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How to Sell Toys on Instagram: Account Tips

Those who are just taking their first steps to launch a store on Instagram often pay attention to the categories of children’s products as the most popular and marginal ones. In particular, they are interested in the question: how to sell toys on Instagram. There are no secrets here – for good sales, your page must answer customer questions.

The answers to these questions lie in the design of your account. In order to attract buyers and nudge them towards targeted action, a profile page must be intuitive, with useful content, vibrant and emotional. Emotions are the main engine of sales on Instagram. You will learn how to sell toys on Instagram from our material.

Is it profitable to sell toys on Instagram

The sale of goods for children occupies a leading position in the top of Instagram. In most cases, buyers do not skimp on these products. Usually, parents want to buy only the best and in large quantities for their children. Products in this category do not lose their stability in sales, even in times of crises. Financial ups and downs in the country’s economy do not matter for the toy market, and sales of such products are only increasing.

Выгодно ли продавать детские игрушки в Инстаграме
Is it profitable to sell kids toys on Instagram

Selling children’s toys is financially beneficial. Many marketplaces are suitable for the sale of goods, but Instagram is one of the most significant. In this social network, the visual attractiveness of products and manual work are especially appreciated. The main active part of the Instagram audience are mothers from 24 to 35 years old. The functionality of the network allows the creation of online store pages, and every second entrepreneur engaged in small business uses this.

The volume of the children’s toys market in Russia is about 54 billion rubles and every year it is growing by 25-30%. The forecast is more than optimistic, but the share of domestic goods is small – about 80% of the products sold are imported, which often suffers from quality problems.

There is high competition in the children’s toys market. Buyers’ preferences are dynamic and change quickly, and therefore sellers need to keep track of the constant updating of the assortment.

Is it worth starting to engage in sales in this area if the competition is so high? If you can provide quality products, why not? If your project becomes interesting to the buyer, then you have every chance to enter the market and occupy your niche.

Quality products must be :

  • Safe for children (certified material, no parts that can be swallowed by a child).

  • Developing and interesting.

  • Kind, realistic and not traumatic for the child’s psyche.

  • Affordable.

If all of these factors are taken into account in your product, then you can stand out in the market. The buyer will gladly give his money for a quality handmade product. If you are determined to sell toys for children, then be sure to find out all the requirements for this category of products.

Handmade toys for sale on Instagram

Many materials, shapes and ideas are used in the production of children’s toys – every customer’s desire must be satisfied. But sometimes there are people who have been in search of a product that would fully meet their needs for a long time. Often there are toys of questionable quality.

Another problem for such discerning buyers is the mass production of products with no personal preference. Therefore, most likely, it will be profitable to make eco-friendly toys from natural materials, which are produced according to individual orders. Please note that they must develop the child, then the entire product will be successfully sold.

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The following materials are great for making baby products :

  1. Soft woven fabrics are the most popular base for toys.

    This is a relatively inexpensive production method. It requires a sewing machine and other specialized tools. Fabric and padding are usually inexpensive. With the help of your imagination, you can make really exclusive toys that will be sold on Instagram.

    Choose the theme that is closest to you – tildes, bears, dolls, funny animals, outfits for them and many other options that will help you reveal your talent and conquer customers with your soulfulness.

    Мягкие тканые материалы
    Toys from soft woven material

    The direction of making soft toys based on children’s drawings has become quite popular, because the product will definitely be exclusive and individual. Also, the production of soft characters from famous cartoons, curly pillows, educational rugs for babies or the manufacture of other soft decor in the form of animals for a children’s room is gaining momentum.

  2. Yarn and thread for knitting .

    How to start selling knitted toys on Instagram? Aesthetics and attractive appearance are the main differences between these children’s toys. They are similar to soft fabrics, but more fashionable and modern. To make them, you only need yarn and knitting tools – these can be knitting needles or crochet hooks. The most popular direction is the production of amigurumi – soft toys and knitted bizzy cubes, which are created for babies who are just starting to get acquainted with flowers and small details.

  3. Tree . Toys made from this material are environmentally friendly and have advantages over plastic.

    Products made from these raw materials are completely safe for children. They are appreciated for their pleasant appearance, tactility, strength and durability. Wooden toys can be much more expensive than plastic products, but caring parents often prioritize naturalness, safety, and developmental functions.

    Игрушки из дерева
    Wooden toys

    There are many wooden puzzles, construction sets, various figures (for example, soldiers, animals, vehicles), educational pyramids and blocks, board games, sorters, houses, strollers for dolls, various rocking chairs, plates and more.

After you have decided what kind of toys you will sell on Instagram, you need to draw up a clear business plan. The costs must necessarily include equipment and materials that make up the cost of the finished product and its final cost.

If you decide to sew or knit soft toys, you will definitely find materials for them on the Internet or the nearest store specializing in needlework. Raw materials for wood products are purchased from building materials markets or hardware stores.

