How to upload comments from Instagram to Excel: manually and automatically

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to upload comments from Instagram: manually and automatically.
  • Why you need to upload comments.

Why upload comments from Instagram?

Instagram users often write comments under the photos: they share their opinion about the photo, answer the questions of the author of the post. It is convenient to conduct contests and sweepstakes through comments: participants leave comments under the contest post to try their luck and win a valuable prize.

But what if a thousand people participate in the competition? To summarize the results of the drawing and choose the winner, you can upload all comments: for example, to Excel or Google Sheets.

Uploading comments manually

You can manually upload comments under an Instagram post. This is true for small accounts: for example, you are running a giveaway on a page with 1,000 subscribers.

A total of 200 people take part in the competition – respectively, you need to download 200 comments.

Uploading comments manually is best done through the web version of Instagram. To do this, go to your page through a browser on your computer.

Open the desired post and select all comments – to do this, scroll down the page.

Selecting comments manually

Copy comments to the clipboard – using the right mouse button or the “Ctrl + C” key combination. Next, open Excel or Google Sheets and paste the copied comments.

Комментарии из Инстаграм в таблице
This is how the comments in the table look

As you can see, the username (login), comment text and even the emoji that the person used in their message is displayed here.

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Online Services

The manual method of downloading comments is suitable for small accounts and posts with few posts. If there are more than a thousand comments under the photo, then you will get tired of uploading them manually.

It is better to automate all actions. Special online services will help you with this.


Getcombot is a simple and convenient online service from Crelab. The tool is available for free. To work with the service, go to the official getcombot website and enter your email address (e-mail) and a link to the post.

Онлайн-сервис для выгрузки комментариев из Инстаграма
Enter the required data into the Getcombot service

Confirm that you are not a robot and click the “Submit” button. A letter will be sent to the specified mail with a file containing all comments left under the publication.

Using this service, you can download comments from someone else’s Instagram profile.


LiveDune is a comprehensive social media service. There is a tool here that is used to upload comments to Instagram.

To work with the service, register on the official website. There is a tool for uploading comments in your personal account.

Таблица с комментариями
Final result

You will receive the result in a separate Excel file: post ID, author ID, author name, message text, date and number of likes.


Insta-comments is a free online service that allows you to upload comments from Instagram to Excel. On the official website, you can try the tool at work and upload 100 or 200 comments for free, and without registration.

To do this, click the “Try” button on the main page of the site. Indicate the link to the publication, select the number of comments and enter your e-mail address (E-mail).

Free uploading comments via Insta-comments

You can specify a specific date – for example, June 10, 2020, to download comments only for this period. Click Submit Order. The result will be sent to the specified E-mail.


Morecom is a service for monitoring comments and mentions on Instagram. There is also a tool for uploading comments. The result can be obtained in Excel, PDF, ODS table format.

Morecom Home

To work with the Morecom online service, you need to register on the official website. All tools – including the function of uploading comments – are available in your personal account.


Now you know how to upload comments to Instagram. If you have a small account, you can use the manual method. But we recommend automating all actions – for example, through the free Getcombot service.

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