İnstagramda takipçi ve beğeni artırma: Neden bu gerekli?

Increasing followers and likes on Instagram: Why is it necessary?

Think about this and try to remember: was there a time you visited an Instagram profile that was followed by a large number of people and found that it did not contain any “catchy” content that followers might be interested in? Surely everyone has seen this many times. There is a reasonable question: “How did the account holder manage to attract so many people?” The answer to this question is usually simple: with the help of follower like boosting tools.

A few years ago it was a phenomenon, but nowadays it’s commonplace. Technical progress is advancing fast enough to allow the creation of innovative programs for such purposes. By using them from time to time to earn money, the number of followers can increase. But why do we need this dishonest function? Let’s try to understand.

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İnstagramda takipçi ve beğeni artırma: Neden bu gerekli?

Goals to increase likes and subscribers for Instagram account

At first glance, the procedure seems very complicated, but upon further study it turns out that everything is quite simple. To increase the number of followers of the profile, it is enough to work independently with a private company, a Freelancer or related program yourself.

People take such a step for different reasons. We can divide them into several classes as follows.

1. Increase the importance of the account in the eyes of people. As you know, today’s information age gives rise to all the new marketing tools that are primarily concerned with communication between people. This process could not affect one of the most popular platforms of our time, namely Instagram. This original idea, which was first made for entertainment and leisure, has allowed companies to make big profits by using it today. However, everything is not so simple here. You need investments to promote the profile for truly “work” purposes. It will take years to attract a large number of followers to your Instagram store and get them to follow. As a rule, nobody wants to wait. That’s why people turn to professionals for a quick follower boost. The fact is that the number of subscribers today is an indicator of status and popularity. It’s a sort of “mark of quality” within business profiles and an element of consumer confidence. Consider a simple situation: There are two accounts selling home cosmetics. The first has 250 subscribers, the second 250 thousand. Do you feel the difference? Of course, the products will be purchased from the second company. However, this does not mean that the cosmetics of the first manufacturer are worse. It could be much better and better quality, but people rely on the “experience” and commitment of other users. That’s why so many business people use follower boosting tools. Previously, the situation was slightly better and “free”. There weren’t thousands of accounts and thousands of followers. It was much easier to get attention. Today it takes a lot of effort. A striking feature of a large number of followers is their “magnetism”. An ordinary person with a similar profile involuntarily thinks: “Why are all these people interested in this? Why am I still not interested in this?”. This is a fairly simple mechanism of modernity that requires our direct involvement in achieving success.

2. The effect of competition. Unfortunately or fortunately, all humans are created to always try to compete with someone. Even if your opponent doesn’t know. Everyone wants to praise their achievements in life, shopping, joyful events. How to do this in the shortest time and with the greatest coverage? Of course, through social networks. Today, people spend almost all day on devices and update their news feed on popular sources almost every minute. One of them, of course, is Instagram. Many people call it a kind of exhibition where people show themselves on the best side and share success. One of my indicators is having a large number of followers. It means you are popular and interesting to people. Not only does this increase your self-esteem, you also rise above others to some extent. So many people on the Instagram network think so.

3. Participation in the competition. Each of us at least once received a request from a friend: «Like the photo, enter the contest!» Often the number of “Like” marks is the decisive condition for choosing a winner. That’s why people resort to the trick of increasing likes. Of course, the organizers are aware of a number of signs of dishonesty, and users are increasingly cautious about it. Still, such contests do not lose their popularity, which makes boosting likes a very popular service.

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