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How to set up a live broadcast on a social network: understanding applications and platform features

Knowing how to set up live streaming on social media will help you better promote your product to your target audience. Some social networks have their own live streaming tools, while others require additional software. However, in both cases, there are common points related to the organization and preparation of the broadcast.

Do not stop at one of the sites (only if your product is not strictly tailored to a specific target audience), because modern programs allow you to broadcast on several social networks at the same time. In our article we will tell you how to organize live broadcasting and what features should be taken into account during the broadcast.

Preparing for Live Streaming on Social Network

Live broadcasting is a great tool for promoting a company or product, but often people abandon this practice for fear of speaking in front of the camera. And this deprives them of the opportunity to establish additional contact with a huge audience.

Yes, live streaming implies live footage, there is no getting away from it, and all you can try to do here is practice as much as possible to stop being afraid and feel more confident.

You can try to record the program first, and then watch the video, analyze it from the outside, see what you are doing wrong, think about correcting errors. Pay attention to how other people work in front of the camera, be inspired by their example, learn useful techniques that will help you launch interesting, high-quality broadcasts.

Подготовка к прямой трансляции в соцсети

Preparing for Live Streaming on Social Networks

Before you start setting up your live stream on social networks, there are a few helpful tips for creating quality content.

  • Follow a preconceived scenario . This is perhaps the most important thing. This way you will not forget to say anything and will express your thoughts clearly and orderly. But do not openly read the tips from the sight, it will characterize you as a non-professional.

  • It is important to find the perfect balance in the manner of presentation . Try to act as naturally as possible, but at the same time demonstrate confidence and excellent understanding of the topic under discussion.

  • Be sure to engage with the public . Give viewers the opportunity not only to watch the video, but to make contact with you, ask something, express their point of view. Invite people to discussions, encourage communication. It’s good if you add a short description of the topic you want to stream to your post.

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4 Ways to Set Up Live Streaming on Social Networks

  1. How to set up a live broadcast on Facebook

    The Facebook Live tool has been operating since April 2016 and makes it possible to launch broadcasts into the feed directly from mobile phones.

    Facebook Live was originally conceived for use exclusively on phones. Today, it can also broadcast content filmed through a computer.

    First, how to use Facebook Live on your mobile phone .

    Install Facebook on your phone and then sign in.

    • Open the news feed and click “Would you like to share the news?”

    • Next – “On the air”.

    • Give a short description of the topic and click “Air” again.

    • A countdown will start and then broadcast. If you want to stop recording, click Finish.

    • It remains to go through the privacy settings and put the video on the wall.

    Procedure if you are using a computer :

    • Select “Live” in the left pane of the screen.

    • A Facebook Live map will open in front of you. Here you can view other people’s broadcasts. To launch your own, click “On Air”.

    • Choose where you want to show your video.

    • Who will have access to it.

    • The broadcast is started by pressing the “On air” button. Comments from those who are watching you will appear on the right side of the screen.

    You can delete the finished video or leave it in your timeline.

  2. Instagram Settings

    Streaming has become popular on Instagram for a long time. To launch video broadcasts, the Instagram Live tool works here. The content formed in it “hangs” in the news feed (at the top of the phone screen) during the day.

    The Instagram feed is now controlled by the same algorithm as Facebook. And this contributes to an increase in the popularity of users who constantly shoot and upload fresh videos.

    Прямая трансляция через Instagram Live

    Instagram Live Live

    Steps to set up Instagram Live Live :

    • At the top left, click the camera icon.

    • If you have not done this before, the system will ask if your camera and microphone can be used. Next, five types of shooting will be offered. Select a live stream.

    • Click “Live”, the countdown will start and then the broadcast will start. Your subscribers receive notifications about this from the system. This helps them not to miss broadcasts.

    • If you want to end broadcasting – click “Finish” (top right). The entry can be deleted immediately, or you can keep access to it for 24 hours.

    If your goal is to attract the attention of the widest possible audience, then, of course, it is better to set the broadcast for views for 24 hours. In the list of stories, this will be displayed as a bright circle and a “Play” icon. Plus, under your photo will appear the inscription “Live”. This makes the video more visible.

    Using settings while streaming to Instagram :

    • It is possible to see viewers’ comments and respond to them. But you can also disable this option (by clicking the button with three dots).

    • By clicking on “Live” (top right), you will find out how long the broadcast has already lasted.

