Накрутка в Инстаграм: живые подписчики или боты

How to wind up live followers on Instagram: services and action plan

Social networks allow not only to have a good time, but also to make money. Advertisers highly value accounts with real people, active subscribers. At first, it is difficult to unwind with hashtags and geotags, an account without a follower base moves more slowly. Therefore, you can cheat real people.

If you do everything correctly, you can not only avoid blocking, but also quickly start on the network. Modern services allow you to promote Instagram for free, creating not only visibility, but also bringing new customers, potential buyers and fans.

The more live followers, the more actively the rest of the audience subscribes. Now advertisers look not only at the number of likes and views, but also at comments, audience engagement.

Are Instagram followers real people or bots?

Promotion is more often associated with adding a mass of pages to subscriptions, which will remain there without showing any activity. But modern online services offer two types of promotion:

  1. Bots. Accounts created specifically to increase the number of subscribers. They are dead weight, they are useless. More often the pages are empty, or have several photos, a fixed number of subscriptions.
  2. Real people. Real people who subscribe and participate in the development of the account. They have developed pages, often participate in discussions, view stories.

For the primary number of subscribers, you can also use bots. But you need to understand that the difference in the number of subscribers and actively engaged audience will cause suspicion both for the social network algorithm and for advertisers.

If you want to have a page with a nice number of followers, then you can resort to bots. But if we are talking about creating a page for subsequent earnings, then only Instagram promotion by live subscribers is possible.

Important! Most of the services offer fraudulent cheating by bots. The description for the paid service will indicate that the subscribers are alive.

Therefore, when choosing a service or program, it is important to read the reviews, view the functionality, capabilities, compare with the cost of other online resources. If the site offers a promotion of conditionally 500 followers in 10 minutes, then you can be sure that these are bots.

In practice, promotion without unsubscribing is impossible, there will still be a certain percentage of living people who will lose interest in the content or blogger.

Who is suitable for cheating live followers on Instagram

For advanced accounts, complex promotion is suitable, which will systematically increase popularity, increase audience loyalty. But for beginners, promotion with live followers is a guarantee of a quick start on the social network.

The advantages of such a promotion:

  • live users who are active;
  • organic audience growth;
  • first subscribers can be obtained for free and quickly;
  • increased chances of displaying publications to the TOP.

You can use the services both from a PC and from a phone, so it is convenient to promote your account. The advantages of promotion include the ability to independently work with sites, thanks to an intuitive interface and flexible settings.

Накрутка в Инстаграм: живые подписчики или боты

Such promotion is possible for money, but the first followers are often provided free of charge. The price can be either fixed per subscriber or include a monthly subscription.

The audience is more actively subscribing to pages that already have an active audience. A “zero” profile is more suspicious than trusting from potential followers. Therefore, at the start, promotion by live subscribers is almost a necessity.

TOP-4 promotion services with real living people

You can independently promote your profile using proven services that will allow you to quickly recruit a base of active followers who will be interested in the content. Experts recommend the following options:

Tooligram 2.0

The service is suitable for any area of ​​blogging. Offers mass following, mass liking, statistics tracking. Safe to use, effective. Engages interested users.


Complex promotion by live subscribers. Increased coverage, increased activity. Increases the chance of getting into recommendations. Makes an account visually vibrant and attractive to advertisers.


Increased activity, increased coverage. Bringing posts to the TOP and recommendations. A simple service that provides quality comments and organic activity.

Booster Stories

Increase organic reach of stories. Safe service to increase subscriber activity. Safe, reliable in work. Provides a quick influx of reactions.

These services are classified as reliable, trusted. They are used by professionals, budding bloggers. Wide functionality, convenience and speed of work will be additional benefits. You can compare the features of the resources in the table.

Post views

Reposts and saves

Story views


Reposts and re-views

Highly efficient services help to quickly raise the rating of an account. There is an option to recruit subscribers online for free and for money. The cost per subscriber will be several times lower than with other types of advertising. A good way to quickly get your target audience to start.

How to get live followers on your own and for free: an action plan

If earlier any followers were promoted on Instagram, regardless of their quality and activity, now it is important to create the appearance of a live account, which is filled with an interested audience. You can get live subscribers on your own using the following action plan:

  • Prepare an account for promotion. The page should be actively maintained, the author not only posts posts, but also participates in discussions. It is important to fill out a profile, set an avatar. The user should understand why he came to the page.
  • Follow the course. Even after receiving paid subscriptions, there is a risk that users will start unsubscribing. To reduce risk, you need to create quality content, adhere to the topic, and provide followers with useful information.
  • Create a content plan. Regularly publish posts with text, interesting information. Few people are interested in simple photos. A content plan will help you organize topics and posts by day of the week in advance.
  • Start promotion. Most of the services offer a trial period, which you can use to get your first subscribers.

Mass following and mass liking, even in 2021, work better than hashtag promotion. But in order to get new subscribers on a regular basis, it is recommended to use a holistic approach.

Experts advise setting up massliking, promotion by live subscribers, working on the quality of content, putting the correct hashtags and geotags. All these methods can be used for free, or you can buy a promotion from a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

The above services are secure, and applications cannot be vouched for. If a resource requires logging into an account, then this should already be suspicious. By using third-party services, the user always risks the security of the page. Therefore, it is better to consider proven sites for long-term performance.

Specialists use services to promote accounts without receiving shadow bans and restrictions. You can get a block only for thoughtless use of untrustworthy applications that have no built-in restrictions on the number of likes or subscriptions within a certain period of time.

Yes, but it may take longer. The advantage of this method is that an interested audience, potential buyers, and not bots are subscribed. This method will suit everyone, regardless of the topic.

In theory, there is no threshold, in practice it still exists, but not static. That is, the account will grow to a certain level, but then the rate of recruiting subscribers will begin to decline. The process will be just slower than in the first stages. The growth rate of views and likes does not decrease.

Briefly about the main thing

Promotion of Instagram by live subscribers is possible with the help of special services that will provide a quick influx of followers. But it is important not only to attract, but also to retain an audience.

Therefore, you should not focus only on promotion, you need to maintain a channel, provide followers with high-quality and interesting information, and motivate subscribers to be active. The account should be alive not only visually, but also in practice.

The purpose of such promotion is to collect a base of live subscribers who will be active and involved. Then it will be possible to gain likes, reposts and views without additional promotion and promotion.

Sincerely, Olga German
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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