How to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer: an overview of the best ways

Not everyone understands how to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer, because this social network is most of all sharpened for use from mobile devices. It does not allow you to just add photos from your PC. To do this, you need to use special modes in browsers or turn to third-party programs, services and applications.

In addition to the technical side of the issue, there is also a risk of being banned from Instagram for using some programs. In our article, we will tell you what risks exist, how to avoid them and provide legal and simple ways to add photos to Instagram from a PC.

Options for uploading photos to Instagram from different browsers from a computer

The easiest way to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer is to find data transfer programs on major browser systems.

  1. Google Chrome

    How to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer in the Google Chrome browser :

    • Go to , enter your profile login information.

    • Hold “Shift + Ctrl + I” on your keyboard to go to the developer menu.

    • To modify the page of the Instagram site to the mode for the phone, click on the smartphone icon (top left) in the menu that appears.

    • Next, you need to click on “Menu” (“Responsive”), and then on the smartphone icon in the displayed list.

    • Press “F5” on your keyboard, the site will reload. It should be noted that you cannot close the developer menu at this stage.

    • Then the monitor will display icons identical to Instagram for smartphones.

    • Click on the plus sign (add an image or video file).

    • A regular window will appear in which you need to find the required image located on the Desktop or in a folder.

    • The image will go to the transfer program and then copied directly to Instagram.

  2. Варианты загрузки фото в Инстаграм из разных браузеров с компьютера

    Options for uploading photos to Instagram from different browsers from a computer
  3. “Mozilla Firefox”

    How to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer in the Mozilla Firefox browser :

    • Follow the first two guidelines above.

    • Click on the smartphone icon in the developer menu that appears on the monitor.

    • Now click on the sync parameter (adaptability), then click on the smartphone icon in the list that appears.

    • Without collapsing any tabs, press F5 to reload the asset.

    • Then click the plus sign (add photos or video files) and find the image you want.

    If you wish, you can work with the image editor, mark a place, use various filters. To finally upload a photo to Instagram from your computer, click on the corresponding task.

  4. “Opera”

    How the developer menu works in Opera is identical to that of Google Chrome.

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Ways to upload photos to Instagram from a computer through applications and emulators

So, how to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer using programs and applications :

  1. Via Google Chrome Advanced Features

    When you have “Google Chrome” on your computer, it’s easy to try uploading a photo to Instagram from your computer through the additional capabilities of your browser. There are many such extensions, however, unfortunately, almost all of them are either not finalized or completely useless.

    Let’s analyze the “Upload photos from a PC” extension :

    • In Google Chrome, open Advanced Options, then open the downloaded file.

    • Next, click the “Extensions” query (either according to the “Settings” – “Extras” scheme, or by choosing a puzzle image in the browser menu).

    • The item “upload a photo to Instagram from a computer” will be displayed in the additional parameters menu, next to the search queries.

    • After clicking on the item “upload photos to Instagram from computer”, an additional page will appear with the site . In the case when you have already entered your Instagram user data into Google Chrome, your account will be displayed immediately.

    Расширение «Upload photos from a PC»

    “Upload photos from a PC” extension

    Of course, if this method of publishing photos or videos is used, there will be no menu with filters and editors. Here you can only upload a photo to Instagram from your computer, come up with a description, indicate other profiles for publications and add tags.

    • There is also an “App Phone” function that allows you to upload photos to Instagram from your computer.

    • Use the same steps as described in the instructions for “Upload photos from a PC”.

    • When you click on the item “upload photos to Instagram from a computer”, an additional page with a mobile device icon will appear. Publish the image in a similar way to publishing content from your phone.

  2. Via Timing Photo Publishing

    This program allows you to simplify the work with the Instagram application and save time. Create a post now, but it is added to the feed on the day you need (at least in a week, at least in a month, at least in six months).

    For example, the “SMM-planner” service allows you to upload several photos to Instagram from your computer for a small fee, create stories, and get rid of irrelevant content.

    The functionality also includes the ability to edit a photo, add information to a profile, use various filters, customize profile parameters, as well as post a number of posts at once and choose a timing.

    • First you need to register in the program, click on the “Profiles” parameter and go to the “Add profile” item.

    • Type in your Instagram username and password, then click Connect.

    • Click on Publications, select the Schedule Publication option.

    • A tab with a menu for creating deferred publications will appear. There is a very clear interface with recommendations from the service, nothing complicated.

    • To upload a photo to Instagram from a computer, use the appropriate item (“Photo / video”), sign the post, post it in the feed.

    As mentioned, the program is not free, but some functions are free.

  3. Via Creator Studio

    A program created on the basis of the developments of “Facebook”. The service can be used in a web browser. When you have registered in the “Creator Studio”, you have the opportunity to upload a photo to Instagram from your computer, set the timing, study the statistics of your profile, get rid of irrelevant content.

    Based on the recommendations, log into your Instagram profile, click on sync your Facebook page from your mobile device. After that, the configuration of the function of transferring social networks data will be completed (the corresponding items will appear in the service menu).

    To upload a photo to Instagram from a computer, in the tab that appears, select an image using the “Create post” function, issue a signature, post content.

    Some nuances of the program :

    • you need to register with your Facebook account, create a profile, and then synchronize the profiles of the two social networks with each other;

    • the service interacts only with business profiles, as well as with author profiles;

    • there is no way to add stories;

    • some features do not work (not available by Instagram copyright holders).

    To switch your profile status to author mode, you need to open the Instagram application settings menu on your mobile device, click the Account item, and then click the option to switch profile status.

