads Manager

First, I want to give you some useful information, before you start creating your ads:

  • You need to create an Instagram account to be able to run your campaigns on the platform;
  • You need to choose a goal that can be served on Instgram Stories;
  • You can create ads using carousel format, to serve on Instagram Stories;
  • All photo and video dimensions can be accepted in Instagram Stories placement;

Let’s go step by step?

Steps to Advertise on Instagram Stories

Step #1 Create

Go to Facebook Anúncios Ads Manager, then click the green “Create” button.

Step #2 Objective

Choose your ad’s marketing objective that aligns with your goal.

Step #3 Campaign Details

Type the name of the your campaign, then click “Continue”.

Step #4 Positioning

Under “Positions”, select the “Edit Positions” option.

Step #5 Stories

In the “Instagram” option, check “Stories”.

Step #6 Budget and Schedule

 Set your ad’s budget and schedule and click “Continue”.

Step #7 Appearance

In the options that follow, you can edit the appearance of your ad (in the format, identity, media options …), and will choose the background color for the images and videos.

Step #8 Complete Ad

Now click “Confirm” and complete your ad.g>

You will be able to preview the ad you created, before submitting it for review.

From the drop-down menu you will select “Instagram Stories” to see how your ad will look in the placement you have selected.

You can also create templates for your ads in Creative Center.

You can also add the URL of your website or Facebook page, so that when you click, the user will be redirected there.

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Tips on how to promote and boost your business on Instagram

To make your business stand out from the competition, you need to know how to promote and how to boost it on Instagram.

With the tips you’ll see below, I’m sure you’ll go much further with your business.

Tip #1 Set a goal

You need to know where you want to go with your business, so set a goal to see if you’re going the right way.

Also, having a set goal will help you target your ads to reach the right audience and facilitate your work when analyzing the results.

The goals for you to reach with your business can be the following:

  • Traffic;
  • Reach;
  • Brand recognition;
  • Engagement;
  • Video views;
  • Conversions.

Tip #2 Keep descriptions short

It is a mistake to create long descriptions, making it difficult for users to read.

The description must be the shortest and direct as possible, so that the user does not have to click “more” to read the full description.

Knowing how to promote and how to boost your business on Instagram is also about making life easier for those who will come across your ad.

Whoever is on Instagram prefers to see an image if not texts, so the shorter your description, the more likely your ads will “hook” the user.

Tip#3 Pay attention to the look of your ad

Instagram basically works with images, so please pay attention to the visual part of your ad.

Be careful with the quality of the image you use in your ad.

Use images that have a good resolution and that draw a lot of attention from users.

Choose creative images that have bold, eye-catching colors with lots of detail.

Only add text to images if you really need it, as Instagram can reduce the reach of your ads.

Tip#4 Test

Try to identify types of ads that your audience prefers, so you can invest in them and exclude the ones that don’t bring good results, and thus avoid unnecessary expenses.

The importance of advertising in Instagram

In addition to all the benefits that Instagram ads can bring to your business, they can also generate lots of traffic to your blog, capture leads and grow your sales.

Because, as you’ve seen, you can add your blog link in the settings of every ad you create on Instagram, as well as a CTA button.

Regularly manage a few campaigns to increase your followers, traffic, leads and consequently your sales.

When you have a large number of followers on Instagram and they are engaged with your ads , you can complement with long-term strategies.

You can create your ads for B2B or B2C businesses, in photo carousel format, retargeting for Facebook campaigns and sponsored standard.

Instagram ads bring awareness and recognition to your brand, attracting more and more leads.

In addition, videos and images Instagram ads are a great opportunity to educate users about the products you promote as an affiliate.

The Importance of Instagram Ads to Your Business

Instagram is one of the best social networks for you to start promoting your business, as it gives you the possibility to grow, without having to invest a lot of money.

Creating ads on Instagram Ads is very important for your business, as most users of this social network are young people and this is very interesting for those who work with ads.

And that’s not all, Instagram keeps growing and conquering one increasing number of users, especially here in Brazil.

Because, according to data released by Instagram itself, the social network reached the mark of 1 billion users in the world, in 2018 and 69 million only here on Brazil, in January 2019.

So, knowing the importance of Instagram to your online business, take advantage of this extraordinary tool to make your business grow even more, reaching more and more traffic, leads and sales.


Instagram is a huge social network, with great reach, and therefore, without a doubt, it is a very tool. powerful for any company.

So, take advantage of this tool and assemble your strategies, know your target audience and create your ads targeted to their behavior.

Avail the number of users accessing Instagram and putting your ads to run.

Regardless of all the strategies you’ve developed so far, start advertising on Instagram, as this strategy can be a differentiator for your online business, generating results even bigger.

Test the best ways to advertise on Instagram, the best times, and see what works best, whether in images or videos….

Be aware of the behavior of your followers and measure the results of all your strategies.

Build and maintain a good relationship with your customers and potential customers. This makes a big difference when it comes to generating sales and growing your business.

Observe how your followers interact on Instagram, even before generating your campaigns, so that they are successful .

Carefully plan your Instagram campaigns and use good images. That way, your ads will bring great results in the short and long term.

I hope this article has helped you not only to learn how to advertise on Instagram, but also to understand the importance of this social network for your business strategies.

Hugs and see you next time!

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