Настраиваем аудиторию таргетинга в Инстаграм

How to set up targeted ads on Instagram yourself

Social networks have made it possible for anyone to become popular. It is enough to create an account on Instagram, decide on the topic and start publishing content.

In parallel with this, you need to promote. Otherwise, due to high competition, it will not be possible to gain an audience. It’s better to use Instagram targeting for this. Every blogger needs to know how to set it up.

Setting up an Instagram target yourself: step by step instructions

Before thinking about how to create an advertisement, you need to decide on the goals of promotion. This can be an increase in the audience, an increase in the number of sales, and attracting customers. Remember to immediately identify the needs of your target audience.

Target is a mechanism that helps segment your audience and show your ad only to those who are interested in it. Therefore, if everything is configured correctly, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising.

To get started, you need to switch to a business account. It opens up access to additional features. But at the same time there is a peculiarity – the page cannot be made open.

You need to go to the settings – then to your account and scroll down. There will be a line “Switch to professional account”. You can return privacy there.

If everything is done correctly, a panel with statistics and a “Promote” button will appear under the posts. That’s it, you can run ads, but before that you need to make some settings.

  • Complete the profile. Indicate your nickname, name, field of activity, add a link to the site. Upload a photo.
  • Subscribe to interesting profiles and learn from them.
  • Invite your friends. Use instant messengers, SMS or sync with your contact list for this.
  • Post photos and videos, preferably every day.
  • Use statistics and conduct promotions.

Now you can start setting up your ads. You can use the Instagram app for this. Just first study the rules for setting the settings.

Set up a target in the Instagram ad account

If you need to go through the process of launching an advertisement step by step, then start small: prepare your publication. The picture or video must be of good quality, come up with motivating and selling text. Then publish the post and click Promote.

Нажимаем Продвигать под постом, чтобы настроить таргетинг в Инстаграм

Now it is important to define the categories and goals. The result of the advertising campaign depends on the choice: somewhere the number of subscribers will increase, and somewhere leads (potential customers) will appear.

First block: select target


  • More profile visits. This is necessary when it is important to increase your audience and attract subscribers.
  • More site visits. In this case, users follow the link or subscribe to the newsletter. Check the relevance and clickability of all links.
  • More posts. This option is suitable for cases when you need people to call or write, ask questions about products or services.
Выберите цель для настройки таргетинга в Инстаграм

Second block: audience definition

There are two options – automatic and manual. The second is preferable as it is more accurate. Automatic, on the other hand, is based on the history of the account and selects those who are already interested in content on a similar topic.

Настраиваем Определение аудитории

When using manual collection, the problem arises of how to collect an audience for targeting. Think about who your product or service is relevant to. Their gender, age, interests, location. Geotargeting is especially important for those looking for quick sales. The person will see the desired store nearby and enter it.

Third block: budget and duration

The amount directly affects how many people will see the ad. The minimum budget is 80 rubles, the maximum is 20,000 rubles. Duration from one to thirty days. The system will also show the predicted coverage.

Настраиваем бюджет и длительность таргетированной рекламы в Инстаграм

Fourth block: summing up

If everything is correct, then it remains to confirm the start of the promotion and pay for it. After that, it remains to wait for the results.

Проверка и запуск рекламы

Setting up Facebook ads

Instagram offers the easiest way to advertise – through the application’s personal account. However, even if you manually enter all the parameters, it is ineffective. Promotional opportunities are very limited. The Facebook ad account offers more customization options.

There are three categories in total – recognition, leads, conversion. It is impossible to say which group is better. Based on personal needs. For example, if you need reach and increase brand popularity, then choose the first category.

Рекламный кабинет Фейсбука предлагает больше возможностей

Leads include more goals – traffic, engagement, installs, views, posts, generation. Conversion is more modest – conversion, sales, store visits.

To fine-tune advertising, you need to use the Ads Manager cabinet. It’s easy to enter it: follow the link. Then it remains to select “Create advertisement” and proceed with the settings.

Настраиваем таргетинг через Фейсбук - нажимаем Создать рекламу

First block: Campaign title, goal and testing.

Первый блок настройки рекламы

Next section: budget and audience. Facebook engines enable dynamic creatives. At the initial stage, few people understand how to use visualization correctly. A special system will automatically combine headings and pictures, the main thing is to upload the material.

Customize your budget and schedule based on your capabilities. Don’t forget about experimenting and tracking statistics. This will help you find a favorable time for advertising.

Настраиваем аудиторию таргетинга в Инстаграм

After that, you need to configure targeting parameters – gender, age, marital status, interests of the target audience, and others. You can also choose the placement – a feed of posts or stories.

