How to wind up likes on Instagram in 3 minutes: TOP-10 ways (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to wind up likes on Instagram: 10 ways.
  • How to cheat.
  • Why you need to wind up likes.

All the tips and tricks described in this article are relevant in 2021.

How to get likes on Instagram: TOP-10 services

Let’s go straight to the main part of the article: let’s look at the 10 best services for boosting likes on Instagram.


Likemania is a reliable and convenient service for boosting likes on Instagram. You can start promotion in 2 minutes: without registration and without completing tasks.

Сервис Лайкмания

Also, you do not need to log into your account and enter your password. The promotion is performed by the specified link. Cloud service – you can work from your computer and phone.

It’s safe – the profile will not be blocked, since the service does not exceed the limits of the social network.

On the site, you can select the type of promotion:

  • Alive. These are real people – Russian-speaking accounts with an avatar; some have profile pictures. There is a guarantee against write-off. The cost of one like is 0.17 rubles.
  • Robots. These are bots. Accounts from all over the world. They only have an avatar. The cost of one like from a bot is 0.14 rubles.

To get started, you need to select a service, specify the type of promotion and provide a link to a photo. Attraction of likes will start quickly – immediately after you pay for your order.

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LikeInsta is a tool for fast promotion on popular social networks. You can boost likes for posts on Instagram.

There are two options for working with the service:

  • Free. You need to register on the site and complete tasks in your personal account. For this you get points that you can spend on promoting your profile.
  • Paid. You can place a quick order – buy likes without registration and tasks.

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Bosslike is an online service for social media promotion. You can wind up likes.

Сервис Босслайк

There are two options:

  • Free. You need to complete tasks and earn points. You can get likes for points.
  • Paid. You can buy points and start cheating – quickly and without tasks.

The service is completely secure. Promotion starts within 5 minutes after payment. There is an application for iOS (iPhone and iPad). There is no program for Android.

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GodLikes is a service for cheating on social networks, including on Instagram. On the main page, you need to select a service.

Накрутка лайков в Инстагарм через GodLikes

You should also indicate the type of likes:

  • Elite. Price – from 0.28 rubles.
  • Simple. Price – from 0.18 rubles.
  • Exclusive. Price – from 0.39 rubles.

Attraction of likes starts within 30 minutes after payment.

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SMM CRAFT is a site for boosting likes and subscribers on major social networks. Package offers are available here.


So, for example, 10 likes for Instagram can be bought for only 35 rubles, and 500 likes – for 1051 rubles.

It’s completely safe: the service does not violate the rules of the social network. You can work with the online tool without tasks and registration.


Fastpromo is a convenient and reliable tool for getting likes, subscribers, reposts, comments on popular social networks. The price of likes for Instagram starts from 28 rubles per 100 pieces.

Сервис Fastpromo

There is a service to attract live likes from real people from the Russian Federation and the CIS. It costs 143 rubles per 100 pieces. Promotion speed – 25,000 actions per day. The tool does not exceed the limits of the social network.


MrPopular is a site where you can buy Instagram likes. Cheap.

Лайки в MrPopular

So, for example, the cost of the service starts from 0.04 rubles. For this amount, you are offered low quality offers.

If you want to attract high quality likes from real people, then the price of services (i.e. the cost of one like) starts from 1.32 rubles.


SMOService is a professional service for promotion in social networks. The site can be used to wind up various indicators for Instagram – including likes.


The cost of services starts from 0.48 rubles. This is the price of one like on a photo, video, album.

The order is executed quickly. The service does not exceed the limits of the social network.


PrSkill is a site for live promotion on social networks. The speed of completing tasks is up to 15,000 actions per day.

Сервис PrSkill

The minimum order for the social network Instagram is 100 likes. The price starts from 6.4 rubles. You can wind up 50,000 likes at a time.

The online service does not exceed the limits. Thanks to this, you can not worry about the security of your profile.


PRtut is a service for fast promotion in social networks. You can boost likes, followers and other metrics on Instagram.

PRtut — накрутка лайков в Инсте

The tool is safe. You can work from your phone, computer, tablet. The cost of services starts from 9 rubles.

Instructions for boosting likes on Instagram

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article. This is a step by step guide. We’ll show you how to get Likes on Instagram.

Let’s take the Likemania service as an example – it’s convenient, reliable and secure.

Step one: go to the site and select a service from the list. In our case – Likes.

Step two: then specify the type of promotion: we recommend “Live” – ​​this is a more effective way to promote.

Step three: enter the desired number of likes. For a start, five thousand will be enough. But use your budget here.

Step four: provide a link to the post. Enter your Email address and pay for the order.


You can pay for your order in any convenient way: Yandex.Money, QIWI, Webmoney, bank card and even Bitcoins.

Why boost likes: goals

Now let’s define why you need to boost likes:

  • Increasing the reach of posts.
  • Getting into the recommendations.
  • Increasing the price of advertising.
  • Earnings on promoting other people’s accounts.

Speaking of making money – read our article “How to make money on Instagram from 50 thousand rubles”.


Now you know how to get likes on Instagram. Use any service from the list – we recommend Likemania. It’s simple and fast.

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