Хорошо оформленный пост в Инстаграм

How to write an Instagram post: structure, ideas, tips

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to write a post on Instagram.
  • Why write posts.
  • The structure of an ideal text.
  • How to design a publication.
  • Frequent mistakes beginners.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2020. Feel free to use them when composing posts in your account.

Why write posts: goals

“Instagram is a visual social network. Texts don’t work here. ” This is the opinion of many bloggers and entrepreneurs who are starting to develop their profile.

But this is a delusion. Posts with interesting and catchy text give results. Even if it’s a caption to a bad photo.

Why write posts:

  • Increase audience engagement. A good post encourages the audience to communicate in the comments.
  • Sales. The photo shows the product. And with the help of the text, you can tell about it: the advantages, the material of manufacture, how to use it.
  • Increase the trust of the audience. To a person or a brand. In a post, you can tell stories – about yourself and the company. This brings you closer to your audience. This means they begin to trust you more as an expert or a company.
  • Earnings. Posts with text increase audience engagement. The profile becomes alive – people constantly communicate in the comments, write their opinions on the topic of publication.
    The more active the audience, the more expensive advertising on your account. This is one of the popular ways to monetize your blog on Instagram.

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What to write a post about: 8 ideas

Let’s talk about the types of content first.

There are three main types of posts:

  • Informational. These are the posts that shape your image as an expert. This includes educational publications such as step-by-step instructions. Other informational posts include reviews and collections.
  • Selling. This type of content sells your products and services. Read more on how to write marketing posts in our article.
  • Entertaining. Content that increases audience engagement. These can be games, polls, memes, funny stories.

Now on to the ideas – let’s see what you can write about on Instagram.

Ideas for publications:

  • Welcome post. It is also called post-acquaintance. If you have just registered an account, then the first publication may be a short story about yourself. Write what you do. Tell us about your hobby. Imagine this is your business card.
  • Collections. A popular content format that can be styled as a carousel. Make a selection of the best movies, TV series, books or courses.
  • Reviews. Review food, clothing, services. Try to review products that are in your line of business. This will increase your expertise.
  • Life hacks. Share useful life hacks with your followers: for example, how to set up targeted ads on Instagram in 10 minutes.
  • Motivational posts. They are gaining great reach. People love to read inspirational texts. Tell them about how you overcome any difficulties, such as how you started your business and how you dealt with the first problems.
  • Answers to questions. Everything is simple here – answer frequently asked questions from subscribers. But not in the comments, but in the format of a separate post. Write a detailed answer.
  • Cases. If you provide services – for example, you promote your Instagram accounts – then pack your work into cases. Describe in detail how you achieved a certain result: for example, you got 200 leads for just 5,000 rubles.
  • Storytelling. People love stories. Tell us about how you decided to start your own Instagram blog. Share the story of creating a company or brand.

How to write Instagram posts correctly: recommendations

The text of the post should catch the audience; arouse interest until the very end. Before you start writing a post, you need to set a goal. Determine what task he will solve: selling, engaging, calling for communication.

Once you’ve set a goal, start creating your post.

How to write posts correctly:

  • Make a bright and catchy headline.
  • The first paragraph is an introduction to the problem.
  • Use Emoji, indentation between paragraphs.
  • Try to avoid serious grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Choose high-quality photos for your post. They should complement the text. Also, a high-quality image will help you stand out in the feed of subscribers.
  • Solve the problem of the target audience.
  • Less water, more facts. Instagram has limitations: the maximum text size is 2,000 characters.
  • Make a content plan.
  • Try to post regularly – at least 3 times a week.
  • Use hashtags.

Ideal post structure

Now let’s look at the structure of the ideal post. With examples.


The heading comes first. It is important to create a catchy and striking headline.


  • An effective method of earning from 50,000 rubles a month.
  • Very soon you will go bankrupt.
  • Myths about lending.
  • Be careful, these actions will “kill »Your Instagram account.
  • 15 ways to become rich and successful.


Then comes the introduction. This is where the problem needs to be addressed. Press on the pain points of the target audience.

For example, if you write about loans, then the text can begin like this: “More than 95% of Russians take loans and cannot pay them off. This causes problems with the collectors. There is a great risk of being left without property … “


Here we offer a solution to the problem that was described in the introduction. For example, if this is a sales post, then tell us about your product or service. How he can help solve the problem.

If this is an informational post, then give different solutions to the problem. Strengthen the text with examples.


At the end of the post, you need to add a call to action: comment, like, subscribe, save. If this is a selling text, then indicate the price of the product / service, tell us about the methods of payment and delivery.

You can add a deadline: for example, that the product is sold at a discount for only 2 days.

Text formatting

After you have written a post, you need to correctly format it:

  • Use emoji. But don’t stick emoticons at the end of every sentence. One Emoji per paragraph will suffice.
  • Paragraphs. Be sure to divide your text into paragraphs. Space between them. This will make the text much easier for subscribers to read.
  • You can use fancy and beautiful fonts. Read about how to change the font on Instagram in our article.
  • Use lists. For example, if you want to describe a step-by-step algorithm of actions.
  • Hashtags – in the comments. Do not add tags to the “body” of the post. Better post them in the comments.
Хорошо оформленный пост в Инстаграм
This is how a well-designed Instagram post looks like

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Common mistakes when writing a post

The most common mistakes when writing a post:

  1. Text without paragraphs. A huge canvas of long sentences is very difficult to read.
  2. Lots of emoticons. At the end of each sentence there is an Emoji.
  3. Lack of structure. First comes the price of the product, then the description, and at the end there is no call to action.
  4. Hashtags at the beginning of the post.


Now you know how to write an Instagram post. As you can see, there is nothing difficult here. Just follow the simple rules described in the article.

And remember that the main thing is the content of the text. The post should address the problem of your target audience.

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