  4. Through the Account Promotion Program

    This program is a special resource created to promote profiles on Instagram. She can like posts, subscribe and unsubscribe, open stories, and so on.

    How to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer using the specified service: click the “Free version” item, register, and then enter your Instagram profile data.

    To upload a photo to Instagram from a computer, use the instructions :

    • Select “Automatic posting”, click on your profile, upload an image, or several images.

    • Then you will be able to edit the image, specify the location and sign the post.

  5. Via iOS or Android Migration Tool

    Application of the Android data transfer program would be much more successful, but there is a very important nuance (it will be indicated below). The essence of such services is that by downloading the emulator, you will be able to interact with the social network in the same way as when using a smartphone (including uploading a photo to Instagram from a computer).

Let’s analyze the “Blue Stacks” emulator :

  • After downloading the program, please register through your Google Play account.

  • Write “Instagram” in the search bar, wait for the download to complete.

  • Here you need to enter your Login and Password using the “Notifications” item …

  • … or while re-using the service, search for “BlueStacks” in the “My games” list.

Эмулятор «Blue Stacks»

Emulator “Blue Stacks”

If you need to upload a photo to Instagram from your computer, you need to move the desired image to the program storage.

  • Click on the Media-manager (icon in the “My games” menu).

  • Click on “Transfer from Computer”, find the images you want.

  • The images will move to the service library and remain in the data store.

Then open Instagram in the program, click on the “+”, and the transferred content will appear in the panel.

You can use another method. After you have opened Instagram in the service, you need to click the same “+” and go to the image library.

  • Click the “Others” selection, go to the list (visual instructions on the screen).

  • Click Download from Computer, then select the images you want.

  • After that, the images will appear in the “SharedFolder” tab.

This parameter is located in the “Gallery” selection, which opens during the process of publishing content. To upload a photo to Instagram from your computer, click on the arrow on top of your monitor.

But now it is important to note the nuance that was mentioned – the parameters of the PC used. In the case when its RAM has a limit of 4 GB or less, it will take a lot of time for any task performed by the program. To put it another way – the processes will wedge, freeze, sometimes even break off.

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Windows programs to add photos to Instagram from PC

Instagram for PC makes it possible to work with content by downloading a special program, that is, without using web browsers. Of course, this is easier, but this service needs to be downloaded, launched and configured.

Unfortunately, uploading a photo to Instagram from a computer using such a program will not work, and therefore it is important to mention “Gramblr” here. It is this service that allows you to post content (including videos) to Instagram from your personal computer.



Windows 10 includes a professional program for users of this social network. The name of the PC application is similar to the name of the smartphone application – “Instagram”.

The service is among the Microsoft Store applications :

  • Go to the Store.

  • Click on the search bar.

  • Type Instagram into the search, then click on the desired program.

  • Click on the “Receive” task, wait for the download. It is easy to work with the program through the Start Menu.

This application contains almost the entire range of mobile Instagram functionality (including the ability to correspond). However, as already mentioned, uploading a photo to Instagram from a computer will not work.

At the same time, any content can be published through “Gramblr”. Plus, it works on any Windows OS.

Instructions :

  1. Go to the resource , then click the task to download the program (“Downloadnow”) .

  2. Open downloaded zipped material (usually found in the Downloads section). It is important to clarify: it should be opened by right-clicking and selecting the “Extract” task (for example, into the current folder). This section may not be available, so here you need to download some archiver, for example, “7-Zip”, to your personal computer.

  3. The service materials will be displayed on the screen, which will help you get started with “Gramblr”, as well as upload a photo to Instagram from your computer. It will be optimal to arrange this program (either through transfer or copying) so that it is comfortable for you to use it (for example, in a folder on the Desktop).

  4. Open Gramblr, register :

    • Write an e-mail address.

    • Create your own password for the downloaded program.

    • Enter your Instagram nickname.

Then you need to type in your Instagram password, registering finally.

Selling Survey Technique:

When registration fails (service interrupts), try using another e-mail address by going to the “Settings” menu of your profile.

If there are no problems, you will see the program tab.

How to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer :

  • Click on the service tab that contains the task of transferring photos and videos.

  • A window will appear where you need to select an image by double-clicking the left mouse button.

  • Click “Save”. You can apply an editor and filters if you want, then click Publish.

The image is now on your Instagram account. Post posted.

Frequently asked questions about uploading photos from computer to Instagram

  1. Why is the “upload photos to Instagram from computer” function not available in search engines?

    For a holistic understanding of the picture, it is important to turn, so to speak, to the origins of Instagram. It was originally a program exclusively for the iPhone platform. Much later, a corresponding application for the Android platform was developed.

    Oddly enough, Instagram did not even plan to launch a full-fledged version for personal computers, this is a mobile application (thoughtful nuances, nuances, and more nuances).

    How to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer without using any services? You don’t need to do much magic here. The easiest way is to switch to smartphone apps using the start-up code. But this method can fail. The most competent option is to use additional search engine capabilities.

  2. Is there a blocking for helper programs?

    Unfortunately, not without it. Instagram with all scrupulousness, with distrust perceives any “intrusion” into the social network, therefore it cannot do without “bans”.

  3. Why is Instagram so “hostile” to similar services that can upload photos to Instagram from a computer?

    As a rule, these programs are used to send spam, as well as for various fraudulent schemes. It is important not to overdo it with the use of services – then there will be no questions for you.

  4. By what means can you avoid being blocked for connecting helper programs?

    Manipulations with subscriptions are detected through restrictive indicators, but the use of additional applications is detected through the geolocation of the servers involved in the connection. That is why you need to beware of proxies – uploading photos to Instagram from a computer should be carried out from the location where you most often go online.

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