    • The number of viewers is shown slightly to the right, and if you click on the number, the participants will be displayed in the form of a list. Disconnect some of the participants at your discretion by clicking on the cross next to the name.

    Thus, Instagram Live can attract a much wider range of users to your account.

  3. How to set up a live broadcast on the Vkontakte social network .

    Here with live broadcasts, the situation is more complicated. The inconvenience is caused by the fact that you will need additional software for your computer or an application for your mobile phone. For phones, this is VK Live, and it doesn’t offer any particular benefits when using it. But the computer program allows you to set the settings for video, sound, broadcast the view of the screen and has a number of other “usefulness”.

    How to set up a live broadcast on Vkontakte via a computer :

    • On your VK page, in the Video tab, click the “Create broadcast” button.

    • In the broadcast window that opens, indicate the name of the broadcast, its category and give a short description. Privacy settings are available, and there is the option to inform subscribers that you are about to go live. Check the preview (checkbox) to check the quality of the connection before broadcasting.

    • The translation window will open. But to run it, you also need a video encoder.

    Прямая трансляция во Вконтакте через компьютер

    Live broadcast in Vkontakte via computer
    • Currently, only one option is suitable for use – the OBS video encoder. It must be downloaded from the official website and installed on your computer.

    • Download, then launch and open the settings.

    • Find “Broadcast” there. For the broadcast type, select “Custom broadcast server”. You will also need the URL and stream key. Where can I get them? Go back to the browser where you are setting up the broadcast.

    • Copy the URL and stream key and paste into the downloaded program in the lines intended for this.

    • Specify other settings as you see fit, bit rate, video resolution. Check the box to save the broadcast (if you need it). Then – “Apply” and “Ok”.

    • Now press the “+” more to add video sources. If you are going to use the webcam, then click “Video Capture Device”.

    • Set the sliders to the optimum position for the sound so that there is no echo effect.

    • Thus, you have set up a live broadcast to the Vkontakte social network. The broadcast will start as soon as you click the “Start broadcast” button.

    Now about the sequence of live broadcast settings for social network via phone :

    • If your mobile phone does not yet have the VK Live application, then you need to download and install it.

    • Now go into it. If this is your first time doing this, you will need authorization.

    • On the main page you will immediately see the broadcasts of various other users, not necessarily your friends.

    • At the top left, click on the menu button and open “My broadcasts” there.

    • Initially, there will be nothing there. If you want to start broadcasting, click on the camera icon below.

    • Enter the name of the broadcast and then click “Start broadcast”.

    • Countdown starts and broadcasts. Everything is absolutely simple here, you do not need to configure any parameters. In the comments, you can communicate with those who are watching you. The general list will now show that the broadcast is in progress and everyone who wants to can connect to it.

    When the broadcast ends, you will receive a report showing the number of viewers, new fans, data on the amount of money earned and bonuses.

  4. Twitter Live .

    A lot of people have this idea of ​​Twitter: it’s a stream of short messages, hashtags and endless crazy political speeches. Meanwhile, in this social network, you can also set up and start a live broadcast through the Live-video option, which allows you to broadcast videos about your life from your phone, express your own point of view, political views, etc. in them.

    How to use the Live Twitter tool?

    Start by creating a new Twitter post. Click on the button with the camera (inside there will be an inverted “tear” and the inscription “Live”). Give permission to the system (it will ask you) to use the camera and microphone.

    • After clicking Ok, got it, Twitter will activate the camera.

    • A notification will appear: “You can now stream live video (like in Periscope) directly from Twitter.” Click “Got it”, enter a name and then click “Start Streaming”.

    • Users can watch the stream, join it, greet it.

    • If you want to interrupt – click “Stop broadcasting”. The system will ask whether to leave the video in the gallery or immediately delete it. You will immediately see statistics on the number of viewers, when they connected and how active they were.

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Setting up live streaming to several social networks at the same time

To reach a larger audience and set up a live broadcast simultaneously in several social networks (this is called multistreaming), there are special services. One of the most popular is Restream . It’s pretty easy to use.

  • Register with Restream first.

  • Go to the Restream website and create a personal account there.



You do not need to pay for using Restream. However, the launch of streams in groups or in public Facebook accounts is allowed only after purchasing the paid version. This is a minimum of $ 19 per month (and up). Subscribers are allowed to connect accounts from different social networks to Restream, plus a wide range of support services are provided.

