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How to write about yourself briefly and beautifully: TOP examples

In the past few years, online communication has increasingly replaced live communication. And where there are dialogues, there are acquaintances in which it is important to make a pleasant first impression. “How to write about yourself briefly and beautifully?” Is a question that has not lost its relevance for the past 10 years.

Let’s look at examples to learn how to concisely and competently fill in the “About me” fields in social networks and not only.

Profile is a business card of a blogger, freelancer, and even a simple user of a social network. It would seem that writing 2 lines in a biography is not so difficult, but why is there so much uninteresting information on the network like “Ivan, 24, I love okroshka and Daenerys from Game of Thrones, I photograph LoveStory with a Canon camera”?

Let’s take a look at the whole art of mastering your account.

verbal self-portrait?

Even people with a closed account on social networks have at least once met a situation when you need to tell about yourself in a living language as interesting as possible, but at the same time convey information concisely and concisely.

In casual correspondence, you can simply note your name, hobbies, work, age and everything else that your heart desires. But what to do when a job offer or an interesting acquaintance knocks on your personal messages?

At least not to worry and not to write clichéd phrases and simple sentences with the vocabulary of a first grader in a minute. The easiest way to get out of such situations is for those who either have a spoken, beautiful text about themselves, or have a high-quality profile on a social network.

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Not only bloggers with an audience of several hundred thousand are distinguished by their profile visuals and interesting phrases in their biographies. Anyone interested in this can write a few words about themselves.

It is much easier to get in touch with a person when you know at least some information about him: you can find a clue when meeting someone both from education and from your favorite movie. Biographies on social networks are a case when openness and sincerity cannot harm.

Freelancers should take a closer look at the design of the “profile header”. All their work for the most part goes through exchanges, instant messengers and social networks – platforms where the description of the profile is most important.

The biography must include the types of services, education, interests and preferences, personal qualities and prices.

It would seem that all this to connect and fit in a couple of lines is an impossible task … It is exactly the opposite that we will be convinced of when looking at successfully completed resume of copywriters, translators, photographers, advertisers and content managers.

Where would it be appropriate to tell about yourself and your talents?

We have already understood that a beautiful spoken text about yourself will be useful. But where can you use it? There are actually a lot of answers, but let’s highlight the main options:

Где будет уместно рассказать о себе кратко и красиво

As for the latter, one shouldn’t even be surprised. Some of the profiles in Tinder and Badu are simply works of modern science fiction.

What everyone should know when filling out the “About me” field in the resume

The goal of a freelancer who has been left without projects for some time is to find a customer and, with interesting cooperation, catch on to him. But how to fish if there is no fishing rod? No, without a resume and portfolio, you are unlikely to find a worthy job.

Of course, fields of education and work experience are fundamental to a resume, but you can’t do without a self-portrait. The customer is looking for in the candidate not only machine efficiency and analytical mindset, like a robot, but also a responsible, versatile personality.

Что ищет заказчик в кандидате?

Of course, all employers have different criteria: someone needs an ambitious and sociable employee, someone is content with a quiet and obedient colleague. But none of the customers will choose a person who cannot even compose a beautiful text about himself.

The “About me” field should contain short sentences describing the advantages of your candidacy. With excessive self-criticism, you can talk about the minuses, but honesty in a negative way may not please every customer. Procrastination, forgetfulness and similar moments can be off-putting.

Also, do not use excessive means of expression. The sentences “Dasha, who will pump not only brains with you, but also the press” is suitable only for a blogger’s Instagram profile.

Fitness instructors shouldn’t get carried away with such turns. The emphasis in writing lines on a resume is on employee productivity.

What do people write in the weirdest section of their resume?

The “About me” field is the logical conclusion of the resume. By the time you fill it out, you have already told about your work experience, achievements, education and personal preferences for wages.

Now there is a final point with your personal qualities and talents. Yes, in the “About Me” section you need to introduce yourself as an interesting, versatile person.

Раздел О себе: пишем кратко и красиво

The main mistakes in filling out a self-portrait are busting with style or duplicating information from other sections. If you step past these mistakes – create a decent resume, if you add some innovation of your own – move the resume forward through the stacks of the same competitors’ documents.

