Продающий пост интернет-магазина декоративной и уходовой косметики

How to write a selling post on Instagram: 7 examples and instructions

Social networks have long ceased to be just a means of communication between users on the Internet. Now they are actively used to promote and sell specific goods or services. The social network Instagram occupies one of the leading positions in this list.

But not everyone succeeds in selling effectively online. Let’s talk about how to properly compose a selling post on Instagram. An example of a good ad copy will help budding bloggers.

What does a selling Instagram post mean?

First, let’s figure out what a selling post is and what features it has on the Instagram social network.

A selling post is a post on the web that aims to encourage the reader to take an action. The user is not always prompted to buy the product right away.

The “head-on” selling technique has poorly proven itself. The main task of a blogger is to interest the audience, tell about the usefulness of a product or service, and clearly show by example how this will help solve people’s problems.

Do not forget that people come to the social network not to buy something, but, first of all, to relax and have fun. And you can entertain the audience with high-quality images, interesting information, offers of sweepstakes and promotions.

On Instagram, no more than 2,100 characters are allocated for each post. Therefore, it is desirable to fit really useful information for the user into this volume.

It doesn’t matter if you are a company or an individual promoting your product. It is recommended to present a product or service on Instagram, adhering to certain rules.

No template phrases

The phrases “individual approach”, “dynamically developing company”, “fast delivery”, “excellent quality”, “our professionals” and other useless words-parasites should be completely and completely excluded from your advertising posts. For users, they are empty words.

People need specifics: what they will get if they use the offer. You need to find your own flavor and in a capacious, interesting and truthful way to tell your audience about it.

Loud headline

The title of the post must be bright and intriguing, and it is recommended to place it directly on or above the image. The peculiarity of the Instagram network is that the reader here first of all sees the picture and the title.

By their content, he judges whether he will be interested in this post, and whether it is worth opening it. A capacious, specific, catchy headline of 4-5 words is what you need.

Visual Priority

When opening an account on the Instagram network, the reader sees images: photos and videos. The user is already guided by them, whether there is something that interests him. In order to sell a service or product, just a pretty picture is not enough. The images should show the reader how their life will change if they buy them.

Images of the following formats perfectly present the product:

  • before and after photos;
  • behind the scenes – a demonstration of the stages of creating a product;
  • an image with the text of a promotion, discount or bonus (the reader immediately sees his benefit from the purchase of the product) .

You can also add that the interest in the product and the credibility of the manufacturer increase if photos of real customers are published in the account. Of course, not all clients will want to be photographed. But you can find among them several satisfied consumers who liked the goods or services.

Emphasis on expertise

Content expertise is another important condition for attracting target audience to your product. The post text should not only be beautifully and correctly formatted.

It should contain information useful to users, information that they can only learn from an expert – a person who knows everything about the product.

Expert posts inspire trust among users. People are more willing to order a product or service, because they feel that they are not being deceived here, but that they are selling a really high-quality product.

You also need to be prepared for potential buyers to have questions about the characteristics or rules of using the product. Detailed and detailed expert answers can significantly increase audience engagement and increase sales.


If you choose the right hashtags to promote your product, you can save time and money for its promotion. You can use 30 hashtags for each post on Instagram.

If you are at a loss with the choice of tags for the presentation of a product or service, try using the special program SocialKit. This service provides a list of hashtags on a specific topic and the frequency of requests for them.

Instructions: how to write a selling post on Instagram

The audience of each social network differs from each other, has its own characteristics. Therefore, a selling post published, for example, on the Instagram network, will differ from the advertising content on the Vkontakte network.

For Instagram users, the visual presentation of a product or service is of decisive importance. The audience here first looks at the picture, and only then at the post below it. You can write great sales copy, but it won’t work if the image above it doesn’t meet the user’s expectations.

Design a photo for an attractive post

The main mistakes bloggers make when designing an advertising post are publishing stock images that present a product or service.

Even very high quality photos taken from all available resources cannot inspire confidence on the part of potential buyers. After all, for users such images are just faceless pictures, of which there are a great many on the Internet.

There is only one way out here – to make your own original product photo. It must be of good quality. If the camera does not allow you to take a picture at a high enough level, it is worth editing the photo using special computer programs, for example, Canva.

As for the text, the post title is recommended to be placed above the picture or directly on it. This draws the user’s attention to the image. For example, for a clothing store, the following inscriptions on the photo will be relevant: “Sale of branded items” or “Promotion: 1 item + 1 item = 3 items”.

How to write a selling text on Instagram

Any sales post on Instagram is written according to a certain structure. Generally speaking, the model here is as follows:

Структура продающего поста для Инстаграм

Most of the selling posts on Instagram are written according to the AIDA model:

  • Attention.
  • Interest.
  • Desire ).
  • Action.

In the first step, it is important to draw users’ attention to the post. A catchy, specific headline, a good quality picture, and the first lines of text will help you do this. It is better to start the text of a post with an intriguing question or a shocking statement.

Example :

  • Tired of sitting without money?
  • 9 out of 10 children are silent about it!
  • Bored? Is it sad? Alone? Help is here!
  • It’s time to challenge yourself!
  • I bet you never knew about this …

After the start publications “hooked” the user, it is necessary to stir up a person’s interest in the product. This is the task of the first and second paragraph of the selling post. Here we write about the pains of the target audience, its problems that can and should be solved.

Example :

  • After 40 years, the skin quickly loses its elasticity. The reflection in the mirror is no longer happy. All that remains is to remember the former attractiveness.
  • Are you overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, anxiety and fear? It paralyzes your actions, takes away energy. You feel empty and unnecessary.

