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How to use Hashtag on Instagram

One thing is certain: there is no business without an audience. And for those who sell on social networks, the best way to capture a segmented audience, with several potential customers, is using a simple tool, but with the power to reach thousands of people: the hashtag.

In the video below, Ana Clara Magalhães and Lucas Lombardi, Content Managers at EnP, talk better about how to use these hashtags in your social media strategy.

What is a hashtag

Created on Twitter as a search engine, hashtags were used as a way to find information in a segmented way. The idea was so good that, today, they are used in various social networks, such as: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook…

The power of this tool is to not only make your content visible to thousands of people interested in the subject, as well as segmenting your posts, making them much more assertive.

This means that you can reach a qualified audience, which can generate more followers and more potential customers, as the target audience has a real interest in what you have to offer.

But for you to enjoy the benefits of the hashtag, it is important that you know how to use it intelligently.

That’s exactly what this article is about. Check it out:

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Using Instagram Hashtag

Today, many people still misuse hashtags. In other words: using several very comprehensive hashtags, which doesn’t make sense for a social media strategy.

Think about it: if a hashtag has already been used by 4.5 million people and is still actively used, then when you post, your image will only stay there at the top for a few seconds. Later,It will disappear alongside the many other images and videos that are posted all the time with the same hashtag.

So, prioritize using those that are more specific, focused and , preferably, smaller.

However, pay attention to the level of specificity it will bring. Hashtags like #cute yellow bugs don’t have a relevant search level and therefore won’t give your post much viewing.

But don’t think that using the phrase “broken” will be a good solution either, like: #cute animals #yellows.

Focus on terms that are objective and have more demand, which have to do with the content you produce. In this context, for example, you could use something like: #cute animals, #cute animals, etc.

Another important tip when it comes to hashtags is: avoid terms in English, because this won’t bring you real customers, just a large audience that just saw your posts in passing.

Below, I’ve laid out some important information you need to consider in picking the best hashtags on Instagram or on any social network.

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1. Study competitive hashtags

One of the biggest mistakes of a digital entrepreneur is ignoring the competition. And, of course, when using hashtags this is repeated.

It doesn’t matter if these companies are more popular than yours or not, studying the competition will give you a better idea of ​​what hashtags you might be using.

I’ve seen cases of people who, studying the competition (see here how to do this), found hashtags that they hadn’t even considered using before.

From this new concept, you can create the combinations that express exactly what you need to help communicate your brand.

But remember to always differentiate yourself! No copying other people’s hashtags without at least thinking about whether this is going to be a relevant strategy for your business.

2. Understand the hashtags that the most influential people in your industry use

One thing is certain: no matter what industry you are in, there will always be influential people in the business.

And another great way to get ideas on which hashtags to use is to be inspired by those used by influencers in your niche, understanding which publications worked best.

Study what has been published and be open to learn from the best. After all, they don’t usually tie a stitch without a knot.

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3. Do research

There are tools to help you search for hashtags related to your post. For example, Postcron’s hashtag finder, where you enter a word related to your posts and get an unlimited amount of hashtags on that topic.

If you want to opt for practicality, know that Instagram itself suggests and shows the relevance of hashtags every time you decide to write one.

This makes it much easier for you to select your range of hashtags for your posts.

4. Use the Instagram search engine

The Instagram search engine is also a great way to select hashtag for your posts.

To use it, just go to the search area of ​​the social network and write a word that is relevant to your brand.

Instagram will display a list of all hashtags related to that keyword, as well as the number of posts that are tagged on it.

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Create your own strategy

With these tips, I believe it will be much easier for you to choose your hashtags and get your hands dirty.

But it’s no use choosing the best hashtags if you don’t know how to use them strategically, reaching many more people and making your content references in the market.

For this, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Hashtags in the first comment of your post

Using too many tags next to your caption cannot be considered a mistake, but visually it makes the content more polluted. So avoid doing this.

One option is to use them in the first comment of your post, this way, in addition to your audience hardly noticing their existence, you can make everything more discreet and harmonious.

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2. More generic hashtags

Generic hashtags are much more effective when it comes to practicality.

If you tend to post regularly, using broader hashtags can be a great way to maintain post frequency without losing reach.

So, in addition to saving time, you can still serve different types of posts, without losing engagement.

3. Create your own hashtag

Having your own brand hashtag is a great way to stand out from the competition.

With them, you can segment your own content and post types, in addition to encouraging your customers to also use your tag, giving more visibility to the content.

At Ecommerce in Practice, for example, we always use #boraven, for which Bruno de Oliveira is the ambassador. And when we talk about content focused on developing the entrepreneur, we use #viverdeecommerce.

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3. Do not use hashtags used by companies

Think to me: why would you use a hashtag that only other companies would look for? It doesn’t make sense, right?

If your business is b2c (business to consumer), you need to focus on what your customer is researching, not other competitors.

For example: #refrigeratorinox. Do people really seek this? Or just companies that use?

Your Business Goes Beyond Hashtags

If you really want to have a successful business, capable of reaching and changing the lives of many more people, know that it won’t just be using hashtags efficiently that you will get results…

It takes a lot more planning, knowledge and strategies for that.

And don’t think that you are still too far away from this reality…

We, from Ecommerce in Practice, created a real manual to help you sell on Instagram.

In it, you will learn not only to create an optimized profile, but also to think of strategies that really work to attract people interested in your product and sell to them.

Check out the Free Guide we make available for you!

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