Успешное прохождение теста

How to take the Workzilla test: tips for beginners

Currently, making money through the Internet is very relevant: remote work or freelancing. But how do beginners navigate the variety of incoming offers?

It’s very good when you already have certain skills. In this case, you can choose one or several thematic exchanges, go to direct customers. And start earning your first money from remote work or freelancing.

But not all freelance exchanges with tasks of different levels of performer can easily register. There are certain tests to test certain skills and knowledge of the rules.

One of such exchanges is Vorkzilla. After registration, it is important for the user to answer the questions correctly. How to pass the Workzilla test to start completing tasks and get your first money? It’s actually quite simple, but newbies don’t always pass this double test.


By the way, the Vorkzilla exchange recently updated the procedure for passing tests. If until recently it was enough to correctly answer a single test, now there are several of them. And we added a few more points that help beginners get familiar with the exchange and test their basic skills.

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Workzilla Exchange Brief

So, Workzilla is a freelance exchange where even a beginner can take an order according to his level and direction. You can find tasks, even the simplest ones, which do not require any special skills.

There are tasks that are quite complex that only a professional in their field can perform. Therefore, almost everyone can earn on Workzilla, but only after successfully passing the entrance tests.

Registration on the exchange is straightforward. Here are the standard steps, just like on any other site.

  • You must register according to the rules by filling in all the fields.
  • Enter all your data correctly. It is important here not to play with your heart and not try to cheat the system.
  • Go to the specified email address and confirm it. If you made a mistake in writing your mail or did not receive a letter, be sure to write to the technical support of the exchange.

This will be enough to work as a customer. From this moment, he can start active actions, place orders and choose an executor from the responses.

Getting Started for Newbies: A Pair of Recommendations

However, at this stage, the opportunity to see orders is closed for the contractor. For this you need to pass several tests. Currently, each performer takes two tests. There is one more additional test, but it is not always activated and not for everyone.

Advice for beginners: Don’t rush to take tests right away. You need to look around the exchange website, read the rules and fill out a profile. Focus on learning the rules, this will make it somewhat easier to pass one of the tests.

Проходим тест на Ворзилла

Tip two: Try to focus on the questions. After all, almost every user knows the answers to them. There is always an opportunity to re-read something, remember or ask for help.

In fact, the questions for the tests are not difficult, but rather for attentiveness and checking basic skills. For example, find information on the Internet, enter the data in the required format and test literacy in general.

How to take test # 1?

The first test will show how much the performer has the basic knowledge necessary to work on the Internet. The questions are not difficult, but require concentration and attention.

The most important thing is to take your time, carefully read and re-read the questions. There is no way to choose one of several options. The important thing here is to get it right the first time.

Главное не торопиться и подумать

So what is this test? What does a newbie need to do on the Workzilla exchange?

This test consists of only four questions. You need to give answers in the format indicated in the test.

  • The first question is very simple. You need to find information on the Internet. And paste into the response window.
  • The second question once again tests the user’s search engine skills.
  • The third question is a little more complicated. Here comes the literacy test. It is necessary to rewrite the proposal, correcting any existing errors.
  • The fourth question completes the first test. This is where the knowledge of the Workzilla exchange site itself is tested. You need to find the information on the site and paste the link into the response window.

Agree that any Internet user has these basic skills. Knows how to search for information in search engines, select the required data.

Literate enough to read the assignment and understand it. And he knows how not only to search for information on the site, but also understands how to copy and paste a link to the desired page.

Second step after test

After the completion of the starting test, the system itself will redirect to a page with various directions of freelancing. The task of the contractor is to select those sections that are interesting to him and he will be able to successfully fulfill orders.

Advice for beginners: Take your time, read all the information carefully. Take your time to take the second test. Much depends on which directions will be chosen. After all, there are competitors in every direction. And you will need to learn not only to respond to an order, but also to carry it out efficiently.

After all directions are selected, it is necessary to save all the information. This is practically the artist’s business card. It will be indicated in the profile and visible to the customer.

Of course, it is easier for a specialist with experience to navigate in the choice of competencies. It is a little more difficult for a beginner, but it is quite possible to choose what is interesting and suitable for the level of difficulty.

Third step after test

There are more than tests on the Workzilla exchange. There is paid access to orders. Keep this in mind and don’t miss out on the best deal.

After all the fields in the profile are filled in, interesting areas of activity have been selected, you will be prompted to immediately pay for a subscription to the exchange services. To do this, you need to click on the “Pay” button and then follow the steps of the instructions.

It is important to remember that the payment for access to orders is not for one month, but immediately for the package. And at the moment of registering an account and passing the tests, the largest discount will be given.

