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How to watch Instagram stories and stay incognito: the best ways

Anonymously watch stories on Instagram without using extensions, applications and services will not work. The social network itself does not provide such an opportunity. Clandestine browsing is possible when creating a fallback profile, spy services, mobile apps and extensions.

Alternatively, Telegram bots and online resources are used. Simple ways will help you watch someone else’s story and remain invisible to the author. It is possible to view it without downloading additional software, or with the installation of a similar one.

The most popular ways to view stories and go unnoticed

In 2016, there was a big update on Instagram. Now you can publish photos and videos with the ability to track those who viewed them. Stories gave bloggers new opportunities:

  • increase in reach;
  • active interaction with the audience;
  • increase in audience loyalty;
  • assessment of active subscribers.

But the desire to view the recording often borders on the search for an opportunity to remain anonymous. So they secretly want to view stories on the account of old friends and girlfriends, former lovers, colleagues or enemies. Options for how to secretly view Instagram Stories:

Create backup account

The fastest and safest way. You can either create a “dummy” or buy for a penny.

We’ll have to regularly switch between accounts. You can also view it from the original profile by mistake.

Using spy services

You can not only watch current stories, but also download them. No registration required.

Not all accounts are connected, some stories are lost or not downloaded.

Downloading mobile apps

Easy to use from your phone. Advanced functionality.

A waste of time downloading, registering. Not secure when entering personal data.

Installing a browser extension

Quick search , downloading and viewing stories. Anonymous browsing is possible.

profile, it does not always work correctly.

Using Telegram bots

Can be used from phone and computer. Instant response, download available.

Registration in Telegram is required.

Anonymous viewing of stories is possible using several options. More often they choose the one that will help to quickly spy on the activities of another person, without spending time on downloading and registering.

“Left” profile

The easiest way to secretly watch a story is to create an additional “dummy” profile. Registration may take time, mobile phone number. But with the help of special sites, you can buy a cheap account.

Important! This method will not work if the profile is hidden by privacy settings.

This method will allow you to pry both from the phone through the application and from the computer. It is not necessary to fill in the profile with information. The application will allow you to simultaneously use the authorization function for multiple accounts. The disadvantages include viewing from a personal profile due to inattention.

Spy services

Online services will allow you to view, without opening the application, the history of the required account. The advantages of the method include:

  • the ability to download;
  • view both active stories and those that are in the Live one;
  • view hashtags, geolocation and text.

May not work correctly with profiles with activated privacy settings. Different services have different functionality. They are often subject to blocking, so it is better to have several options in stock.

When browsing online, the author of the story may display a blank page icon, while downloading, you can hide views. If a topicstarter has more than twelve stories, then both full and partial downloads are possible due to service errors.

Mobile applications

Private viewing apps are a dubious way. They do not always provide an opportunity to remain invisible. If you have already logged into a profile on your phone, then often viewing is carried out from it. Two applications are considered the most reliable:

  • Story Reposter for Instagram for iOS
  • StorySaver + for Android.

Apps for viewing other people’s stories are less reliable and user-friendly than online services. But if the browser does not work correctly, and there is no access to the computer, then this is one of the working options. There may be errors when trying to interact with a closed profile.

Browser Extension

A similar extension that will allow opening stories without displaying a preview is installed on Google Chrome. Benefits of Chrome IG Story:

  • free, correctly working extension;
  • anonymous viewing and search of records;
  • downloading stories;
  • working with open and closed accounts.
Расширение для браузера для скрытого просмотра сторис в Инстаграм

Works only on a computer, you won’t be able to install and use the extension on a smartphone. Next to the list of stories, you can click on the eye icon and activate “Anonymous Viewing Enabled”. The author will not see who viewed the post, as Instagram does not count such views.

Important! Selective downloads possible due to service errors, interrupted Internet connection.

Users note that the extension can be disabled spontaneously when restarting a computer or browser. So you can accidentally view the history from the activated profile, and not hidden. Therefore, after starting the browser, it is useful to check if the anonymous browsing extension is active.

