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Influencer who is this and how he can help your business

Now every person in one way or another touches the world of technology. But much is not known and not understood. For example, an influencer – who is he and how can he help the business? A tricky question.

Influence – to influence (translated from English). Influencer (in simple terms) is an influencer with a small audience of loyal followers. Thanks to influencers, any business can increase sales, increase loyalty and competitiveness.

As a result of cooperation, both business and opinion leader win. Did you know about this?

Influencers are different from popular media personalities with a huge following. They have a very warm and responsive audience that listens to opinions and points of view. The audience fully trusts the leader in their topic.

By the way, influencers value their reputation and never offer goods or services of dubious quality. Opinion leaders know each of their fans practically by sight. Respond to private messages and comments. Therefore, the audience of the influencer is not just followers, but fans.

Influencers publish only high-quality content relevant to the chosen topic. Basically it is fashion, style, healthy lifestyle, literature, art.

Although now people live in the world of technology, they need communication. This is what forms the basis of new approaches to the promotion of goods and services. Brands start to offer to their consumers using trust and affection for influencers. They are called influencers. That method is called influencer marketing.

This method helps to ecologically communicate a product or service through an influencer. There is no compulsive selling here. An influencer shares his or her opinion, unobtrusively talking about the merits and benefits of certain products or services.

5 obvious advantages of cooperation

Interaction with influencers will help the promotion and promotion of any business with a minimum investment. Because it is a working marketing tool that allows you to influence the opinion of the audience.

Some influencers specialize in a single topic, some are knowledgeable in several topics at the same time.

Инфлюенсер в одной теме: Правильное питание

Many small and medium-sized businesses understand that this type of marketing is a fairly productive channel for promotion. That is, not just another item of digital advertising spending, but a channel in which you need to invest time and money.

Collaborating with influencers gives businesses several obvious benefits:

  • The demand for recommended products and services is increasing.
  • The level of trust in the company and the brand as a whole among buyers is increasing.
  • The profitability of the business itself is increasing, despite the costs of this article.
  • The opportunity to promote a new product or service from scratch.
  • The level of competitiveness of this business or brand is increasing.

Brands partner with influencers using different platforms. In addition, video, photo and text content is used. Influencers are divided into several types depending on the type of sites and content.

Photo, video or text

Each opinion leader has his own promoted resource: a page on a certain social network, a website or even a portal. The most popular social networks are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Not all influencers can be influencers. Celebrities have an army of thousands of subscribers, but rarely contact them directly. This is one of the important criteria for choosing a leader for brand promotion.

Influencers are mostly bloggers. They do not just interact with their subscribers, but invest their time and money in the development of the resource. But not all bloggers are opinion leaders. It all depends on the purpose of creating a page, site, blog.

The influencer doesn’t have many followers. The maximum is several tens of thousands of people. But this is the loyal base that easily accepts and responds to any opinion of its leader on this topic.

Depending on the chosen platform and published content, there is a division of influencers into several types:


Leads his own blog, fills it with various texts and video content. A blog can be either a website or a group or a personal page on a social network: Facebook, Vkontakte. The blog may have one or several topics, high traffic.

Инфлюенсер кто это? Это популярный блогер

Subscribers are not passive readers, but actively share their opinions in the comments to each publication. A blogger can add content to his blog by himself or through an assistant. The blog is maintained for the purpose of generating income, attracting attention, and other business purposes.

Video blogger

Has his own YouTube channel. There is a community of loyal subscribers with whom the channel owner actively interacts.

Видео-блогер тоже может быть инфлюенсером

The emphasis here is on video content. Basically, these are detailed reviews, comparison of a line of products or services.

Photo blogger

Specializes in photography of a specific subject. As a rule, he has a well-promoted Instagram account. Basically – portraits, reports, gossip.

Фото-блогер специализируется на фото контенте

There may be panoramic photos of cities, small sightseeing tours. Followers follow new posts and actively comment on each new post.

The question arises: digital influencer – who is this and how is it different from an ordinary opinion leader? This is a fictional character who lives a virtual life. He also has his own promoted resource. An example of such a virtual character is the singer Glucose.

An influencer, regardless of type, can be useful for a business of any level. When dealing with such an audience, the company does not need to create its own website. Sales through leaders’ resources are made in one click.

Such technologies allow business to accelerate, to convey information about products to the consumer. The opinion of the leader helps the client to make a purchasing decision faster.

Micro and macro: pros and cons

Depending on the number of subscribers, opinion leaders are divided into 2 types: macroinfluencers and microinfluencers.

Number of subscribers

Over 100,000 people

Less than 100,000 people

Varied (by age, social criteria )

Narrower (by interests, by age)

Benefits of cooperation

He values ​​his reputation and strives for long-term cooperation. Trusted partner

They work for small remuneration, for barter. Audience with maximum engagement.

