How to set up Instagram correctly: 2 options

Sometimes you open a social network feed, and there is sadness, sadness, longing, because not everyone knows how to properly set up Instagram in order to stand out from others. And this is very bad! Moreover, all the settings are so simple that even a child can handle it. All you have to do is just sit down and figure it out.

For personal use, there are own settings, for a business account – others, more advanced. For companies, many additional options have been invented that simplify promotion on social networks, because it is because of this that they register on Instagram.

Instagram profile elements for personal use

Few people think about how to customize Instagram, as they say, for themselves. People just register and use the default settings. However, even a personal account can be made more convenient. How to properly set up Instagram will be discussed further.

First, let’s list the main controls available to users :

  • The camera icon is responsible for recording, posting stories and going live.

  • IGTV – add your videos from 1 to 60 minutes in length.

  • Direct – personal messages, correspondence, reactions to friends’ stories.

  • Recommendations feed , which displays publications relevant to the user’s interests. In it you can find profiles to which you want to subscribe. It is possible to connect contacts of people from your phone book so that Instagram finds their accounts.

    Лента рекомендаций
    Recommendations Feed
  • House is the main Instagram news feed, where posts of people the user is following are posted.

  • Magnifier – search on Instagram (you can search for people, videos, companies, hashtags).

  • Sign “+” – loading your own content, editing it using the built-in tools of the application. By posting a photo or video, you can apply filters, mark people, location, write text, put hashtags, use cross-posting to other social networks.

  • Heart is a feed of subscriptions, which contains information about who liked the user’s posts, left comments in them, or replied to his comments in their posts. There is also a tab where you can see who the user has liked.

  • A silhouette icon allows you to access your own profile, which looks the way guests see it. Here are the editing tools and access to settings.

Filling in the profile header

To understand how to properly set up an Instagram account, you need to identify the key elements of the application. One of them is the profile header, which is important to design correctly, because it is it that is first of all seen by everyone who enters the profile. It’s kind of the face of the account. Sometimes the design of the cap in itself already motivates to subscribe to a person. You need to fill it in succinctly and creatively.

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Let’s consider the main points that you need to pay attention to when filling out the Instagram header.

  1. In the header you need to tell about yourself and the benefits of the account for subscribers

    First you need to fill in all the data. Separate emoji parts from each other to make the text easier to read, and use the list format.

    It is important to take into account that part of the text is hidden, and it is revealed only after the user clicks on the word “more”. It is desirable that the visible lines immediately interest the page guests, and they have a desire to read the rest of the text.

    Users have the option to leave one active link in the profile header. In principle, this is generally the only place on Instagram where it can be posted. Although now you can also leave a multi-link – a business card page that contains links to other user channels. This is done using special third-party services.

  2. Profile data needs to be edited

    In your personal account there is a button “Edit profile”, which allows you to enter and change personal data. These include the main account photo, work email, and phone number. This information may be needed when restoring access to your account, if such a need arises (forgot your password, hacked profile by scammers, etc.). Other users will not be able to see personal information.

You can also switch to a professional account in your profile settings. This makes it possible to see blog statistics, run ads, etc.

Instagram Business Account Profile Elements

How to properly set up Instagram for promotion and sales? A business account has a slightly different list of functions available to the user compared to a regular one. To view them, you need to click on the three bars in the upper right corner of the page.

Instagram menu items :

  • Archive . This is where the user’s stories and publications are saved, which he did not delete, but does not want to leave in public access.

  • Statistics . Provides fairly broad opportunities for profile analysis. Here you can see data on views, likes, reach, click-throughs, profile visits by users, and evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. First, you need to set specific filters and track information.

  • Your actions . This option makes it possible to see how much time a person spends on Instagram. You can independently set a certain time frame, passing over which the user will receive a notification about exceeding the set limit.

  • Instagram business card. This is a digital signature (link) of the profile owner, the application generates it automatically. It can be shared on social networks, instant messengers, by e-mail, etc. To do this, go to the “Option” item, select a color, smiley, selfie, and then click on “Share”. A business card can be printed on paper and placed where people will see it, for example, customers of a cafe or beauty salon. They can quickly go to their Instagram profile by just scanning the code.