Telegram bots

You can hide your own visit to your account, view the history unnoticed using a bot in Telegram. Registration in the application and search for a bot will be required. The disadvantages include the fact that the view is not invisible.

The author will see +1 viewing from an unknown account. If he goes to the bot’s account, he will find just a blank “dummy” page, not tied to a specific person.

Working with a bot comes down to an algorithm:

  • download and install Telegram on your phone, computer;
  • find @IGSpyBot in the search;
  • send a message with the account name;
  • the bot will send stories in downloadable video format.

There is another bot, @Instasave_bot. It is more mobile and has different functionality. Before downloading and viewing, you can select the stories of interest. Errors while downloading and viewing closed accounts are possible.

Бот в Телеграм

Using Telegram bots has drawbacks. So, if the service does not work correctly, failures are possible, the issuance of only part of the stories. In rare cases, a bot can send content to the wrong blogger to whom the request came.

Problems arise when working with closed profiles, a large number of stories (from 10 pieces). When blocking a bot account, you must wait until its functionality is restored.

Services for viewing stories anonymously

If open viewing is not possible, then you can use online services to interact with Instagram. Popular options include:

  • Insta-stories.ru. It is enough to enter the account name and activate the service. All stories published within 24 hours will appear. You can download your favorite video by clicking on the cover.
  • Storyinsta.com. Knowing the name of the account, you can view and download not only the latest stories, but also pinned ones. The functionality allows you to view hashtags, geolocation and accompanying content.
  • Storiesig.com. The service also allows you to view both stories for 24 hours and current ones. There is a possibility of downloading, obtaining hidden profile information.

The Insta-spy service should be separately highlighted, which is distinguished by its stability, advanced functionality, reliability and quick response.

Advantages and features of the resource:

  • browsing stories anonymously;
  • tracking likes and comments;
  • tracking new subscribers and subscriptions.

Unlike similar options, the service offers a search for bots, parsing and instatracker services. It stands out for its fast launch, error-free work with public and private accounts.

We watch other people’s stories unnoticed using mobile applications

Apps for iPhone and Android will help you view stories anonymously. Among the variety of options, preference is given to services that provide hidden viewing, the ability to download and track activity.

Story Reposter for Instagram is a free functional iPhone app. Allows you to watch, download and repost stories to other social networks. Registration or authorization on Instagram is not required.

Allows you to start working immediately after installation on the phone. First, you need to enter your account name to see a list of all stories that have been published in the last 24 hours.

Приложение анонимазер для андроид - StorySaver+

StorySaver + is a robust android app. The functionality will allow you to view and download stories, save broadcasts, save posts, avatars and videos from IGTV. There may be problems with downloading air, lasting more than 40-50 minutes. Anonymous browsing is stable.

Don’t choose apps that require authorization using Instagram data. So the username and password may end up in the hands of intruders and it will be difficult to recover the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on which method is used. If a bot, the icon will be highlighted and the view will be counted, if an extension or service is used, this will not affect the statistics.

Instagram simply doesn’t count these views, apps and bots use blank pages. For a social network, such actions are standard. The author may not even see an increase in the number of views. There is no antidote against anonymizers.

Anonymously viewed stories remain hidden. If we look at the issue from a technical point of view, then views are either not read by the social network, or there are just icons of empty pages. That is, the activity is not tied to a specific person if he uses third-party programs or services.

Yes, applications, extensions and services do not differentiate stories into public stories, hidden from some people. Therefore, if the story is hidden from someone, then he can see it using third-party functionality. More often than not, such activity is not tied to a specific page and remains anonymous.

It is better to give preference to online services for continuous, uninterrupted operation. After the initial setup, the response will be almost instantaneous. To regularly hide activity, you can use the Insta-spy service or a browser extension.

Briefly about the main thing

Anonymous viewing of stories and broadcasts is possible by creating a second profile, using bots, applications and online services. The latter remain the most reliable and easiest to use.

If the viewing is one-time, then any method will do. To regularly hide activity, it is better to use sites, browser extensions or secure applications that do not ask for authorization on Instagram.

Regards, Olga German
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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