Инстаграм с компьютера или телефона: как удобнее

How to use Instagram from a computer: a detailed manual

You can fully use Instagram from a computer through a special utility. When logging in through a browser, limited functionality is available: you can view pages, but you cannot publish content to your account. However, special programs allow you to bypass the restrictions.

Instagram is one of the few social networks focused on smartphones (Apple or Android). It is easy to use the network via the phone, the interface is intuitive.

However, not all people have the opportunity to download such an application, and the necessary material is not always saved on the phone, some people are simply more accustomed and more convenient to use a computer.

How to be? The official developers did not take this into account, but modern webmasters did not stand aside and helped those who remained outside the Instagram network – they developed programs for a computer running Windows and add-ons for the browser.

Registration on Instagram via a computer program

If you have at least some kind of smartphone, you can register on it. Or you can temporarily ask a friend for the device. But there is also a third option – install the program on your computer, download the application and register. The Bluestacks utility will help.

Чтобы пользоваться Инстаграм с компьютера скачиваем программу Bluestacks

You can download the program on the official website: bluestacks.com. Download the file, run the installation, save the default settings. After the download is complete, the program will start automatically, and in the future it will also automatically start when the computer is turned on.

What to do next:

  1. In the program, select the “Search” section.
  2. Enter the name of the application – Instagram.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Click “Continue.”

Please note! To install Instagram, you need a Google account, so if you do not have one, please register with Google mail first.

Для установки Инстаграм на компьютере потребуется аккаунт в Гугле

Or you can do it right after clicking “Continue” in the Bluestacks application: the system will offer you to use an existing Google account or register a new one. You can just choose the second option.

After that, in the Bluestacks application you will see the Instagram icon, click on it to start the installation. Once downloaded, the application can be found in the Applications tab inside the utility.

Жмем на иконку Инстаграм

We launch, accept the terms of use, fill in the basic data for registration (name, mail, phone number, Facebook profile – whichever is more convenient for you). Done, you can move on to the full use of Instagram from your computer, but then it is better to use other programs.

Computer utilities for Instagram

There is an online version of Instagram on the official website of the social network.

The disadvantage of the computer version is that users can view, comment on other people’s posts, like, subscribe and unsubscribe, view their feed, but they cannot maintain their page, cannot download and process photos.

Therefore, you will have to install one of the popular programs or use other methods. Let’s talk about everything in order.

Using Gramblr

This program is suitable for Windows and Mac OS computers. When downloading the utility from the official site (gramblr.com), you must select the desired version. After downloading, you will receive an archive, you need to open it and run a file named gramblr.

This program is not installed on your computer, you will have to run this file every time. For convenience, you can download it to your desktop.

Утилита Gramblr для компьютера

After starting the file, you need to register in the program. Click Sign up (registration), enter your mail, password and data from Instagram. Done, now you can fully use the network:

  1. Click Upload Now – new publication.
  2. Select the file type (video or photo).
  3. Upload it from your computer.
  4. Click green button on the right (Continue).
  5. Edit file parameters, click save.
  6. If we are talking about a photo, then apply filters (if necessary).
  7. Click “ Done “, add tags, description, publish time (if necessary).
  8. Click” Continue “(publish).

Scheduled, deferred publications can be found in the Schedule section .

Using Pixta

This program not only makes it possible to use Instagram from a computer, but also allows you to download photos and videos from any pages. In addition, notifications about updates, news in the profile come through the program. But there is also a downside: you cannot upload your own photos.

So how do you use Pixta? First you need to go to the official website (www.pixsta.com) and download the installation file. After downloading and completing the installation, we get to work.

You can find a program in the menu under the “Start” button. We go into the application, enter our data from Instagram. Done, you can use it.

Let’s go through the main menu:

  • the first button on the left takes you to the previous page;
  • the second button on the left allows you to switch between the gallery and a single image;
  • the third button (Feed) is your news feed;
  • next icon from left to right (Popular) – feed from popular posts;
  • and the last button (Nearbay) – photos of people who are closest to you regionally.

Buttons from the upper right corner:

  • the first – notifications (numbers and an additional window with an explanation of the event appear);
  • the second – a drop-down menu (consists of three blocks: your profile, posts that you liked, exit the application );
  • third – search (subdivided into two options: search for records by hashtags or search for people by nicknames).

To download the desired object from any page, click the Download button below it.

If you do not want to receive notifications, you can turn them off. To do this, right-click on the Pixta shortcut, select “Options”, and then click on the desired function.

Via the official app

Developers have created a special Instagram application for a computer with the latest version of Windows (10). However, in order to take full advantage of the application, you must have a touchscreen.