  • Saved . This section contains posts from other accounts that the user has saved. Here you can create thematic folders for sorting posts.

  • Best friends. On Instagram, if you want, you can share content only with certain people – those who are on the list of best friends.

  • Interesting people. These are those whom the application will show to the user after he connects his list of phone contacts.

  • Open Facebook. On Instagram, you can link your profile with your Facebook account and quickly switch to another application.

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Instagram business account settings

If you are developing your business through a social network, you need to know how to properly set up Instagram for business.

Each menu item has several subsections containing interesting and useful functions, but not all of them may be needed during use. Let’s take a look at the most interesting ones.

  1. Invite Friends

    There is an option to invite friends using a ready-made link to an Instagram account, which can be sent to them in different ways:

    • via WhatsApp,

    • by email,

    • by SMS;

    • or using some other application.

  2. Notifications

    Entering this menu item, we will see a large list of settings for all types of notifications: about publications, stories, comments, subscriptions, messages in Direct, live broadcasts and IGTV, as well as from Instagram itself. You can also navigate from here to your phone’s system notification settings. On settings and “from all”, which are installed here by default, can be changed if necessary.

  3. Company

    This section is important for those who are going to place targeted ads in order to promote their own account. It allows you to manage payments (both in the application itself and through the linked Facebook page), set up payment methods and keep track of your budget.

  4. Privacy

    This section provides options to restrict audience actions in an account. Here you can prevent certain people from leaving comments under their posts, set filters for specific phrases that the user would not like to see in their profile, set up automatic hiding of offensive comments, and also hide your online presence from other users.


    In addition, Instagram allows you to close your account so that you can get into it only through a subscription request. Sometimes this is necessary when you need to collect a specific audience in your profile without outsiders (for example, only marathon participants).

    This section also contains lists :

  5. Security

    Here you can change your account password and configure two-factor profile protection. This must be done in order to protect yourself from hacking the page by intruders.

    Instagram allows you to set up the login to the application in two different ways :

    • by receiving sms with codes to a mobile phone;

    • using an authentication code from a third-party application, which is also installed on the phone (only possible for the mobile version of Instagram).

    In this section you can track the history of all changes to the profile’s privacy settings :

    • change privacy level;

    • all password changes;

    • change email addresses and phone numbers;

    • date of transition to business account;

    • subscribers and own subscriptions;

    • blocked accounts.

    By the way, Instagram has a very useful function – creating a backup account. It allows you to save all profile materials in case of loss. To do this, you need to send a request right in the “Security” section, in response to which a file with instructions will be sent.

  6. Linked accounts

    In addition to Facebook, your Instagram profile can be linked to other social networks, for example, VKontakte. This will allow cross-posting without the use of auxiliary applications. The linked account in the menu is highlighted in blue. The list of social networks available for linking may differ depending on the country and device.

  7. Request confirmation

    Using this option, you can verify your account and get access to additional functions, as well as priority in the search results of the social network. As a rule, well-known personalities, large bloggers, etc. have a verified account.

    To complete the procedure, you must enter your data (name / surname, pseudonym), select an account category and attach a file that will confirm the identity of the profile owner.

    By the way, the transition to the business account is not final. It is possible to make it normal again. To do this, go to the “Account” tab and switch to your personal profile. You can immediately make some changes to it if the data turned out to be incorrect or outdated.

    How to get the most out of your studies:

  8. Inputs

    In this section you can :

    • configure logins to multiple accounts (up to seven);

    • add account;

    • log out of a specific account;

    • log out of all accounts.

    To set up logging into several of your own accounts, you need to go to the page with a list of all profiles, select the option with the same name, agree with the security rules, select the main account and confirm. Immediately, through the option “Log in to multiple accounts”, you can untie one of them.

    Adding a new account is carried out as follows. You need to go to your profile and click on the arrow at the top of the page (it is with its help that you can quickly switch between your accounts). A menu will appear at the bottom of the page where you can add a new account. You can also do this in the application settings.

Despite the ease of customizing the application, new users often have questions about how to properly set up Instagram for sales. We tried to sort out the social network menus to make it easier for you to use all its options and functions, and to increase the efficiency of your work.

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