The third block: advertising settings. You can choose one picture or video, or make a gallery of photos and slideshows. Then all that remains is to add the text and publish the ad.

Instant Experience Targeting

The targeting guide would be incomplete without mentioning mobile advertising. This format is maximally adapted for smartphones. It’s easier to watch special videos or photos on an iPhone or other device. It’s all about dynamism – the content adapts to the diagonal of a particular device.

With Instant Experience, you can also draw attention to your brand or make yourself known. The peculiarity of the format is the addition of a swipe. The user just needs to move his finger and the system will redirect him to the link.

Format features:

  • supports up to 20 images;
  • images can be filled in both width and height;
  • PNG and JPEG files are supported;
  • minimum video resolution 720 pixels;
  • total video length – 2 minutes;
  • it is not desirable to use captions.

Which is better to use

There are various guides for dummies that detail how to set up targeting. The easiest way is to use the Instagram advertising account – everything is clear in it and it does not require special knowledge. However, it has limited capabilities.

It is better to give preference to the Facebook advertising account. It may seem complicated to a beginner, but if you figure it out, then everything will become clear. After the promotion, the user receives a full report: views, reactions, referrals. This is valuable information to help you test your ad performance.

The key factor is the selection of the target audience. Assembling it correctly is not an easy task. It is necessary to correctly compose a portrait of the consumer, highlight his pains and close them. In other words, advertising should make you want to buy a product / order a service.

Use several methods to collect your target audience on Instagram:

  • Study competitors’ accounts. Check out page design, offers, subscriber interaction.
  • Use geolocation. When choosing a retail outlet, half of users are guided by a simple parameter – step-by-step availability. You can use special programs, for example, SocialKit. It allows you to select a specific area on the map, after which a list of users will be generated.
  • Check out thematic hashtags. For example, a company sells flowers. Then the hashtags #flowers and derivatives will do.

You can go the other way and just think about who is interested in the product. For example, a company sells medical couches. They can be bought by both a doctor and a beautician.

Determine the level of income. Thus, premium segment products will not be of interest to people with low incomes. At the same time, a person who earns a lot will not consider cheap things.

It is advisable to use several advertising options. Very rarely, the target audience is homogeneous and consists of one type of customer. Generally, the audience is motley.

Therefore, for efficiency, it is better to make 2-3 options and check their relevance. You can do without it, but then don’t expect good performance. In addition, the process of achieving goals will stretch over time.

Free training in competent targeting from scratch

It is difficult to understand the intricacies of creating advertising publications by yourself. Due to inexperience, you can set the settings incorrectly and waste your money. In addition, investing does not always pay off. Therefore, it is better to go through thematic training.

Dmitry Dyakov’s course is dedicated to a new profession – advertising specialist on Instagram and Facebook. During the training, you can learn how to launch advertising on Instagram, what to consider when setting up and how to improve the effectiveness of publications for promotion.

The course lasts three days and after which students receive:

  • thematic guides and cheat sheets;
  • roadmap for targeting;
  • hands-on experience with setting up ads;
  • ways to find customers.

The course includes broadcasts, assignments and feedback. The host is an entrepreneur and a successful specialist. Therefore, everything that he tells is obtained from personal experience. Education is free.

The ad launch course is useful not only for those who want to make money on it. This knowledge will come in handy for entrepreneurs, bloggers and those who want to understand targeting. Instructions will not lose their relevance in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because Instagram has a lot of users. If you show posts to everyone, then the response will be minimal or even zero. The blogger’s content is interesting only to a certain audience, so you need to segment it right away and adjust ads so as to create maximum engagement.

It is impossible to say unequivocally. You need to remember about an integrated approach: promotion strategy, visual design, response to customer needs. If the response is minimal or zero, then an analysis should be performed. Perhaps the target by interests was chosen incorrectly or the publication is bad. Experiment, collect statistics, draw conclusions.

Each type of advertising publication has its own advantages. For example, a carousel gallery is suitable for cases when you need to show the interior of a bar or a selection of products from an online store. The video can demonstrate a service or entertain the viewer.

Yes, if you manage to interest a potential buyer. If you want to increase the chances of attracting customers, then use a non-standard format. For example, record a funny video or make a selection of helpful tips. Also check the statistics. Few transitions? Change your ads.

Yes, quite. Look at the experience of companies that have a multi-million dollar audience. Often, posts from the feed are used for advertising, so you can see the number of likes and views.

Briefly about the main thing

Promoting an Instagram account is difficult, but possible. For this, it is not necessary to budget hundreds of thousands of rubles. Even small infusions are enough. It is more important to use them correctly and correctly set up targeting. It is easy to check the actions: the number of subscribers should grow.

Sincerely, Alena Volodina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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