So, about the main and new additions:

  1. Highlight the main personality traits. It can be optimism, the ability to find a solution from non-standard situations, hard work. But remember that employers look most closely to responsible, sociable and resourceful candidates.
  2. Talents and hobbies that help you present yourself as an interesting person. Leaders usually value creativity in their work. In addition, tell us about the advantages of your hobby, which can be useful when working.
  3. Achievements. If you have not allocated a separate field for special merit, check them at the end. Highlight the main achievements that can show your candidacy as the best of all those proposed. Among the reasons for pride can be creative solutions, participation in conferences and seminars.
  4. Industry courses. Tell us about the passage of specialized seminars, lectures, attach certificates confirming the level of qualification.
  5. Knowledge of foreign languages. Employers pay attention to candidates with knowledge of different languages. It is not required to write a resume in English if you do not get a job in an international company, but a mark on the level of knowledge of the same English or any other will be useful.
  6. Breaks in the profession, reasons for dismissal from the previous job. The more complete information you provide about your work experience, the more confidence you will receive. It is not always appropriate to write about personal reasons such as emotional experiences, but you can write about changing activities due to preferences and wages.
  7. Priority areas of activity. In one area there is a carriage and a cart of specialties, which should be clarified. For example, you wrote that you want to become a blogger assistant. But behind these two capacious words can be a manager, a content maker, an SMM manager and even a producer.

Courses and certifications

What to write about yourself in your resume

How to do it short and nice: example

Personality Traits

I can work in a large team, I have leadership qualities.

Hobbies, talents

I also do photography, so my articles are always provided with high-quality illustrations.

Achievements, awards

Employee of the Year (specify enterprise, company) – 2018

Higher School of Cinema and Television“ Ostankino ”-“ Teleradiozhu rnalistics “, 2017

Foreign language proficiency

English – C1

Service breaks

Break in work experience – 1 year (2015-2016). Completed an internship in a related specialty – “Advertising and Public Relations” in Prague

Priorities, desires in the sphere

Compose scripts and I produce advertising campaigns.
I have the skills of writing advertising warm-ups and landing pages.

In a resume for women, you can clarify your marital status. Surprise, but this aspect is extremely important: workers with children cannot be overloaded, and, unfortunately, not every employer will undertake employment of a pregnant girl.

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The employer asks to leave your contacts: we compose a resume for Instagram

Freelancers are often faced with the fact that they need to leave their social networks in the resume. A profile with a description of his work will look much more interesting. You don’t need to write who a copywriter is, but you can share your work experience, achievements in the field, price tag and personal preferences.

A customer will like a bright, completed account more than a gray profile with one photo straight from 2013.

Яркий аккаунт в соцсети вместо резюме

Active maintenance of social networks is a plus for a candidate for any specialty, but there are professions when a formalized Instagram is necessary. The most obvious position is a photographer, whose account is a resume. Let’s figure out how to turn a simple profile into a complete profile.

  • In the profile header, say hello to your audience and tell them about your profession. A line like this will do: “Hello, I’m Tanya – a photographer who will turn your profile into an art house paradise.” Thus, the client understands that Tatiana is a creative photographer working in the art house direction.
  • Leave a link to other social networks. In any account, you can attach a link to your website. It is important that all accounts are intertwined with each other, but not duplicated. We keep the style and theme, but don’t copy the posts.
  • Post by post tell us about the process of your work. You can share creative secrets and life hacks for clients. You will find clients and show yourself as an interested employee.
  • Issue a post-acquaintance. Tell us about yourself, the areas in which you are interested, what you like in the activity.

We write about yourself – some tips for beautiful text

Making a text plan is only a third of success, it is much more important to write it in a lively, interesting language. I’m not talking about metaphors, no, write as you introduce yourself to a new acquaintance. Excessive formality can also be omitted, mournful texts are of no interest to anyone.

First advice – outline phrases. Divide the entire stream of thought into short sentences that reflect the main point.

If you wanted to write “I have been producing well-known luxury brands for a long time,” then shorten this phrase and make it more specific. It will turn out “I have been producing successful brands for 7 years.

Consider the specifics of the area in which you work. You can use professionalism, but it is worth inserting them succinctly, in relevant passages of text. With an overabundance of them, you can seem like a person who first encountered professional words and tries to insert them everywhere.

Manage your creative. It is much more important to tell the main thing about yourself than to write 5 sentences that don’t really say anything, but write them metaphorically. Customers appreciate creativity, but not when it gets in the way.

Summing up, we can say that writing about yourself briefly and beautifully is not as easy as it seems. When filling out this category, you can consider examples of previously issued resume. Both men and women need a high-quality text about themselves, which includes a description of personality traits, achievements in the field, talents and preferences.

Regards, Maria Vishnevskaya
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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