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How to start blogging on Instagram: tips and tricks

Newcomers of this social network and those who finally decided to move from ordinary photo posting to the “big league” think about where to start blogging on Instagram. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you plan to do insta blogging. For some, this is a banal attraction of attention, but for others it is a real opportunity to promote a brand and promote their own product.

The number of Instagram users is increasing every minute, which means not only large coverage, but also the inadmissibility of mistakes. Everything is important here: from the title to the design of posts. But the most important thing is your desire, which will help you to advance without serious investments. Believe me, this is enough to understand where to start blogging on Instagram.

First 3 Steps to Blogging on Instagram

How to start blogging on Instagram? This is the question most novice bloggers ask themselves. Before starting this work, consider the following points :

  • Do you have the motivation, persistence and patience to engage with your subscribers on a daily basis? What is your life filled with besides work and everyday life? Where was the last time you were, what book did you read or what performance did you see?

    Your account should be of interest, and for this you need to diversify your leisure time , make at least small trips, be creative, communicate with interesting people. If you intend to seriously blog, then you have to live on schedule, plan to visit different places. Creating a content plan that will help control the process is also an integral part of the blogger’s job.

  • It’s very important to choose a blog topic that you are really interested in or are good at. You don’t have to follow the principle, “Everyone went there, and I follow them.” It is absolutely futile to do what you are not personally interested in. There are a lot of popular topics: personal care, cosmetology, self-development, parenting, travel, food and everything related to it. If you find something of your own here, then you can get down to business, but keep in mind that you will have many competitors.

    Тема блога
    Blog Theme
  • How to define your target audience? And it is not enough to know what gender and age these people are. It is necessary to understand what issues they will solve, thanks to you, how you can be useful. In accordance with this, they choose the page format, make up a set of hashtags, etc.

Take a closer look at how popular bloggers working in the same direction are developing their pages. How do you like their posts and design? Do you like it? In this article, we will share the main secrets.

3 steps of blogging on Instagram + design

If someone says: “I want to start blogging on Instagram,” then you can advise him the following :

Step 1. Download the Instagram app (use the App Store for iPhone, those with Android need Google Play).

Stage 2. Registration – here you just enter your email account. You can go through the same procedure through the Facebook network, then both social networks will be connected.

Step 3. Now you define your username and password and you’re done!

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Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

Well, then, in fact, we move on to blogging.

As a future blogger, is it already clear to you what your activity will be? What ideas will you broadcast through your page? First, let’s figure out how to set up an account.

Profile header is the blogger’s business card. Here you can place text information up to 150 characters. This is not much, so sentences should be short, clear and succinct in meaning so that any casual visitor can immediately understand whose page this is, whether it will be interesting and useful for him to stay and watch the publications.

What you need to specify here :

  • What is your name, enter your real name and surname or come up with a nickname (nickname), in accordance with the proposed topic of the page.

  • Where do you live.

  • Occupation, interests, hobbies.

  • Commercial offer.

  • The main link to the site, another social network.

Using emoji in the profile header helps to highlight the main thing, to emphasize the main points. But remember that emojis here and in posts should be treated like a seasoning for a dish.

Этапы ведения блога
Blogging Stages

Continue to complete your profile by completing all sections :

  • The photo must be personal and recognizable . It is desirable that it conveys your image well. If this is a business account, then instead of a photo, there may be a designer image or a brand logo.

  • For a nickname, you can use your last name, creative nickname, spiritual name or brand name.

  • Highlights section (actual) allows you to save stories on specific topics: cost of services, reviews, current promotions and offers, answers to the most popular questions.

  • Stories – videos that are only 15 seconds long. Stories are available for viewing for 24 hours, then disappear from the feed if they are not saved to highlights. With short videos, you can quickly inform subscribers about important events. Usually in this way the author invites to live broadcasts, conducts polls, announces promotions, etc.

Conducting live broadcasts is one of the fastest ways to present your products and services, tell about yourself, and just chat with your subscribers on a relevant topic.

How are you progressing – have you filled in everything? Great, let’s move on and move on to the most important blog post – content. Your publications will either attract social network users and your account will develop, or will leave them indifferent.

Content Rules & Ideas

Let’s talk more about how to properly start blogging on Instagram.

Each of the posts posted on the Instagram blog can be attributed to one of the types of content :

If you are planning an information blog, you can fill it out :

  • self-development posts;

  • book reviews, information on the latest book novelties;

  • various interviews with interesting people: travelers, artists, celebrities;

  • quotes, philosophical sayings.

If a blog was created with the aim of developing your own info-business, then potential clients can be offered to get acquainted with case studies containing step-by-step instructions for the development or promotion of various kinds of projects. In addition, readers of information blogs love posts with life hacks, about time management, photo editing or page maintenance.

Entertaining content includes contests and polls, the publication of funny videos and memes. You can also invite your subscribers to participate in some fun competition.

Content plan for social networks with meaning:

The accounts representing the commercial company with the most posts selling. They post reviews, talk about new products, brand promotions.

What else you can talk about on your blog on Instagram :

  • About movies . If you are a cinematographer, watch the latest cinematography and share your impressions.

  • About wine. The history of viticulture, different varieties and brands of wines, the best plantations – this topic also has a lot of interesting things.