Otherwise, the principle of use is similar to working from a phone: download the application from the official Microsoft store, install and start using Instagram.

Специальное приложение Инстаграм в официальном магазине Microsoft

Using the touch screen from a computer, you can do everything the same as from a phone: upload and process photos, upload stories, view other people’s posts, like and leave comments.

Using a browser add-on

Instagram is a popular social network. Therefore, many browsers have already created special add-ons. Google even has several of them, each of these applications has a different set of functions:

  1. App for Instagram ™ (Support DM) – turns your computer screen into a smartphone screen.
  2. Downloader for Instagram ™ + Direct Message – allows you to not only upload your own materials, but also download videos and photos of other users, tag people in photos, post stories, chat in Direct.
  3. IG Comment Bot – helper resource that will automatically leave comments on your behalf. You only need to configure the criteria for selecting posts for commenting: by hashtag, location, interests, etc.
  4. IG Stories for Instagram is an add-on that allows you to download stories, both one at a time and in a group.
  5. Instagram Photo Video Download tool – an application for downloading files from Instagram.
  6. IG Down For Instagram – an application that helps to download any material from the Instagram network. Video, photo, story or something else – it doesn’t matter. You can upload files either one at a time or in batches.
  7. InstaDirect is an add-on for communicating via Direct on a computer. You can send messages, receive notifications about new letters. The peculiarity of the add-on is that you can communicate in the application without logging into Instagram.
  8. Web for Instagram plus DM is an add-on that allows you to upload photos, videos, stories to Instagram from your computer. In addition, the program allows you to upload photos, videos and stories to your computer, communicate via Direct, like and leave comments, view your own and other people’s posts. You receive notifications about any changes in your profile, you can log in through Facebook.

You can find other applications by the keyword “Desktop for Instagram”. The essence of these add-ons is the same (they turn the computer version into a mobile version), but the functionality is still slightly different. You can download the extensions from the official Chrom store.

By changing the browser code

This method requires basic knowledge and skills in working with HTML-code browser. Otherwise, you can click something wrong and disrupt the system. But if you succeed, then you can add photos and stories without additional programs or applications. Better work in Google Chrom

How to change the code:

  1. Go to the online version of Instagram.
  2. Right-click anywhere in an empty space.
  3. Click View Code.
  4. Select Toggle device console.
  5. Reloading the page.
  6. The Create Post button should appear.
  7. Publishing posts.

This is not the most convenient way, since you often have to reload the page, access the code, and this does not work in all browsers. Therefore, it is better to use the official version of Instagram or one of the additional software.

Broadcast on Instagram via computer

You can record a story or broadcast live through the Bluestacks app (I mentioned it at the beginning of the article).

We go into the program, select the section “My applications”, launch Instagram, go to the profile, click the camera icon at the top of the screen. If a camera is connected to your computer, clicking the button will start recording.

Instagram chat from computer

Correspondence is available in the online version of Instagram. But if for some reason your computer does not provide such an opportunity, then you can use additional software. Once again, Bluestacks comes in handy.

Go to Instagram through the program, go to the main news page, click the Direct icon (arrow, airplane) on top.

That’s it, now you can select correspondence from the existing dialogs or you can write a new message (button at the bottom of the screen). In the “To” line, enter the user’s nickname. As with a smartphone, you can write a letter not only to those who are on your friends list, but also to strangers.

Which is better: a smartphone or a computer

As you may have noticed, setting up and running Instagram on a computer is not so easy. Of course, the app on a smartphone is more convenient:

  • always at hand and easy to move;
  • regular updates from the official program provider;
  • you can instantly switch from one page to another (up to 5 accounts);
  • maximum functionality in one application.

While this network is focused specifically on smartphones, when using it from a computer, there are often some problems, albeit minor ones. As a result, it turns out that it is easier to download some material from a computer to a smartphone in order to upload it than to fight with applications for a computer.

Инстаграм с компьютера или телефона: как удобнее

Therefore, it is still better to think about purchasing a high-quality phone to work on Instagram. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining a business account, because the mobile version has such functions for this type of page that are still not available from a computer.


Now you know how to fully use Instagram from your computer. I want to note that there are many solutions that allow you to use Instagram from your computer. I have reviewed just a few of the most popular programs, methods, add-ons, applications.

You can try not only them, but also something else, choose the software for yourself, according to your goals and needs.

In addition to personal preferences, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the computer and other programs installed on it. If you have any problems with one utility, then it is worth downloading another. Their principle of operation is identical, they kind of turn your computer into a smartphone, and then everything is the same as on a phone.

Sincerely, Svetlana Troshina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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