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How to start blogging on Instagram: tips for beginners

A blog on Instagram is useful for those who want to start their own business, make money from advertising, or just become popular. How to start blogging on Instagram from scratch, what is important to remember and what principles to follow, how to gain subscribers and start earning – we have to figure it out.

First, I want to note that the specifics of blog promotion depends on the purpose of its creation and the niche that you plan to occupy. I suggest you consider both the general basics of starting a blog on Instagram and private recommendations for creating a blog for a teenager, about losing weight, reviewing cosmetics, cooking and books.

TOP-8 blog ideas

The first thing a novice blogger encounters is the choice of a topic. I invite you to get acquainted with the most trendy ideas that have been and will be relevant on Instagram for several more years.

TOP 8 ideas for beginner bloggers:

1. Interesting and useful lists

You can choose a narrow niche or publish useful collections for all occasions from different areas. For example, you can rank and list books, films, educational courses, programs, other blogs, and online services.

However, for the successful implementation of this idea, it is important to create unique content, write personal comments. If you rewrite other people’s lists or reviews, then a potential reader will pass by.

2. Instructions, how-to guides, tips and exercises

In this case, it is better to choose one narrow niche in which you are an expert. It is not necessary to have the appropriate education, the main thing is to be interested in the topic and understand it.

Write complex instructions in a simple and interesting language, add pictures, photos, videos. You can create instructions for beginners or publish personal recommendations for an advanced level, share your experience.

3. Politics

An ambiguous, difficult and risky direction, but you can take your place in this niche. You can review the latest news and share your opinion on each of them. In addition, you can periodically arrange an excursion into history or acquaint readers with biographies of different politicians.

You can publish your forecasts regarding the further development of the country (not necessarily only Russia), the economy, etc. Remember that for blogging about politics, analytical skills and education are more important than emotional and personal attitude, the desire to express your opinion.

It is also important to be careful in your statements and prepare for heated discussions under the posts.

4. Food & Nutrition

This topic is always relevant. Recipes, diets, proper nutrition, vegetable garden, male or female cuisine, veganism, raw food, cafe and restaurant reviews are the most popular destinations. Choose what is interesting to you, come up with your own chip and go.

5. Reviews

Surely, you have met blogs about shopping on Aliexpress. This topic is already a bit hackneyed, but you can come up with a similar direction or choose a narrow niche among products with Ali.

The advantage of such a blog is that even before making money on advertising, you can start earning through affiliate programs: you will receive a percentage from each purchase of a product using your link. However, again, it is important to post unique content, share your personal experience of purchasing and using goods. You can view anything.

6. TV Shows and Movies

Do you like watching TV shows and want to make money on it? Excellent! Write reviews, compare old and new episodes, re-shot films, publish news from the world of cinema and announcements, compose psychological portraits of popular characters, come up with alternative endings and share your vision of the plot development.

7. About me

Are you an interesting and extraordinary person? Live a busy life? Have you finally found your dream business or decided on something unusual, for example, go traveling by trailer or move to the village and do the housework? Write about yourself.

People really like to read interesting stories from their personal lives. By the way, this direction is well suited for teenagers. Why not just tell us about yourself, your self-determination, school and student life.

8. Maternity

Continuation of the previous topic. Have you gone on maternity leave? Start writing about it. Show motherhood as it is, with all the pluses and minuses, difficulties and joys, victories and losses.

Give up the idea of ​​creating a glossy picture of ideal motherhood, write about everything without embellishment. The advantage of such a blog is that it can be kept indefinitely. You will smoothly move from the topic of the decree to the topic of raising children.

There are dozens more topics:

  • beauty,
  • interesting stories,
  • handicrafts,
  • city observer,
  • business,
  • saving money,
  • psychology,
  • animals,
  • creativity,
  • making money on the Internet,
  • education,
  • modern technologies,
  • bad advice,
  • life hacks, cases and checklists,
  • other.

Any topic can be promoted and monetized if you approach it competently and burn with the idea. After all, you can go online from your offline profession. What are you doing now, what is your education? You can talk about any profession on the Internet.

In one such blog, you can combine completely different directions: instructions and recommendations, reviews, debunking myths, collections, information education, etc.

General guidelines

How to properly start blogging? When creating a blog, it is important to pay attention to the design of the page, the content and quality of the content, the regularity of publications. Let’s take a closer look.

