How to tag people in photos on Instagram

In major social networks, you can specify the people who are shown in the picture. In this article, we will look at how to tag a person in a photo on Instagram; learn how to remove tags and find posts where you have been tagged by other users

Marking the person in the photo when creating a new post

First, let’s see how to tag a person in a photo when posting a new photo.

Click on the create post button. Select the photo you want from your phone that shows the people you want to tag.

Публикуем новую фотографию в Instagram
Create an Instagram post

Apply filters or skip this step. In the post edit window, click “Mark users”.

Отметить пользователей в Instagram
Function that allows you to tag a person on Instagram

Tap the photo. A list of users to check in will open. You can use the search by nickname.

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For example, mark Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of the social network Facebook and the current owner of Instagram.

Марк Цукерберг в Инстаграм
Find Mark Zuckerberg in search

A small tag with the user’s nickname will appear on the photo. Move the mark to the person you want. To complete the post creation process, click the Finish button in the upper right corner.

Как переместить метку на фото в Инстаграм
Move the added mark

You can also tag the person under the photo. To do this, in the publication description, specify the user’s nickname through the @username symbol.

Instagram functionality allows you to tag several people at the same time.

Tagging people in a published photo

If you have already published a photo in your profile and want to tag a person, then follow these steps:

1) Open the photo control menu – three dots in the upper right corner.

Меню управления фотографией
Menu where the publication is controlled

2) In the menu that opens, press the button “Edit” to open the image editor.

Редактирование фото в Instagram
Section used for photo editing

3) In the lower left corner there is a function “Flag users”. Click on this icon.

Tagging people in a previously published photo

4) Tap the picture. A list of people you can tag in the selected picture will open.

You can tag people in photos only through the Instagram mobile app. The function does not work in the web version on a computer.

How to remove a tag from a person in a photo

Mistakenly tagged the wrong person in the photo? No problem. Instagram functionality allows you to remove added tags.

To do this, open the photo and go to the image control menu. Select “Change”.

Изменение фото в Инстаграм
Opening the image editor again

In the lower left corner there is a tag management tool – the number of people indicated in the picture is displayed. Go to the section for editing marks.

Редактирование отметок на фото
Opening the label editor

Click on the icon with the nickname of the person marked in the photo. A small cross will appear next to the name – the function that is responsible for removing the label.

Удаление метки с фотографии
Removing the tag of the person in the photo

Now save your settings – click “Ready” in the upper right corner. This completes the process of deleting the mark successfully.

How to see photos that have been tagged me

Instagram has a tool that makes it possible to track the photos in which other users tag you.

To see these photos, open your main profile page, which shows all your posts.

Go to the Checkouts section.

Отметить пользователей в Instagram0
All tagged photos are displayed here

A list of photos with a tag with your nickname will open.

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Removing our own tag from someone else’s post

If you have been tagged in the photo by spammers, then in this case you can remove your own tag from someone else’s post.

To do this, open the desired image with the label. Click on the icon with your Instagram profile nickname.

The Punch Control Menu will open. Select the first item – “Remove me from the post”.

Отметить пользователей в Instagram1
Removing our label

Hide the photo where I was tagged

Would you like to hide photos from the Markups section? Open the image you want and click on the icon with the mark.

In the menu that opens, click “Hide from my profile”.

Отметить пользователей в Instagram2
Hide the tagged photo

After that, the photo with the tag will not be displayed in the corresponding section of your account.

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