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How to set up an Instagram store without problems

How to set up a store on Instagram, it is advisable to know each owner of a regular online store (we are not talking about marketplaces now). The possibilities of this social network for promoting goods and services are truly endless. And here are the statistics for you: advertising on Instagram is almost 8.5 times more effective than “pop-ups” in games and applications.

However, setting up an online store on this social network in Russia has a number of restrictions. However, there are some tricks you can use to get around the tag ban. Here’s how to set up an Instagram store so that it starts making a profit from the first days.

Want to know how to set up an Instagram store? In this article, you will find step by step instructions.

  • Make sure your Instagram shopping function is working

    To connect it, it is important to answer “Yes” to the questions:

    • Is your company’s physical address in a socially supported country?

    • Are your goods tangible?

    • Does your business adhere to Instagram business rules?

    • Does your Instagram account belong to a company?

    • Is he connected to a Facebook page?

    If all the answers were positive, then you can find out further how to set up a store on Instagram.

  • Link a directory to your account.

    You will need to link the Facebook directory to your Instagram business profile. There are two options for how to do this.

    • The first option is to use the Catalog Manager. So you can arrange the catalog yourself or connect the one that you have. Please note that you must select an e-commerce catalog to use product tags and labels.

    • The second way is to use the help of a certified Facebook partner who will tell you how to customize the directory.

  • Register in the application.

    Open your Instagram profile settings, click on the word “Company”, then on “Instagram Shopping”. Follow the instructions, complete all the necessary steps and submit for verification. Usually, the account is verified within a few days. You can get information about the verification status in the “Purchases” section of your profile settings.

    After the approval of the account, Instagram will notify you about it. Finish the setup in the “Shopping” section and you will be able to tag products in your posts and stories.

  • Publish your first shopping post.

    Стандартный алгоритм настройки интернет-магазина в Инстаграм

    Standard algorithm for setting up an online store on Instagram

    When posting, select “Mark products” and add your product. You can add up to five products to a single image or single video post, and up to twenty products to a multi-image post. Remember that you can add product tags to old posts as well.

    Only one product sticker is added to one story. You can choose the color and text of the stickers.

  • Analyze sales statistics.

    If you want to know how to properly set up a store on Instagram, here’s a hint – the coverage of publications with the purchase function can be viewed in the “Statistics” tab. This will allow you to explore your audience in order to subsequently offer people the products that are most relevant to them.

  • The Instagram store feature is not available in all countries. Unfortunately, Russia is not among the states where it is. But you can get around this ban – we’ll tell you exactly how.

    To enable the Shopping Tags function, transfer your profile to a business account.

  • Select the E-Commerce feature and create a product catalog on Facebook.

  • If the number of products is small, it is advisable to upload them manually – select “Upload product information”, specify information about the account owner and profile name, click on “Create”.

  • Select “View catalog”, then open “Products”, click “Add products”, then “Add Manually”. Here you need to enter data on the product: its image, name, price, specifications, size, article. Add a link to the web resource page with this product.

    In the case of a large number of products, they can be downloaded from the site automatically. If the web page is built on OpenCart, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3dcart, Big Commerce, Magento or Storeden platforms, select Add New Product, then Use Data Feeds.

    If the site was created on other sites, click “Add new product”, then click “Connect Facebook Pixels”.

  • After creating the catalog, link it to your Facebook page. To do this, go to the “Use Cases” section and select “Store on Facebook Page”. Further there will be instructions, follow them. Then from your project page go to the “Store” tab and see the added products.

  • We provide here a list of countries in which the Shopping Tag is officially functioning. You will need a VPN to make sure the app has set the IP address of one of these countries. Next, go to Instagram settings and open “Shopping” (this section can be used 1-5 days after adding items to the store on Facebook). Find the directory you created earlier.

  • This gives you access to Shoppinng Tags. If not, ask support to enable it.

    It is not necessary to indicate that your location is Russia. The main thing is to note that you followed the Facebook rules and filled out all the products according to the recommendations.

    If you still could not connect Shopping Tags, try other tools to promote your products.

    If you are collecting information on how to set up a store on Instagram through Facebook, do not forget about the rules of the social network so that your account is not blocked. Remember that Instagram and Facebook do not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages, dietary supplements, medical products, tobacco and weapons, and also prohibit the sale of animals. You may run into restrictions even if your products are not banned. For example, according to Instagram policy, you cannot post with photos of naked people. This can make it difficult for lingerie stores to showcase how their product looks on models.

