How to write a dating post on Instagram and declare yourself loudly

Instagram has long ceased to be an ordinary social network. Now it is considered as a popular platform for business promotion. Advertising and beautiful design are not enough for successful profile management. You must have a strategy for writing and publishing posts.

It is especially important to pay attention to the dating post. It is a self-presentation text. The main goal of such a post for a brand is to increase subscriber loyalty.

Dating post allows users to get a specific image of the page owner. In it, you can tell the story of the formation of a business, share fragments of a biography and interesting stories. The most successful format for writing a post is “storytelling”.

Post dating on Instagram – what is it and why is it needed?

A dating post on Instagram is a type of post in which the owner of the profile tells basic information about himself. It conveys to the reader what interesting things he can discover on the page. A greeting post is required to build trust with subscribers. In addition, it allows you to immediately weed out haters and dissatisfied customers.

There are a lot of examples of welcome posts on Instagram. Any of these can be used as a reference. Every online store, blogger or influencer must have an introductory post. In a commercial account, it may contain the following data:

  • brand history;
  • market positioning;
  • brand advantages and features;
  • USP (universal selling proposition).

How to write a post about yourself on Instagram

A sample in a successful profile will help you understand how to write a dating post on Instagram. Any blogger can be taken as a basis. The main thing in this case is to highlight your unique features, and not to copy someone else’s text cleanly.

It is desirable that the dating text conforms to the storytelling format. This marketing technique involves telling a story that conveys instructive information. On Instagram, he resonated with the audience. Today, storytelling is considered a great alternative to video and photo content.

Interesting ideas for writing a post about yourself include:

Description of the activity

It is supposed to highlight the specifics of activities, intermediate results, plans and stages of work. For example, a house construction firm can indicate its advantages and show finished projects.

Пост знакомства косметолога в Инстаграм

A cosmetologist can list his main services and provide a price list.

About yourself

Usually bloggers make a post about themselves in the “10 facts” format. They take the most frequently asked questions as a basis and answer them.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов

For ease of navigation, be sure to supplement such a post with the appropriate hashtags.

Description of your feelings and emotions

Candid thoughts in a post are perfect for a personal blog.

Пост-знакомство Откровенные мысли

Readers love it when a blogger is straightforward about his feelings and experiences.

Retelling a life situation

Interesting stories make the reader stay on the page. This is practiced not only on a personal blog, but also on commercial pages.

Образец поста знакомства в Инстаграм с интересной историей

Getting to know the environment

Readers are also interested in information about the environment of the page owner. Especially if it is presented with a special fiction.

Познакомьте подписчиков со своим окружением

Chronology of events

A good solution would be to list the significant events associated with maintaining a profile. This will become a kind of portfolio. People love accuracy, so it is advisable to include as many specific numbers as possible.

Хронология событий с точными цифрами отлично подходит для первого поста в Инстаграме

List of hashtags

To orient subscribers according to the information in the profile, you can specify relevant hashtags in one post.

Список хештегов в первом посте в Инстаграме

Lead magnet

At the end of a beautiful post, you can specify a useful promotional code for readers, a discount for a service or a gift.

Лид-магнит в посте знакомства - отличная идея

Lead magnet will help attract new audiences and win over existing followers.

What to write for your personal blog

How to write a dating post is determined by whether it is a personal or a commercial page. When meeting a specific person, a subscriber pays attention to his human qualities and achievements, so the emphasis should be placed on this.

In the first posts, you need to tell about your hobbies, specifics of activities and plans for the future. It is equally important to focus on how the blog will benefit the reader.

It is advisable that the dating post on your personal blog contains the following information:

  • biography snippets;
  • the history of the decision to start blogging;
  • interesting facts;
  • professional achievements;
  • plans for the future.

Before you start writing a post, you need to analyze the needs of your audience. With this in mind, highlight the factors that are definitely worth mentioning in the post. Then you need to plan the text and think over the heading. It should be conducive to reading the entire post.

A standard dating post template may contain phrases: “let’s get acquainted”, “my job is…”, “hello, my name is…”, “I love…”, etc. A photo for a dating post should be as noticeable and memorable as possible. It is very important that it reflects the topic of the blog.

What to write for a commercial page

For business owners, it is especially important to work out the text of acquaintance with subscribers. There is a lot of competition on Instagram, so it’s very easy to get lost against the general background. An introductory post should be as engaging and informative as possible.

Acquaintance with the audience on the commercial page does not imply the indication of personal information. The history of the brand’s development, interesting facts about the activities and plans for the future will be much more informative.

