Tamanho de imagem para instagram

Image Size Guide for Instagram and Facebook [Ads & Posts]

It’s likely that your ad image has already lost its quality when posted on social media. This is due to the size of the Image for Instagram and Facebook. These social networks decrease the quality of posts – or, worse, prevent you from posting – if they don’t comply with the minimum dimensions in pixels.

In this article, we’ve brought you an image size guide for Instagram and Facebook for ads and posts. This way, you avoid the rework of your team and ensure better quality of the material created.

Why bother with Image Size?

Tamanho da imagem para Instagram e Facebook

If posts are not the recommended size, social media will prevent your content from being posted. That’s a fact. As a result, you or your team will need to resize the images, generating rework in the company.

Also, since desktop and mobile dimensions are different, all images are resized according to the device. In this process, pixels can shrink, causing loss of image quality.

Depending on the size of the loss, this could mean, for example, that your customer will not be able to see clearly the product you are advertising. And instead of arousing the desire to buy, it will drive it away.

Of course this is not a rule: not all images reach this point. But prevention is better than cure.

Now see the step by step on image size. After all, our goal is to increase your Ecommerce engagement, reach and sales conversion.

Image Size and Dimensions on Facebook 

Tamanho da Imagem - facebook

Facebook has its own Image Size rules that you need to apply to your Fanpage posts. Depending on the goal you want to achieve, there are some specific characteristics that Facebook determines.

1- Profile Picture 

The  recommended image size for profile photo on computers is at least 170×170. This number varies from 128×128 pixels for smartphones and 36×36 for other mobile phones.

Please remember that the recommended format for the profile is PNG.

2- Profile Cover

To view the cover photo without distortion, the minimum amount of pixels is 400×150, also in PNG format. This image, on computers, has 820×312 pixels and, on smartphones, 640×360.

3- Event Cover

Facebook events also have covers. The aspect ratio is 16:9, with a recommended minimum of 500×262 pixels.

4- Facebook Ad Images (Right Column)

These are those ads in the right column of Facebook that we can see when we’re browsing our computer.

In this case, the size of the images can be in PNG or JPG format, whichever you prefer – but we always recommend PNG. The ideal dimensions (height and width) are 600×600 pixels, with the resolution (measurement of image definition) at least 1200×628 pixels.

5- Facebook Ad Images (Feed) 

The Feed Ad Images are the most used, because they appear as if it were simply a post on Facebook. The difference is that this post is sponsored by your brand and therefore appears with the “ad” icon.

To be able to use the maximum resolution, the image dimension must be 600×600 pixels and aspect ratio of 16:09.

Note: Linked ads must have a minimum resolution of 1200×628 pixels.

6 – Instant Articles 

Before I tell you about these dimensions, I’ll explain what Instant Articles is. Instant Articles is a Facebook tool in which advertisers can quickly and interactively post articles through the Facebook mobile app.

For you who have a Blog and produce several articles, this tool makes accessing your content faster and more interactive. Also, Facebook tends to improve the performance of this post than if you simply paste the article link there.

With 10x faster speed, Instant Articles use the same structure to load photos and videos, but still open much faster than standard published articles.

The dimensions used are the same as the previous topic: 600×600 pixels, aspect ratio of 16:9, minimum resolution of 1200×628 pixels and images also in PNG or JPG format.

7- Marketplace

Facebook created a space specializing in product purchases and sales within the social network itself, making life much easier for entrepreneurs. Placing your product on the Facebook Marketplace increases your business’ chances of reaching more and more people interested in products the same or similar to yours.

On Marketplace, the minimum dimension is also 600×600 pixels. When the ad has links, the minimum resolution to maintain quality is 1200×628 pixels, the same as Instant Articles.

8- Facebook Stories 

Inspired by Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook stories are here to stay. The tool allows users to post short photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours – unless you save them before disappearing automatically.

In addition to being an interactive resource, the Stories format allows you to play with creativity by adding stickers, GIF’s and various other effects that enhance posts. This way, it can involve more people.

Maintaining the quality of Stories, as with any other publication, is essential so that people do not move on to the next stories. Everything that seems distorted, even a little, is already disconnected.

The recommended minimum size is 600×600 pixels and, to achieve the maximum resolution, it is 1080×1900 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 1:91 and 9:16.

Tip: when making an ad or publication, leave a margin at the top and bottom so that the comments tab and company logo don’t cover the image.

9- Post to Facebook with Link or Featured Image

A common linked post is 1200×1000 pixels on Facebook. With the image highlighted, the dimension for a good visualization of the post is 1200×1800 pixels.

Note: if your posts are not approved by Facebook even with the correct dimensions, I advise you to take a look at the Advertising Policies . Maybe you’re not following all the rules of the social network.

Image Size for Instagram

Tamanho de imagem para instagram

Instagram has become one of the main tools in the Digital Marketing strategies of Ecommerce companies. Any entrepreneur can use this social network to connect with customers and gain new ones.

But just like Facebook, you need to apply the dimensions rules to the images… 

Even more now that Instagram doesn’t just have the app for smartphones… You can also access it via the web. 

In other words, the dimensions must be in accordance with the devices on which they will be displayed – computers, tablets, smartphones, among others.

In the next topic, I’ll show you the dimensions you need to know.

1- Instagram Profile Picture

The first image we look at upon entering instagram is the profile picture. As the first impression is, put a flashy profile photo and, especially, the right size.

The Instagram profile picture is circular in shape. Therefore, the best size is 152×152 pixels for smartphones and computers.

2- Timeline (Feed)

Image size for ads made in the main feed can be separated by vertical, square and horizontal images. See:


The minimum resolution for vertical images is 600 x 750 pixels, while the maximum is 1936×1936 pixels.


Square images have a 1:1 aspect ratio. The minimum resolution is 600×600 pixels and the maximum resolution is 1936×1936 pixels. However, the most recommended for this type of publication is 1080×1080 pixels.


To maintain the quality of the horizontal  format, the minimum resolution should be 600×315 pixels or use the maximum quality with the dimension of 1936×1936 pixels.

3- Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have the same functionality as Facebook Stories, what really changes are the dimensions.

On Instagram, it is recommended that images be in PNG or JPG format, up to 30MB and have a minimum resolution of 600×1067 pixels. The maximum resolution allowed for this type of publication is 1080×1920 pixels.

Increase Traffic within your Social Networks

Now that you’ve learned all the dimensions recommended by the top two social networks, you’re ready to start delivering creative ads that reach as many people as possible.

However, the most important thing is that the advertised ads are able to generate good results in converting into sales, attracting people from your social networks to your company.

In order to attract new potential customers, you must understand some indispensable strategies to increase traffic and sales, using these posts you make on social networks as a starting point.

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