  • Notable nickname

    If you need to come up with a name for a store on Instagram, do not use complex long words, as well as those in which the sounds “z”, “z”, “h”, “w”, “u” are repeated. In case the chosen store name contains more than one word, separate them with a period or an underscore.

    The main principles of choosing a nickname on Instagram:

    • it’s clear and readable;

    • it is easy to remember;

    • it’s short;

    • it is easy to write and read;

    • it matches the direction of the store;

    • it’s original.

    Don’t use names like “Igrushki.Deti” or “Olga_Fashion”. They are not original, do not remain in memory, it will be difficult for people to find your store.

    Choose a name that will let people know what kind of products you have. Use associations, word abbreviations and combinations. You should get something original, like “ecozefir”, “moda_doma”.

    When launching the store’s website and its Instagram account at the same time, choose the same name for the domain and nickname.

  • Spectacular avatar

    Оформление профиля для продвижения фотографа / picture>

    Setting up an Instagram store in Russia if access is not available

    If you are trying to figure out how to set up an Instagram store on your own and for free, here are some tips for the main photo:

    • Contrast (there is a transition between background, image and text).

    • Memorable, effective.

    • Comprehensibility (no tricky abstractions).

    • Remember the circle format – do not put important elements in the corners, they will be automatically cut off.

    All words and elements of the avatar must be readable and understandable. People won’t want to strain their eyes to see them.

    To attract additional attention, you can make an avatar with a border. Place the circular image on a solid background, slightly capturing it when cropping. For example, you can use the Canva app.

    Also for the main photo you can use an image of a product or a store logo.

  • Clear profile description

    The Name column should contain your specific audience offer with keywords that will help users easily find your store.

    The header of your account must be selling. Come up with a compelling description of the store’s activities. It will have to fit into 180 characters and attract the attention of users, because it will be read by people who do not know about your store and do not plan to buy anything from it. Your task is to convince and interest them in those few seconds in which they read the text in the “header”.

    To achieve this, you need:

    • Show how you differ from your competitors.

    • It is interesting to present your services and products.

    • Pique users’ curiosity to view the posts on their profile.

    Indicate in the description the location of the store, delivery methods, do not forget about the call to action. Duplicate the data in the “Communication Methods” section so that the “Contacts” button appears.

    It will be nice if you use emoticons and emoji in the header text: this will make the text more lively, emotional and structured.

  • Sticky Stories, or Relevant

    When you are wondering how to set up a store on Instagram, pay attention to the circles above the posts. They are called “Relevant” – here you can pin the story and combine them into groups. This is done by clicking on the circle with the “+” sign and the word “Add”. You can take any story as a cover for the group, but it will be cropped to fit a circle.

    The “Relevant” function will allow you to save useful stories so that users can watch them at any time. And if you choose beautiful covers in the same style for groups, your store will look more harmonious. What groups can be:

    • Assortment of goods.

    • Customer reviews.

    • Brand history (advantages, unique nuances, achievements).

    • Information about discounts and promotions.

    • Answers to frequently asked questions (what materials do you use, how to order delivery, how to pay, etc.).

    • Everyday production.

    • A story about the brand’s founder.

    • New products.

    • Products-hits.

    Закрепленные истории, или актуальное

    Pinned stories, or current
  • Correct content

    It is important to combine both the visual component and high-quality texts in the store account. If you don’t, no step-by-step instructions on how to set up an Instagram store will save you. People look at the photos first and then read their descriptions. Here are some tips on how to find the right visual image for your store on Instagram:

    • Publish unique shots in your personal style.

    • Take photos in good daylight.

    • Diversify angles and shooting plans.

    • Find unique finishing styles and primary colors.

    • Remember the details that highlight the quality of your products.

    • Create a content plan to match your posts.

    To make the feed visually more interesting, you can use transitions and maxi-photos for several posts. This will give you the opportunity to show your product from its best sides. But every post should look independent, avoid making the account “artificial”. Remember that when publishing new posts, the feed will “creep”, take this nuance into account when selecting photos.