Page decoration

Hat and avatar – that’s what matters. In the page description, write one or two sentences or theses, separate words for potential subscribers and advertisers: who you are and what you are promoting, how is your blog useful. Be sure to include contacts: phone, instant messengers, other networks, mail.

Come up with a simple and catchy name, a striking slogan. The avatar should reflect the essence of your blog as accurately as possible, for example, if you are a photographer, then publish your photo with the technique. The photo must be light and of high quality.

Content and quality of content

Here are some things to remember about profile content:

  • One concept. This applies to everything: fonts and presentation style, colors, filters and other editing tools. Remember that you are building your brand. Your posts must be recognizable.
  • Uniqueness. This applies to both text and photos. However, in some cases, pictures can be taken from photo stocks. For example, if it is necessary just to attract attention. If you offer people step-by-step instructions, recipes, etc., then you need to take care of the visual accompaniment.
  • Content ratio by type. Use the golden rule: 40% engaging content, 25% educational articles, 30% branded content, 5% sponsored posts. Choose a different format for presenting information. Pay special attention to Stories, as people love live feeds.

Choose your blog theme and style carefully. Introduce your audience. Assess your capabilities in the 5-year perspective.

It is not recommended to change the theme and direction during the promotion process. Otherwise, you will lose the audience that you have already attracted. In addition, it will be difficult to gather a new audience: people will not understand what you are offering them.

Regularity of publications

Make a content plan and use third-party services for delayed publications, for example, the free InSMM platform. Make a list of ideas for 1-2 weeks, distribute entertaining, useful, selling and other posts throughout the week.

Post ideas:

  • acquaintance ,
  • instructions ,
  • before and after,
  • selection,
  • checklist,
  • behind the scenes,
  • story,
  • consultation,
  • feedback,
  • case study, etc.

Make sure that unique publications are published 1-2 times a day every day. However, it all depends on your niche, for example, for a city observer it is appropriate to publish at least 10 posts per day.

Best time to post:

  • from 8 to 9 in the morning – people go to work, study;
  • from 12 to 14 hours – lunch;
  • from 18 to 19 hours – the way home;
  • from 21 to 22 o’clock – evening rest.

Do not forget to track the hours of activity of your audience. Analytics services, for example, the LiveDune platform, will help you with this.

Private Recommendations

Starting and running a blog is a day-to-day and hard work with delayed results. Where can you get confidence that your efforts and investments will pay off? Follow not only general recommendations, but also specific ones.

Blog for a teenager

You are a teenager. You do not have a professional education and rich life experience, but you may already be ready to share something with other teens.

What profession have you chosen and why, what books do you read and what films you watch, what are your hobbies, what are your dreams, how you overcame insecurity or other problems and difficulties in life – this and much more can be told.

Teens tend to team up with peers and follow a leader. So become an opinion leader.

Or you can choose a narrow niche, such as music, if you play an instrument yourself and are interested in it. Sheet music, selections of the best songs, your rehearsals and recordings, biographies of stars, historical references – just a small part of what you can post.

Weight Loss Blog

You need to start blogging with your weight loss. Or with the successful accompaniment of another person: you have prepared a nutrition and training program, brought the client to a result. The first is better, since you need to know all the subtleties of losing weight from the inside.

It makes no sense to publish hackneyed and dangerous diets, invent imaginary PP-recipes or randomly create a “correct” menu, publish other people’s collages before and after.

Как начать вести блог о похудении в Инстаграме

The weight loss blog includes posts from medicine, psychology, nutrition, physical education (fitness), anatomy, biology. Write everything reasonably, communicate with experts if you yourself do not have an education in any of the areas.

Don’t create the perfect picture of easy weight loss and relaxed PP life. Write about all the difficulties, focus on ordinary people. What it means: recipes from available products, workouts at home with available tools, book reviews and downloads, psychological support, etc.

Cosmetics Review Blog

To run a beauty blog, you need to be a makeup artist. You should know all the intricacies of the profession and professional terms, but at the same time, you should be able to tell simply about the complex.

When choosing cosmetics, focus on different segments of the population. Reviews of quality and budget cosmetics get much more views than reviews of expensive brands. Try what you are talking about personally and demonstrate the subtleties of application on yourself or on models.