  • About different types of education – foreign languages, Russian and other subjects.

  • About gardening, landscaping , growing houseplants.

  • About travel, tourism, extreme .

  • About their activities from all sides : expert opinion, the wrong side of the profession.

  • About books , if you read a lot, you certainly have something to share.

  • About life hacks in different areas (renovation, home economics, second life of things, etc.)

  • Social issues . Here you can get acquainted with your rights, get advice, find like-minded people.

  • About pets . This theme is loved by many, post tips for maintenance and care in addition to photos of your favorites.

Didn’t find your direction? Then we advise you to do this: make a list of your hobbies and interests. Where can you be considered an expert or are you planning to develop? Reflect on this. Write some posts, prepare images. Try to objectively assess what you have done. Only tackle a topic that inspires you. You also need to think about where you will take photos for your blog.

Check out the basic content requirements :

  • A solid canvas of text is very difficult to read, so the post should be split into separate paragraphs, leave spaces, use lists, etc.

  • It is convenient to first compose the text in the editor, correct mistakes, give a nice form and only then publish.

  • Carefully approach the selection of emojis, with their help you can focus on the main thing, but do not overdo it with the number (5-6 is enough per post).

  • Don’t complicate things, try to even talk about serious things in simple words, this approach will attract more interested subscribers.

If the post is long, then it is first compiled in the editor, and then published as screenshots.

So you’ve started your Instagram account. Now let’s figure out how a blogger can succeed, how not only to attract new users, but also to maintain a constant interest of the audience.

In fact, there are only a few rules to keep in mind :

  • Subscribers should feel your interest, therefore it is necessary to quickly respond to comments and messages, discuss, etc.

  • Be honest, people will quickly “figure out” whoever claims to be an expert, but who is not. It’s better to honestly say that you are just mastering the field of activity that you are broadcasting about. And do not worry, please, about mistakes, shortcomings or inaccuracies in the video, no one is safe from this.

  • A beautiful and stylish profile is also an important factor in attracting users.

  • The use of special services simplifies some tasks and helps to promote your blog.

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Instagram blogging assistants

Use modern online programs to create a beautiful picture on Instagram :

  • If you have Android, you can opt for the Camly app . Here it is convenient to change the level of brightness, sharpness and contrast of photos, the free version with a large number of filters is quite enough for working with pictures.

  • Snapseed – this program allows you to process photos at the level of photoshop. The software’s capabilities are suitable for working with RAW images.

  • PhotoDirector – the functionality of this visual editor allows you to experiment with pictures while learning a variety of tools along the way. The program can remove unnecessary objects, change colors and much more.

  • VSCO is the best online service to find almost any filter, but it can also be used as a basic photo editor.

  • Facetune – the program allows you to correct the complexion, eliminate skin imperfections. It also comes equipped with the useful Liquify tool.

  • Avatan – if you want to try yourself in creating special effects on photographs, for example, superimposing one picture on top of another, then work with the Avatan application. You can use not only a smartphone, but also an open browser.

Naturally, a blogger needs a high-resolution phone to get good quality photos. Also, do not forget about elementary care, the “eye” of the camera must be thoroughly and often wiped off. Then the clarity of the pictures will be much higher.

In addition to photo editors, you can use video editing software :

  • Adobe Premiere Clip is the best online video processing service. There are versions for Android, IOS and those who work in the browser. It is important that the mobile version also allows you to add sound, special effects and other manipulations to the video.

  • If you want to shoot short videos for your Instagram blog, you need a resource like Boomerate . It can be used to rotate the video back and forth, make changes, add special effects, crop, etc.

  • The InShot – video bearbeiten editor was created for processing videos and photos, making collages. A variety of features will help bloggers create their own masterpieces that grab the attention of users.

Final Tips for Blogging on Instagram

Newbies often have questions like “Where to start blogging on Instagram, which one is better to make the first post?”.

Here are some tips for content :

  • Try to think creatively and creatively. Even at home and in your yard, you can find unusual objects when viewed from a new angle.

  • Each photo should correspond to one idea, do not overload it with redundant meanings.

  • Alternate product pictures with beautiful landscapes, interiors, selfies, etc.

  • Walking with a friend in the park – take more pictures. Snapshots will come in handy when this is not possible.

  • Shoot in a variety of environments. Change the materials and textures used for the background.

  • Visit new places more, take new routes to see and capture something unusual and attractive. What will serve as an idea for publications.

Разнообразный контент Diverse Content

Share Stories and Videos. Both users and advertisers will immediately notice this content.

  • From short videos on Instagram, you can create stories with a common scenario.

  • Much depends on the camera angle, be creative.

  • Supplement your videos with appropriate music.

If a blogger seeks to monetize his account, then he will have to seriously engage in promotion, study and apply different technologies, for example, commenting under posts on other promoted pages, participation in SFS (mention exchanges), etc.

As the audience expands, when the number of regular subscribers exceeds a thousand, you can arrange an exchange of likes and reposts among your readers. Be careful, always respond to comments and messages in your Direct and under posts. Use themed hashtags. Choose your own hashtags to group your posts into categories.

It’s easy to start blogging on Instagram, but it will take a lot of effort to make it interesting, useful, and even materially satisfying. But if you are determined, then act, and success will surely come!

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