In the third step, we need to make the customer want to buy the product. Here the time has come to offer the buyer his solution to his problem, to throw him a “life buoy”. It is necessary to clearly show what exactly the product will be useful for a person. Strong arguments, guarantees, warnings about the dangers of inaction will be used. Here you can also talk about discounts, promotions and bonuses.

Example :

  • With our “body drying” program, you can once again become slim and catch admiring glances.
  • If you do not start treating spinal diseases right now, it could threaten with serious surgical intervention in the future.

The final stage is to call the user to action. This is the end of the selling post and takes 1-2 lines.

Example :

  • The number of instances is limited. Hurry to buy!
  • Write right now and get a 10% discount.
  • Follow the link and start learning!

Important! Do not forget to leave in the text links to the manufacturer’s website or social network, where you can purchase a product or service. You can also offer to call the specified phone number or write to direct to place an order.

7 selling post examples

Let’s give various examples of “good” selling posts for attracting customers on Instagram and analyze them in detail.

Example 1

Selling post for a weight loss course

Продающий пост для курса похудения в Инстаграме


  • In the title of the post, you are immediately asked to like and comment on the result of the girl’s weight loss. This increases audience engagement.
  • The before and after photos clearly show what results can be achieved if you buy the course.
  • There is an active call to action: “It’s time to act!”, “There are 5 places! “.

Example 2

Selling post for the presentation of the book “School of the Young Pastry Chef”

Презентация книги «Школа юного кондитера»


  • High-quality photo.
  • An engaging question at the beginning of the post.
  • This is followed by a call for comments.
  • The book is on sale at a discount, which always attracts audience.
  • Below is a list of resources where you can buy the product.

Example 3

Selling post for a clothing store

Магазин одежды может написать вот такой продающий пост


  • High-quality photo.
  • At the beginning of the post it was said that the series of jackets is limited, which prompts the reader to order immediately.
  • In the middle of the post it is veiled that a model with a classic cut and excellent quality is a “buy for a long time”.
  • At the end of the text it is suggested to learn more about the model.

Example 4

Selling post for custom cakes

Торт на заказ: пост в Инстаграме


  • An engaging beginning.
  • The following is a description of the filling – satisfying the audience’s imagination.
  • At the end, the public’s interest is fueled by advice on who and for what holiday you can order such a cake.

Example 5

Selling post for implementing a photo retouching course

Продажа курса по ретуши фото


  • The photo before and after processing clearly shows what you can learn from the courses.
  • The headline immediately says about the promotion – the course can be bought for 1,000 rubles instead of 5,000.
  • A description of the course is given – stirring up the interest of the audience.
  • Call to action – write comments, asking for detailed explanations.

Example 6

Sales post for selling custom crocheted toys

Пост для продажи игрушек в Инстаграм


  • An engaging start.
  • Nice photo.
  • There is a description of the toy – for sure, some of the users will want the same.
  • Advice given about what gift you can give for the holiday – February 14.
  • At the end of the post there are hashtags that help to find other similar works of the master.

Example 7

Selling post for an online store of decorative and care cosmetics

Продающий пост интернет-магазина декоративной и уходовой косметики


  • The title to the post says about a 30% discount, which immediately attracts the attention of users.
  • The text talks about the benefits of dry shampoo – audience pain and solutions.
  • There is a call to action: “Hurry up! The promotion is valid only until … “.
  • Hashtags help you find other care products from this series.

To help a beginner blogger

There are many useful services and courses on the network where you can learn how to write selling posts for social networks, taking into account all the latest trends in SMM marketing. Let’s review them a little.

Faculty of Editing and Copywriting by Geekbrains

The service offers to take a course on teaching the writing of selling texts for any purpose. It is designed for copywriters, marketers and SMM managers. The course is paid with a guarantee of employment.

Course Promotion in Instagram from Netology

The popular online educational service Netology presents a course designed specifically for people who want to master the skills of SMM promotion on the Instagram network. The course is paid.

Course SMM-manager from Netologiya

SMM – management course is all from the same online school Netology. Here they will teach you how to create a project development strategy, write selling posts, and attract subscribers through advertising. The course is paid. More details about it can be found at the link:

The following resources can also be useful for a beginner Instagram blogger:

  • SMM planner service for scheduling posts. Here is a detailed analysis of applications created for promotion on the Instagram network.
  • Service Smmbox. Offers services for finding posts from competitors, planning and publishing. The service is paid. There is a free two week period.
  • Canva’s service for designing photos, stories, any images. Contains thousands of ready-made templates. On the platform of the graphic editor, you can create publications for social networks.

Thus, the network has a ton of paid and free resources with which you can edit photos and create effective selling posts for the Instagram network.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not required. But using your hashtags, users will be able to quickly find your resource on the network, and will also be able to access your other products.

Users read both. But it’s better to find a middle ground. There may be too little useful information in a short post. A post that is too long can quickly tire the customer and he will not finish reading it to the end.

If you have just created your account, then it is advisable to write them every day so that you will be noticed. Then, for the presentation of a product or service, 1 post in 2 days will be enough.

Briefly about the main thing

A sales post on the Instagram network is a publication whose purpose is to attract the user’s attention and encourage him to purchase a certain product. It consists of a photo or video and text. Selling text in Instangram has its own characteristics: visual priority, catchy headline, hashtags.

A sponsored post is written in a specific structure called the AIDA model:

  • Attention.
  • Interest.
  • Desire.
  • Action.

You can learn how to write effective marketing posts with paid courses such as Netology and Geekbrains. There are also many useful services on the network with which you can create high-quality images and publications to them.

Sincerely, Elena Lenskaya
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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