Disadvantages of collaboration

High fees, increased level of mistrust in publications on the site, blog.

Low level professionalism, unpredictable results of work and investments, low quality content.


Nevertheless, it is more profitable for a business to work with influencers with a subscriber base of up to 100 thousand people. Since for a minimal investment, they share information on the product or service that the client provides.

Three possible statuses for brand promotion

Depending on the task that the influencer performs to promote the brand, he may be endowed with a certain status. The most common statuses are ambassador and lawyer. Less commonly invited as brand evangelists.

What is the essence of these statuses, and what tasks should influencers perform:

  1. An ambassador is a person hired by an organization to present its brand in a winning light. But this is not the person who appears in the advertisement. The advertising face is part of the company’s image, and the ambassador contributes to the growth of brand awareness. And this directly affects the increase in sales.
    An ambassador can be external (invited from outside) and internal (employees, company management).
  2. A lawyer is loyal customers with a positive experience of interacting with the brand. Their opinion is listened to in a crisis situation. Lawyers are specialists, good speakers, speakers, experts. Companies strive to make their employees excellent advocates for their brand.
  3. An evangelist is a loyal brand user who works more for word of mouth and advocates for the brand.

Strategy and tactics in the selection of opinion leaders

Search should be based on the correspondence of the promoted brand and the niche of the influencer. It can be: beauty, health, fashion, cinema, travel, fitness and others. Popular social media accounts can be found in every niche.

The highest level of trust is caused by living people who are versed in one direction or another. As a rule, they set certain trends in the world of fashion, beauty, etc.

Let’s say you have selected several opinion leaders in the right niche. What to do next and how to start cooperation?

Before you start working with influencers, you need to take a few basic steps:

  1. Carefully study its subject matter. There should be no disagreements with the promoted product, service, brand in general. If the brand has a fashion and style direction, then the influencer’s topic should be the same or adjacent to it.
  2. Analyze its content. Pay attention to how exactly he gives information, makes reviews, recommends a particular brand. The writing style, the behavior when shooting the video, the quality of the photographs are all material for analysis.
  3. Understand its values. His manner of communication with subscribers, tonality. All of this should be consistent with the overall brand philosophy.
  4. Analyze its audience. You can do this yourself, but it is much easier to ask the selected candidate to send a screenshot of statistics from your personal account, from the current profile. These statistics are now open and can be issued upon request. Pay attention to the geography of subscribers, gender, age. Determine how well the audience matches the parameters of the target user for the brand.
  5. Analyze the audience’s reaction to interactions from the resource owner. How often the influencer responds to comments, what is the general attitude when communicating.

Finding such an influencer is quite difficult. It is important to decide on your target audience, the subject of the resource, the leader’s rating. And choose the right type of content and platform for promotion.

The following factors should influence the final decision:

  • The number of subscribers, that is, the reach of the audience.
  • The degree of audience involvement, that is, responses to publications.
  • The result of cooperation, that is, the ratio of the price of services and the quality of the service.

Marketers recommend paying attention to special platforms for finding such leaders. Although it is much easier to find influencers among loyal customers.

After all, they already have a positive result from interacting with the brand, have a positive attitude towards it. In addition, we are ready to review new products in their publications for a small fee or for barter.

How to communicate with influencers: a few subtleties

Keep in mind that opinion leaders are very busy people. And to get them interested, you need to draw attention to the short message and get an answer. It is recommended to write concisely, divide the message into short paragraphs.

Already from the subject line, the essence of the appeal should be clear. In the letter, be sure to apply by name and in the first sentence explain what is required of him and why exactly he should respond to the message.

In the next sentence, briefly tell about yourself and introduce your company. And in the final third sentence, explain to the candidate what is required of him to do as a result of cooperation.

In the message, leave a link to the website or other resource of the company. Be sure to make sure the address is spelled correctly.

How to become an influencer and get paid

It should be understood that absolutely any person can become an opinion leader. Regardless of age, status or occupation. The chances are the same for everyone, that it is an expert in a certain topic, that it is a practitioner whose opinion is listened to by many.

It is important to have knowledge in the chosen topic and basic personal qualities:

  • Be able to analyze.
  • Be able to communicate with people.
  • Be able to motivate and inspire others.
  • Be honest with yourself and others.
  • Generate quality content.
  • Be a charismatic person.

It should be understood that only by creating a loyal subscriber base, you can try your hand at promoting products or services.

So, let’s summarize. Who is this influencer? This is a sociable person or a fictional character whose opinion is listened to. A loyal audience imitates him.

His advice and recommendations are worth their weight in gold. You can draw the attention of a leader to your business with short addresses and very favorable terms of cooperation.

Useful information in this article gives a complete understanding of who this is – an influencer and how he can help your business. Anyone can become an opinion leader if they have knowledge in a certain topic and some personal qualities.

Sincerely, Olga Lyalyukova
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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