Пишем письмо в техподдержку с ПК

How to write to Instagram tech support – step by step algorithm

In case of technical problems, blocking or hacking of your Instagram account, you should immediately contact technical support. In this article we will consider: how to write to Instagram technical support from your phone and computer; time of receipt of a response; problems that can be solved by the customer service center staff.

How to write a letter to Instagram tech support

The only way to contact Instagram technical support is by sending an email detailing the problem.

You can contact technical support from your mobile phone – through the application – and from your computer.

You can contact support only through a special form on the site. You cannot send a message directly to the Instagram support email.

Contacting phone support

To contact tech support from your phone, launch the Instagram app on your smartphone. Go to the main profile page and open the menu.

Select the “Settings” section at the bottom of the interface.

Как настроить инстаграм-аккаунт
Go to account settings

Next, you need to go to the “Help” section.

Opening the Help section

This is where the Help Center, Help and Report a Problem feature are located. Select the first item from the list.

Function of contacting technical support

A small “Report a Problem” window will open.

Тип проблем для обращения в техподдержку
Select the type of problem from the list

Here you need to select the type of problem with which you are contacting technical support:

  • spam or abuse – in the event that you have become a victim of spammers or cybercriminals who want to hack your account;
  • something is not working – if you have technical problems with your account: photos are not published, the news feed does not work, etc .;
  • general feedback – here you can leave feedback about the work of the social network: positive, neutral or negative;
  • problem with image or video quality – used to solve technical problems with content.

Next, you need to briefly describe what happened. Write 3-4 sentences about your problem: hacked / blocked account; spammers send dozens of messages to Direct, etc.

Отправка письма в техподдержку Инстаграм
Briefly describe our problem – 3-4 sentences

Click the “Send” button – the message will be sent to the Instagram technical support mail.

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Writing a letter from a computer

To write a letter to Instagram technical support from a computer, you need to go to the help section of the social network using this link.

Important: before writing a letter from a PC – log into your account via the web version of Instagram. Then follow the link above.

A page with a form will open where you need to provide an email address and describe your problem.

Пишем письмо в техподдержку с ПК
Sending an email to Instagram tech support from a computer

Try to describe in detail the problem that has arisen. Just in case, include a link to your main Instagram profile.

You can send an email to the support center staff without logging into your main account.

Before contacting technical support, study the information in the help center. Here there are answers to the most popular questions from users: what to do when the account is blocked; how to restore access to an account; solving popular technical problems.

How much tech support answers

There is no need to send several identical messages to technical support in order to speed up the process of receiving a response. It is enough to contact the Instagram administration once.

On average, a response from technical support comes within 72 hours. The request processing time depends on the workload of managers. Remember that our support staff process thousands of requests per day. Therefore, it may take more than two days to solve your problem.

Where does the answer come

A response from Instagram tech support comes to the email indicated on Instagram. If you contacted support through the help center, then the response from the managers will come to the email address specified when sending the request.

If the technical support staff do not respond for a long time, do not worry. Within a few days, you will definitely receive a response from the administration of the social network.

What issues does Instagram support solve

For more information on how the social network works, see the Help Center. Let’s consider the main problems that can be solved with the help of technical support.

Account blocked

You log into your Instagram account and find that the profile is blocked. The social network does not indicate the reason and timeframe for freezing the page: the ban can last from 7 days; often the account is permanently blocked.

If you encounter this problem, write to Instagram technical support. Ask managers to explain why the page was banned. If the reason for freezing the profile is insignificant – exceeding the limits; posting a photo that violates community guidelines will unblock your account.

Most likely, technical support managers will ask you to send a scan of your passport. This is necessary so that the administration of the social network can verify that you are the owner of the account.

Account recovery after hacking

If your profile was hacked by scammers, then immediately contact technical support. Technical support staff will ask leading questions: have you passed your login and password to other users; how often do you log into your account from another phone or computer, etc.

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Finally, you will be asked to submit your passport details to verify your identity.

Forgot username or password from account and mail

If you cannot log into your account because you forgot your Instagram username and password. Still, as luck would have it, do not remember the password from the mail to which the profile is registered, then the only way to solve the problem is technical support.

To verify your identity, you will most likely be asked to send a scan of your passport or a personal photo. If your account has a photo where your face is visible, then the likelihood of restoring access to your profile becomes higher.

Can I call technical support?

You cannot call Instagram tech support by phone. This option is not available for all countries: USA, Russia, Canada or Japan. The only way to contact the technical support staff is through the contact form, which is located on the Instagram website.

Also, do not write to technical support via Facebook. Despite the fact that FB is the owner of the social network Instagram, Facebook technical support is not responsible for the work of another project.


Before you write to Instagram technical support, study the information in detail in the help center. If you have not found a solution to your problem in one of the help sections, then use the feedback form in the Instagram mobile application – this is the most convenient way to contact technical support staff.

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