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Instagram account Disabled? See How to Proceed

My Instagram account has been deleted! What can I do to get it back?” This is a common phrase among our students who go to Facebook in a panic for help. The situation really causes nervousness, especially when you are an entrepreneur and use Instagram as a sales channel. Due to a bug, the problem has happened frequently, but it’s not the end of the world. There are ways to resolve this before deciding to create a new account.

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This is a guide to help you get your Instagram account back quickly. It is also a warning: if your account is non-commercial and does not have a link to Facebook, be aware that this can make your life difficult with a problem such as access blocking. So, even if your account hasn’t been a problem, create a login authorization between your account and your fanpage right away. The reason for this will be explained below.

Today I wanted to write this little guide on the topic… I want to help you recover that account and get on with life normally. Come on!

Why has Instagram disabled my account?

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If you woke up in the morning, went to your company’s Instagram account and came across the warning in the image above, be aware that many people are currently facing this same problem. It seems that, from time to time, the app scans for fake accounts controlled by robots. The problem is that this type of action has caused inconvenience and harm to many “real” people who have nothing to do with the issue.

A few months ago, the social network blocked so many accounts that complaints surfaced on other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. In response, Instagram wrote:

We are aware that there is a bug affecting users by logging them out of their accounts. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. No accounts have been deleted.”

So, if your account has been blocked, the likely explanation is the bug. This or you, in some way, violated the platform’s terms of use. Also, it is possible that someone has reported your profile. In the last two cases, the situation is much more difficult. The algorithm understood your posture as wrong and, therefore, blocks your access. We’re all subject to profile deletion and at-sign loss when we violate the rules, so it’s important to be aware.”

Now, if you’re sure you haven’t broken any terms, you can recover your deactivated Instagram account.

How to recover deactivated Instagram account

Assuming that our Instagram account is a company asset, with offers, photos and thousands of brand followers, the entrepreneur’s biggest concern is: was my account really deleted? Will I need to start over?

The good news is that for these bugs, Instagram doesn’t delete the accounts, it just makes them inaccessible until you fill out the recovery form.

Instagram Account Recovery

When you log into the account and the app returns with a message saying Instagram has been disabled, the notice also contains a “Learn More button. To access the recovery form, you will need to click this button.

By filling out and submitting this form, you will be able to prove to the Instagram team that your account is controlled by a real person. If you have any problems filling in the data or attaching documents, try to do the process from another device or download Instagram for the web and redo the process from your computer.

Some business owners had difficulty attaching the business proof document. Ultimately, submit the form even without a document.

Instagram account stolen

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If none of the alternatives work, the problem is likely to be something else. If you sign in from another account and see your page working, it means that syour user data has been changed by a third party. So, the security mechanism you try to access does not work. In this case, the alternative is the recovery via Facebook, if you have authorized the shared login.

Reactivation by Data and Facebook

As I said above, it is very important that your Instagram has a link to a Facebook account. As these are platforms that work together (and from the same owner), you can use ad contact to get to the Instagram team faster. They will open a ticket on your behalf, which can speed up the recovery process.

Another alternative, if you remembered to associate your account with mobile data, such as the number (a step many people overlook): a more practical way to retrieve the deactivated Instagram account is to send an SMS code to your number.

How soon will I get my account back?

calendário com contagem de dias para conta ser reativada

Truth be told: Instagram support is bad. The form is pretty much the only way to get in touch with the company when your Instagram account is disabled and this may not be a quick process.

Even so, do not despair: with the submission of information, you will receive an email from the company. If you really haven’t violated any of the social media’s policies, your account will be reactivated and Instagram will send you an email with an apology for the inconvenience. From there you can use the account again with all the photos, followers and information from before. However, I assume, there were people who waited more than 7 days for this to happen.

Two-Factor Authentication

Aware of the problem with stolen accounts, Instagram offers two-factor authentication for greater account protection. It works like this: you need to inform the code that arrives via SMS and the registered password to configure the application on your cell phone.

Once you have done that, you normally use the platform. If you lose your passwords, just go into settings > two-factor authentication > require security code

Now that you’ve learned how to deal with the problem of the deactivated Instagram account, how about studying a little about how to extract better results from this social network?

In the guide below, I talk about exactly how to use Instagram to sell online. Grab pen and paper, because there you will find tips that really work for those who want to leverage the Online Business and make Instagram a Sales Machine.

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