Integration with the most popular platforms is available. The only platform that does not allow broadcasting through other services is Instagram.

Connecting the necessary social networks and setting up a simultaneous live broadcast in them :

  1. Click “Add Channel”. A list will appear. In it, select the social networks in which you will broadcast (VKontakte, YouTube, Twitch, etc.). Click “Automatic” to grant access to the selected account.

  2. Do this for each pad. After that, they will all appear in the Restream control panel. For YouTube, by the way, there will be two icons: for regular broadcasts, YouTube Stream Now, and for deferred broadcasts, YouTube Events.

  3. There is also a button “Stream name”. Click it and enter the name of the field that appears.

Starting the broadcast. For webcam streams :

  1. On the Restream control panel, click Start (top right).

  2. In the window for the video stream, click on the gear and go through the settings (there will be a choice of microphone, resolution for video, etc.).

  3. The Go Live Now button starts broadcasting to all sites that you have connected.

New level. Ballast discharge:

To stream the game or desktop :

  1. To capture video from the screen, you will have to download and install a special program – OBS. The utility is free and “weighs” a little.

  2. After starting, prompts will go – just follow. They may not appear, then click “Tools” → “Automatic Configuration Wizard” and then follow the instructions.

  3. There you will need to enter the data about the broadcast: for the “Service” field, select the “Custom” item. After that, in the Restream control panel, copy the server address and stream key.

  4. Setting up live streaming in the selected social networks is now complete. Now in OBS, click “Start Streaming” (bottom right). The stream will appear both in Restream itself and on the pages of connected social networks.

You can collect all chats in one window. Then all the comments will go before your eyes, it will be easier to read and answer them. You can understand which site a participant came from by the icon next to his name.

To start a general chat, in Restream on the left panel, click the messages button and select “Open in browser” there. Or immediately download a special application (for Windows or macOS). Here the chat will appear in a more readable form.

Gadgets and equipment for live streaming to social networks

To set up a live broadcast on a social network, at a minimum, you need a phone and a good Internet connection. But keep in mind that the quality of the broadcast captured on the phone can be poor. Any extraneous noise will interfere with the broadcast.

  1. Microphone selection

    An important point. A crooked picture or too long broadcast is more or less forgivable, but not a bad sound.

    Don’t run right after a professional microphone. Built-in headphones are fine. Even if the shooting conditions are not ideal, the recording is quite high-quality and clean.

    Again, the headset can be successfully used for co-broadcasting on Skype or Instagram. She gives a good sound, no phonetics.

    The only drawback is that if the headset is not stored as a museum value and the dust particles are not blown off it, then it breaks down rather quickly (enough for 3-4 months).

    Выбор микрофона

    Choosing a microphone

    If you have to broadcast not only from home, but also from crowded, noisy places (shoot in a cafe, in a car, on the street), then it makes sense to buy a better microphone … There are tons of options. For example, a “buttonhole”, in particular – the Boya BY-M1 model.

    To set up shooting and demonstration on social networks of more serious streams and live broadcasts (studio broadcasts, webinars, interviews), you can also purchase a professional microphone with a special tripod and a set of pop filters.

  2. Communication quality

    The worst thing that can happen on the air is a disconnected internet connection. Therefore, take care of the additional opportunity to get in touch :

    • Some other internet option, for example mobile unlimited.

    • Another home operator.

    • Second router.

    • Ultrabooks and MacBooks don’t have an RJ-45 connector, so you’ll need a USB adapter as well.

    When using a router, the broadcast speed may drop even by 10-15% (compared to transmission through an adapter).

    The speed and ping of the Internet directly affects the quality of the transmitted image. It can go smoothly and clearly, or it can be interrupted and flicker frame by frame, and the Internet speed is to blame for this. However, the reason may be in the device, this should be checked.

  3. Lighting

    In order to set up a high-quality live broadcast on a social network, you need to take care of normal lighting (if, of course, you are going to show something other than the screen). For example, additional light is required for broadcasting a webinar, otherwise the host’s face will look like a dark spot.

    Normal lighting does not mean just a table lamp, which is unlikely to improve the picture or give it a sufficiently voluminous, high-quality look. It would be nice to have several light sources (a couple of three lamps) and try to put them on the sides, behind, highlight the background and see which options give the best result.

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