    Do not force people to write to you in Direct about prices, write them right under the product photos. Please note that your feed should contain posts on the following topics:

    • how to place an order;

    • the benefits of your store;

    • customer reviews;

    • how the brand was created;

    • your advantages over your competitors;

    • how to order delivery;

    • answers to frequently asked questions.

    Make a content plan for a week or 30 days. Record headings and topics of posts in it, designate plots for photo sessions. Publishing content according to plan will be much more convenient than haphazardly. Deferred posting services will also come in handy, SMMplanner is quite effective. Posts can be scheduled to be published at any time.

    SMMplanner will allow you to store post drafts. This way you can collect all your posts in one place.

    When thinking about how to set up an Instagram store, remember that the ratio of informational, entertainment and selling content should be 70 to 30%. Subscribers prefer to read engaging posts over ad streams. Remember native sales, they are very effective.

    Правильный контент

    Correct content

    Approximate content plan for the week:

    • Monday – news. Tell us about current events in the life of the brand.

    • Tuesday – informational post. Give recommendations on the use of your products.

    • Wednesday is a selling post. Show users how your products will change their lives for the better.

    • Thursday – post-communication. On this day, you can chat with subscribers, conduct a survey.

    • Friday is a selling post. Announce a bonus or promotion to get people interested.

    • Saturday is an entertaining post. Have a game or quiz, tell a funny story from a brand story.

    • Sunday – “unloading” post. Write down which products were popular during the week and wish your readers a pleasant Monday.

    In your content plan, you can alternate between photos, photo galleries and videos, or choose one unique format for all posts. The created content plan with the prescribed headings can be used constantly, changing only the subject of the posts.

    When is the best time to publish your content? This will depend on when your target audience is most active. A study by Buffer and Delmondo found that most people surf the Internet between 8:00 am and 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm, and between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. But in the case of your followers, things may be different.

    Testing will help you define it. Find out what time your audience is on the Internet and test that time window by posting your posts. In the case of working with different time zones, figure out who your main target audience is. If it turns out that the time difference is too large, it is worth creating “regional” accounts.

  • Stories design and live broadcasts

    If you have already figured out how to set up an Instagram store and are developing it, use the maximum number of ways to attract users. As the research of Buffer and Delmondo showed, the reach of the account and its impressions directly depend on the number of stories. You can increase brand loyalty by running live broadcasts.

    Story ideas:

    • Interesting facts about the brand.

    • Report from an interesting event or event in the store.

    • Reminder about the opportunity to subscribe to updates and receive notifications about new publications.

    • Poll on the topic “What are you interested in learning about the store?”.

    • Collecting suggestions on how to improve the service.

    • Interview with store employees.

    • Customer Reviews.

    • Brand news and plans.

    • Bonuses, discounts, promotional offers.

    • Product overview and recommendations for their use.

    Оформление сторис и прямые эфиры

    Stories and Live Streaming

    Live Streaming Ideas:

    • Answers to audience questions.

    • Product overview.

    • Working moments from the life of the store.

    • Customer feedback on the product.

    • Instructions for using the product.

    • Unpacking new items in the store.

    A live broadcast can last from 20 minutes to an hour. Do not “pour water”, give only important information.

    The role of stories in store promotion is as great as the role of posts. For them, you can draw up a separate content plan. Stories can also be deferred using SMMplanner.

  • Competent work with subscribers

    When the question “How to set up a store on Instagram?” removed from the agenda and the account is already functioning, do not forget about the need to communicate with subscribers. It can happen in comments to posts and in Yandex.Direct. Do not ignore posts and comments, otherwise all potential buyers will go to competitors.

    Use the following tips to build a loyal audience:

    • Do not leave negative comments, advertising messages and spam in your profile, delete them and block their authors. Your subscribers don’t need to read this garbage.

    • If a person wrote a negative review about your store, make it clear that you are sorry about what happened. Find out the details of the order and assure that you will understand the situation. Don’t just be promises on your part, find out what happened. If the customer’s outrage is justified, apologize and give them a gift coupon or discount on their next order. In this situation, it is very important to be polite and show that you are willing to correct your mistakes.

    • Express your gratitude for comments and feedback, share them in your stories.

    • Check Direct and try to answer all requests. Let people see that their messages are important to you.

    If you constantly moderate comments and reply to messages, you can face burnout. Choose a time (for example, twice a day) when you will be working on your account. Don’t forget about messages in Direct.

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