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How to start Instagram from scratch: tips for beginners (12 life hacks)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to run an Instagram page: blog, personal profile and commercial account.
  • How to run an Instagram page beautifully: tips and tricks.

All tips and the recommendations described in the article are relevant in 2021.

How to blog correctly on Instagram: 4 tips

First, let’s see how to properly blog on Instagram. We will share with you some practical tips. A small disclaimer: these recommendations are valid for personal profiles as well.

Select a topic

The first step is to decide on the topic of your blog. We recommend choosing a theme before registering an account – this will make it easier for you to choose a nickname and profile name.

Choose a niche that you like: for example, if you read a lot of books, then make a book blog.

The situation is similar with other areas: photographers can make an expert blog in which they will talk about the intricacies and tricks of creating beautiful pictures; pastry chefs can share their experiences on how to bake delicious cakes.

Post style

So, you have decided on the blog topic. Now you need to think about the style of future publications. And we’re not just talking about the visual component.

Through a blog or personal profile, you can convey your thoughts to the target audience: both through classic posts in the photo + text format, and through videos in the IGTV format.

Don’t forget about the visual component of your publications: all photos must be of high quality. Before uploading a picture to your Instagram profile, you can edit the photo in a special application: adjust contrast, apply filters.

Tip: all posts can be styled in the same style. For example, use the same filters to make all the pictures in your feed look like a single canvas.

Content plan

Content is the foundation of a successful blog. And this applies to both personal blogs and expert blogs. So be sure to have a content plan for your Instagram account.

This way you will have no problem finding topics for posts. For more information on how to correctly draw up a content plan for an Instagram account, read our separate article. There you will find many examples and tips.

Connect with your audience

Another important tip for blogging on Instagram is to keep in touch with your audience. Answer questions in the comments, conduct polls in stories.

Don’t forget about live streaming – this is the most convenient way to interact with subscribers. Live broadcasts also increase audience engagement.

How to start a commercial Instagram account from scratch

Now let’s talk about how to run a commercial Instagram account. From scratch.

Commercial profiles include: online stores, brand pages and large companies, expert accounts (for example, a profile of a nail artist or artist).

In general, these are Instagram accounts that sell any goods or services.

Design your profile well

One of the important stages of maintaining a commercial Instagram profile is design. You need to correctly fill in the “About me” block. Indicate only useful information for potential customers: opening hours, prices, address, delivery and payment methods, contacts for communication.

Upload a bright and beautiful avatar – for example, a logo for a brand or organization. Add Stories Highlights.

Read more about how to create an Instagram account in our separate article. There we share practical tips and show examples of beautiful Instagram pages.

Write sales posts

Be sure to write selling posts. As you already understood, their task is to sell your goods and services.

To write selling posts, you can use special formulas: for example, AIDA, PAS or VLP.

Read more about how to write a selling post on Instagram in our article.

Diversify your content

You don’t need to publish only selling posts in your sales profile. Diversify your content: Add more news and entertainment publications to your content plan.

Also use different formats: in addition to classic photos, upload videos, record Stories. Conduct surveys and giveaways.

Profile Promotion

Don’t forget about promoting your profile. After all, if you do not have subscribers, then even a competent account management will not help to sell goods / services.

There are several effective ways to promote a commercial Instagram account. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Mass Following and Mass Liking

These are massive actions that attract the attention of the target audience. Simple example: you follow Instagram users and they follow in response. Moreover, since you attract only interested users, they perform targeted actions – they buy your goods and services.

All promotion actions can be automated. The Tooligram service will help you with this.


He automatically subscribes and likes profiles of potential clients. You can launch account promotion in 5 minutes without the help of a specialist.

You can recruit 25 people for free to understand how the online tool works.

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At the first stages of the development of a commercial Instagram profile, you can wind up indicators: subscribers and likes. The Likemania service will help you with this.


It’s cheap and, most importantly, completely safe. Your profile will not be blocked for cheating.

Moreover, on the service, you can choose the type of promotion: attracting live subscribers or robots.

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Buy ads from bloggers. This is another effective way to promote your commercial profile.

There are two ad options:

  • Account promotion. If you want to gain an audience, then order an advertisement for your profile.
  • Product promotion. If you want to sell a product / service, then order a product advertisement.

Targeted advertising

Run targeted ads. It will appear in the feed of your potential buyers.

You can promote your profile – for example, to gain followers – or a product. The main thing is to compose a competent selling post and select a target audience.

How to beautifully maintain an Instagram profile

Let’s take a look at how to beautifully maintain an Instagram profile. These are universal tips: they are suitable for both blogs and commercial accounts.

Uniform Ribbon Style

Design your profile in the same style. This creates the feeling that your ribbon is a single canvas on which various objects are “scattered”.

Единый стиль в Инстаграм
An example of a ribbon with a uniform style

One way to create a consistent style is to use the same filters for your snapshots. Also you can use one background for all posts.

Quality comes first

All photos must be taken in high quality. Especially if these are pictures of your products.

So when you photograph your product, try to make good lighting. This is necessary so that a potential buyer can see all the small details of the product.


Take all your pictures in a minimalist style. This is one of the main trends in design.

Минимализм в Инстаграм
Sample Minimalist Ribbon

A distinctive feature of this style is the minimum number of objects in the picture. For example, photograph your products against a white background – without any additional objects in the frame that would distract attention from the “main element” in the picture.

Choose basic colors for your account

Pick basic colors for your account. For example, suppose that orange is always present in all photographs.

It will become your “brand” – so your audience will associate this color with your profile or brand over time.


Now you know how to properly Instagram. Use all the guidelines described in the article – they will help you create a successful Instagram account in your niche.

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