How to Use Reels to Gain Followers on Instagram

Reels is yet another tool that companies are frantically using to attract and gain new followers on Instagram. But how to use Reels to gain followers who BUY your products?

With short, fun videos, Reels get the attention of audiences who engage in comments and share videos in Story…

And the more shares, the further your content goes, reaching many people who are interested in the subject of your Reels.

So, today we are going to show you the sales strategies that can be used in Reels to leverage your business.

In the video below, Ana Clara Magalhães, director of Inbound Marketing at Ecommerce in Practice, shows how to use Reels to gain followers on Instagram. Watch: 

What is and How Reels Works

For those who don’t know, Reels is an Instagram feature that allows you to create short videos.

This video format became popular with the growth of Tik Tok in 2020. That’s why Instagram created this tool to compete with the exponential rise of the neighboring app (the nickname Internet users gave to Tik Tok).

Although Reels doesn’t have as many features yet, it has already fallen into popular taste and is becoming successful on Instagram, mainly because of the potential of engaging content in this format… 

After all, one of the biggest complaints among content creators who post on Instagram is the low engagement due to the platform’s algorithm.

Usually Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t deliver content to all your followers as expected… 

But, content posted on Reels doesn’t go through the same situation.

On the contrary, Reels reaches many more people, attracting new followers for companies that are betting on this tool.

And the question that remains in the air is: how to use Reels to gain real followers?

Those who engage, like, comment, share and recommend your content and products…

Let’s give you some technical tips for you to know how to use Reels… 

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How to use Reels to gain followers?

Before we talk about the strategies behind Reels, we need to explain some more technical concepts of the tool… 

So the first tip is: use the songs and audios that are hot at the moment.

The idea is to adapt the original content of the songs to your business model and the transformation it offers.

We’ve even made a Reels using a hot song and posted it on our Instagram profile (@ecommercenapratica).

But you don’t need to follow a trend… You can and should use your own audios and create your own content line.

Want to know how to create a Reels? It’s pretty simple: just click the (+) button on your Instagram, then select Reels and make your creation.

There, you can include:

  • Songs;
  • Filters;
  • Adjust speed;
  • Retouch;
  • Place video clips;
  • Layout;
  • And much more.

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Use Reels Strategically [Audience Acquisition]

Reels is a great tool for Instagram audience acquisition and growth strategy.

That’s because Reels is a format that, today, generates greater reach and impression in publications, reaching people who are not necessarily already on your network.

You may have already seen some Reels with themes that interest you inside the explore tab, for example. Or even saw some Reels that a friend of yours shared on Story.

Plus, of course, the exclusive tab that Instagram created just for Reels. So, those who like content in this format, have very quick and easy access there.

But the cat’s leap isn’t just knowing how to use Reels. Ideally, you use Reels as a way of attracting people (thinking about funnel tops).

In this case, we are talking about the sales funnel, in which the top is with the new audience, which has now reached your profile.

The middle of the funnel is those that already follow you, engage with your content, but don’t necessarily buy your product.

And funnel bottoms are those who have already bought your product and have a very good relationship with the brand.

But, within your profile, you must also have OTHER content formats that meet these different levels.

It’s no use just betting on top funnel content and not betting on others, because you need to follow the customer journey in your company.

Remember: The purpose of Content Marketing goes beyond simply gaining followers and engaging them. The main focus is to make them buy from your brand!

So you need to provide more value to the person on the other end through the content and make them buy your product.

And our last tip is: find out how to use Reels to take advantage of this format and the reach it can offer you as a way to attract you right now.

We don’t know how long Reels will continue delivering content as well as they do now, so it’s very important to ride the wave of the moment!

But beware: don’t forget to publish content in other formats, such as IGTV, Stories, and Carousel!

All of these formats help engage your audience until they become a loyal customer of your brand.

“Oh but it’s very difficult to create a lot of different content every day, what can I do?”

If you’re thinking that way, pay attention to the bonus tip in the next topic…

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