If the performer is determined to make money on the exchange, to receive income, then it is important to pay attention immediately to the annual subscription. By the way, this is where the maximum discount is – 20% of the cost of the selected tariff.

Payment for access is standard, as on other sites:

  • Select the amount of payment, check the data provided by the system itself
  • Choose a suitable payment option.

After that, a window with the selected payment system will automatically open, in which you need to enter your data. Next, you need to complete the payment and return to the exchange website.

How to take test # 2?

The second test is a little more difficult than the first. The contractor needs to navigate the rules of the exchange and understand how it works and what to look for. After all, it is important to complete tasks on time in order to get paid for the work performed.

This test has a total of 13 questions, each with several answer options. But you only need to choose one. It is the one that the future performer considers the only true one.

Questions can be displayed in random order. Therefore, we will give only the correct answers:

  1. After finishing work, click on the button and send for verification.
  2. If the customer offers to exchange contacts before the start of cooperation and transfer of the order to the status “In work”, then the contractor must refuse. Since these actions are prohibited by the rules of the exchange.
  3. A withdrawal request is processed within 3 days. The transfer to the wallet will arrive on the fourth day from the date of application.
  4. If the contractor offers to pay for the work directly, not through the exchange service, then the account will be blocked. This is a direct violation of the rules of cooperation through the exchange.
  5. If the performer is a professional web designer, then you must specify the desired specialization in the profile settings. In this example, Design.
  6. When executing an order, you should take into account the commission that is withheld by the services of the exchange. At Workzilla, the commission is 10%. That is, when completing an order worth 100 rubles, the contractor will receive 90 rubles.
  7. If the contractor understands that the indicated amount of work significantly exceeds the amount stated in the order, then it is necessary to perform the work. Even if it seems to him that the payment is too low for such a volume.
  8. If the work was completed on time, but the customer did not confirm its completion, then you can always contact the Arbitration. One day after the time of the order.
  9. Until the order is in the “In Progress” status, you cannot start its execution.
  10. If the contractor realizes that he does not meet the deadline for the delivery of the order, it is necessary to contact the customer and inform him about it. In addition, indicate the estimated completion date.
  11. If the task after contacting the Arbitration was returned to work, then the reason is indicated in the system message. You don’t need to learn more.
  12. If the customer evaluates the work neutrally, the rating of the performer will decrease.
  13. If something urgent has arisen and you need to send a message to the customer, then in any case you need to write to the chat. Instead of specifying the customer’s data in technical support and calling.

Agree, the questions are not difficult if you understand all the rules of the site. Therefore, you need to pay a little more attention to the study of this section, so as not to make annoying mistakes when passing the final test. Here are the correct answers to the questions of test # 2.

How to take test # 3?

Let us remind you once again that the third test is not always opened and not for all performers. It can be seen only when the contractor issues an application for his first order.

Surprisingly, this is a fact. Even after successfully passing the test for knowledge of the rules of the site, for mastering the skills necessary for work, even after paying for access to orders, there is a possibility of passing another test.

Успешное прохождение теста

This series of questions is aimed at exploring the logic of the performer. But if, for some reason, this final test fails, then the contractor will not be given the opportunity to select an order.

Advice for beginners: no need to relax even after passing two tests and paying. Only when the very first order is taken into work, you can tune in to its implementation. It is then that work will begin without additional tests of skills, knowledge of the rules and other competencies.

So, what is test # 3. These are only six questions, with unambiguous answers: true, not true. No third answer given.

True answers to the following statements:

  • Each registered participant is responsible for their actions, regardless of the status: performer or customer.
  • Participants cannot be blackmailed and manipulated. This is a violation of the law.
  • Each participant must be aware of the consequences of breaking the law. And he is not going to take any illegal actions.
  • The account will be blocked if communication with the customer goes outside the exchange.

In these cases, you need to answer “Wrong”, since the correct answers are as follows:

  • Fraudulent activity is prohibited in any case. This leads to the account being banned.
  • Only with the permission of the customer can you add texts to your portfolios. After the transfer of the text, the copyright of the artist passes to the customer.

The questions in the final test are not difficult, but require careful attention. There is no need to rush, it is better to read the question again and choose the correct answer.

Basic tips for beginners

In fact, you can recommend a lot of things, give advice. But it is very important that a newcomer to the exchange does not get confused. Has mastered. I read all the information. I went to the section with the rules and read them at least a couple of times.

Of course, with a few tips, a novice freelancer will no longer have the question “How to pass the test for Workzilla for several reasons. One of these reasons: there are multiple tests. And it is important to be sure of the correct answers to every question of any test.

After all, even the payment for access does not give any guarantees. It is important to successfully complete all suggested tests. After that, pay for access and start working.

Sincerely, Olga Lyalyukova
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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