The final price of finished goods is affected :

  • cost of materials (consumables, raw materials);

  • other costs (transportation costs, wages fund);

  • the average price of similar products on the market;

  • the time spent by the master.

Rules for designing a profile for selling toys on Instagram

When opening your toy store, remember that you are working for the benefit of other people, and not just for your own enrichment – this is just a side effect of satisfying other people’s needs. Therefore, a page with sales of toys on Instagram should appeal to potential buyers. The target audience is what you can rely on first. Their needs and preferences will influence your business.

It will be useful to analyze your target audience. To do this, select a group of people and find out their desires when buying toys: attention to design, the need for information before purchasing, and others. In the subsequent work, you will really need this information.

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Pay great attention to the visual component of your Instagram page. Especially important is the fact that you need to be remembered by your customers. Try working with a store page designer to present the visual concept of your brand. This will increase your image in the eyes of potential buyers.

Work on the following elements in your Instagram profile :

  • above the header image (avatar);

  • above covers for topical;

  • above the design of the ribbon itself;

  • over the design of the stories.

If your skills are enough to develop the entire page style yourself, then try using a graphic editor such as Photoshop, Illustrator and others. If you know their functionality, then feel free to use them, but there are also simplified photo processing applications for smartphones.

Here are some of the best known post and story creation programs :

  • Adobe Spark.

  • Canva.

  • Over.

Requirements for the content of a toy store on Instagram

The content of the page created for the sale of children’s toys should be attractive and selling. You have to be as much a store, and you need to create a meeting place for your subscribers. This will not only increase sales, but also attract a live audience to which you tell about your products and thereby increase its reach.

  1. Profile header

    The profile description is the face of the Instagram page. There it is necessary to indicate the name of your online store, opening hours, delivery methods, phone number for contacting WA and a link to a website with a full catalog.

    Keep your profile header short. There is no need to talk about a wide selection of products, low prices or good conditions when buying. For this, there are posts and daily stories.

    Шапка профиля
    Profile header

    If your header changes frequently, try to keep these links :

    • all the links you have ever specified in the page description;

    • history of all texts from bio.

  2. Post to Stories

    Few Instagram users pay attention to stories, although their frequent shooting allows them to quickly “hook” a potential buyer. It could be :

    • small video product reviews;

    • promotions and sales;

    • polls and polls on various topics;

    • feedback from your grateful clients.

    In most cases, beginners or small online stores use the same photos in their stories as in the main feed, or even post personal videos, for example, going to restaurants, vacation details or other fragments of their own life. This is definitely not worth doing, since a potential buyer may not want to know these details and be afraid to deal with such a seller. He will be more interested in the properties and qualities of toys, their usefulness for children, discount options and other promotions.

  3. Current publications

    Relevant or “everlasting stories” are saved videos that serve as a guide to the store page. They should be arranged in a certain order so that the buyer can immediately understand everything – and get acquainted with the range, and place an order.

    From left to right, the following information is usually stored in folders with actual stories :

    • what kind of store, with what assortment, does it have any product certificates;

    • customer reviews;

    • how to order a product;

    • the possibility and terms of delivery;

    • sales and promotions;

    • FAQ.

    Often, many online stores put everything in the topical, while violating the order and theme of the folders, filling them with unnecessary information.

Selling hashtags and photos for a toy store on Instagram

  1. What should be the profile picture

    Of course, they must be original and shot with a professional camera and evoke only pleasant emotions. The social network Instagram is famous for its visuals. But sometimes unscrupulous online toy stores display substandard images of goods that they borrowed from photo stocks or Chinese sites. In this case, the trust of potential buyers in the store is noticeably reduced.

    You can also take pictures with an ordinary smartphone, the main thing here is to follow the background. It should be clean and simple, for example, you can even use a kitchen table. Lighting is also important. Place all useful information under the post: its characteristics, dimensions, cost and delivery options.

    If there is a defect on the product, be sure to write about it and provide a photo of the defect. Take individual shots of the details you want to highlight, be it the pattern or the way the toy is painted.

    New level. Ballast discharge:

  2. What the hashtags should be

    Today, hashtags under photos on Instagram are losing their influence on the promotion of accounts. The page may be in a shadow bath, then hashtags on it do not work at all. But still, many users use them to find the products they need.

    There are several hashtag rules :

    • do not put a lot of them (no more than 10 for one photo);

    • do not always use the same hashtags, alternate them, then the buyer will find you faster;

    • combine different hashtags from your or related topic. Don’t use extraneous hashtags under your posts.

    Use specific hashtags to get potential buyers to find you. You can also create your own to organize your store. It is allowed to use 10-15 hashtags under each post.

When creating your online store page, do not forget to include instructions for placing an order in your profile. List all the ways of contacting you, payment options, types of delivery and other useful information.

Some sellers refer to their own store policies, which is a great idea if you have multiple rules that don’t fit into the standard rules.

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