The first post on Instagram for business is not only advertising, but also an image one. Therefore, it must be accompanied by an attractive picture.

Putting the correct hashtags for the first post on Instagram

Before publishing the finished text of the dating post, you should place hashtags. This tool allows other users to find the page. It’s important to keep track of the number of hashtags. The main thing is that there are no more than 30 of them. Most often, 9-10 hashtags are enough.

The following hashtag groups will be relevant in the introductory post:

  • for locating: #Moscow, #Saint Petersburg, #Novgorod, #Volgograd, #Kazan, etc .;
  • post category: #post acquaintance, #sebe, # 10facts, # true or false, etc .;
  • nature of the activity: #photographer, #psychologist, #mamavdekrete, #designer, #accountant, #copywriter, etc .;
  • main offer or service : #writing selling texts, #remote earnings, #vays, #beautician services.

Posting a greeting on Instagram: 10 striking examples

For beginners, the owners of successful Instagram profiles can be examples. Each type of activity has its own characteristics of maintaining a profile. It is advisable to first familiarize yourself with how competitors position themselves. This will help inspire your blog post.

1. SMM specialist

The activities of an SMM specialist are related to Instagram, so a greeting post will be an excellent example of his work. To attract target audience, it is recommended to indicate real concrete achievements.

Образец поста знакомства в Инстаграм СММ специалиста

2. Psychologist

He, like no one else, knows how to win over people. It is these skills that you need to use when creating a post. It is advisable to talk with the reader as with an old friend.

Пост приветствие от психолога

3. Confectioner

can focus on how he came to the profession and tell how it attracts him.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов0

4. Knitting

is a creative process, so you can approach the design of an introductory post from a creative side.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов1

For example, tell about the nuances and peculiarities of the profession, share secrets and discoveries.

5. Clothing and footwear store

you need to make the first post as informative as possible, using unique features.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов2

6. Photographer

to design an introductory post, you can use a good photo from your portfolio. It will be successfully complemented by a story about how a person came to the profession.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов3

7. Manicure master

will be able to highlight their competence by listing the benefits of their services. It is equally important to indicate where and how the subscriber can obtain them.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов4

8. Browist

should highlight the needs of the client and tell how he can solve them.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов5

9. For makeup artist

is important not only the text, but also the photo for the post. It is advisable to visually show your skills and tell about yourself.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов6

10. Mom on maternity leave

can tell about everyday moments of his life, talk about his hobbies and ways of making money.

Знакомство в формате 10 фактов7

The post should be accompanied by a bright and cheerful photo.

Popular mistakes in dating post writing

To present yourself beautifully on Instagram, you need to avoid obvious mistakes. They are often made by novice specialists. They can scare away subscribers and ruin the experience.

Common errors in the introductory post include:

  1. Digging into the biography. It is not necessary for outsiders to know some of the nuances of life. The main theme of the posts should be preserved. Personal information should be used in doses.
  2. Spelling and punctuation errors. It is impossible to position yourself as a specialist in some area and at the same time not to possess basic knowledge. Before publishing a post, be sure to check the text for errors using special services.
  3. Text in one canvas. On Instagram, it is imperative to divide text into paragraphs and use indents. It should be readable. Otherwise, the user will not waste his time on it.
  4. A banal headline. The text should hook the reader from the first line, so you need to come up with something original.
  5. Use of clichés and stamps. It is advisable to write as if you were addressing a friend. No need to use abstruse words and notorious phrases. They may seem boring to the reader.
  6. Post for the sake of post. Even in an introductory post, you need to keep in touch with your subscribers. At the end of the text, you need to contact them with questions. It is equally important to give feedback in the comments

Answers to questions

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. This is written in the rules of Instagram. Violation will result in the account being blocked.

In theory, minor embellishment won’t do any harm. But, if the truth is revealed, then the owner of the page will lose the trust of subscribers. And everything else is based on it. Therefore, it is better to write only the truth.

The main Instagram audience is between the ages of 18 and 35. The use of youth slang is encouraged, but not overused. It looks repulsive.

Briefly about the main thing

Maintaining Instagram is a rather painstaking and time-consuming task. It requires a responsible approach to every detail. Dating post allows you to tell about the business, thereby attracting new subscribers.

For it to be effective, all recommendations must be followed. It is equally important to learn how to stand out by highlighting the unique characteristics of the brand.

Sincerely, Veronika Vladimirova
specially for the project

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