Как начать вести в Инстаграме блог  с обзорами косметики

Examples of topics:

  • favorite brands;
  • makeup in one color;
  • advice on skin type;
  • how to hide imperfections;
  • overview of new products;
  • storage conditions;
  • home and professional care;
  • unusual use of conventional products;
  • shopping overview;
  • affordable analogues of expensive goods;
  • TOP lists of products;
  • advantages and disadvantages of a particular product, etc.

What still important? Know the basics of dermatology or periodically consult an expert in this field. You can’t blog about low-quality or dangerous cosmetics, can you?

Food Blog

The main thing here is the photo. Even through the phone / computer screen, subscribers need to feel the aroma and taste of the prepared dish. Photos should be of high quality, whet your appetite. So make sure you get a quality camera before starting your blog.

What else is important? Detailed instructions. The success of a meal depends on many little things.

For example, depending on the brand, the power of the oven may differ, even if the temperature is the same. The splendor of the dough depends on the type of flour and the brand of baking powder. But the dosage of ingredients and the cooking technique are even more influenced. Therefore, write as accurately as possible everything that you do, what you use.

Кулинарный блог в Инстаграме

No “by eye” or “until ready”. However, you can write this: “I use such and such an oven. It took me 20 minutes to bake the cake at 180 degrees. You may need a little more or a little less time depending on the type of oven. ”

And if you are well versed in the intricacies of manufacturers and know what and where is better to tweak in order to achieve an excellent result, then you can immediately add a couple of recommendations for alternative equipment.

Book Blog

The main recommendation is to write unique lists and reviews. You yourself should familiarize yourself with the book you are talking about.

Книжный блог на Инстаграме

What else to publish? Useful articles to improve literacy, funny excerpts from school essays, interesting facts from the lives of writers and poets, your walks in bookstores, price comparisons, etc.

How to promote a blog on Instagram

Here’s what you can use to make yourself known:

  • forums and comments on other Instagram accounts (find pages themed for you and leave an expert comment, but avoid spam);
  • other blogs (buying ads or mutual PR);
  • targeted advertising (requires financial costs);
  • a story about your blog in other social networks on your page, in thematic groups, on friends’ pages;
  • contests, sweepstakes and promotions with the condition of spreading your posts (if you already have a small audience);
  • viral content (write on the most sensitive topics, use hashtags).

SMM-specialists point out that it will not be possible to collect hundreds of subscribers without spending money, so decide on a budget in advance. Targeted advertising and buying ads from bloggers are the most effective means of promotion. Consider a promotion strategy along with your budget.

How to promote a blog from scratch and for free for a teenager? Spread information about him among friends, look for an audience in TikTok. Now this network is at the peak of popularity among young people.

How to make money on a blog on Instagram

Some SMM experts recommend first choosing the desired monetization method, and then adjusting the theme and concept of the blog to suit it. In my opinion, you can monetize any resource and it is more important to do what you like and what you get. And here are the methods of monetization you can then apply:

  1. Advertising. You can find advertisers on special exchanges. Or you can search for advertisers directly, offer cooperation. When you become a promoted blogger, advertisers will find you themselves.
  2. Consulting, courses, trainings, etc. Are you selling a product or service yourself? For example, you can draw up individual training and nutrition programs, conduct psychological counseling, or do tutoring. Great, keep developing your brand and increasing your sales.
  3. Affiliates. One of the most popular exchanges is Admitad. There you can find an offer for any type of traffic. As a result, you get a percentage or a fixed amount from sales, registrations, referrals, etc. (the target action is specified in each individual program).

You can combine several forms of monetization at once. Suppose you are developing a blog on needlework, sewing toys. Then you can get money both from the sale of toys, and from advertising (sewing store, other blogs on needlework, etc.). I think you can even find something suitable among affiliate programs.


When creating your blog on Instagram, be prepared to master several professions at once. You will have to be a copywriter, marketer, designer, photographer, content manager, analyst, SMM specialist and much more.

The alternative is to hire a team of people. However, now you know how to start blogging on Instagram, which means you can handle everything yourself. Do not forget to use helper programs and constantly educate yourself. But the most important thing is to live your blog, be honest and open with the audience, then people will reach out to you.

Sincerely, Svetlana Troshina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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