How to sell on Instagram Stories

How do you use Instagram Stories from your business page? If you don’t have a posting routine and defined goals, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to make sales and generate engagement. So I put together this plan so you can understand how to attract people and sell on Instagram Stories.

Stories Sales Potential

Instagram Stories is a feature of the platform that allows the user to post photos, video and text. These posts last up to 15 seconds and are available for viewing for 24 hours. In other cases, they can enter your Instagram highlights, and there they are accessible at any time.

In general, the Stories dynamic draws people’s attention, which makes this space one of the noblest on Instagram. This year, it was recorded that more than 500,000 people use Stories daily.

This means that the potential of this resource is huge, especially when it comes to selling.

But when I talk about Stories, it’s important to understand that there are 2 crucial steps to achieving your goal of profiting within the platform.

These steps involve, first, content that generates engagement. Then yes, it’s time to worry about selling.

1- Create Content

Before you can upload photos of your products, you need to post content from value to your audience. Thus, when selling effectively, people will feel more confident to buy from your store.

According to how Instagram’s Algortimo works, engaging with the brand is what makes profiles appear more often to users. This means the accounts with which your audience likes, comments, shares and texts will always come first to them.

In other words, the first Stories that appear to the user are from accounts they engage with the most.

That’s why you need to be concerned about the content you publish.

Without that, you won’t have enough audience watching you and, consequently, you won’t have sales.

By producing content, both in Stories and in the feed, by posting at the best time and using good strategies, people will like your page more and get involved.

That way, your account will always come first to your audience and you will increasingly draw people to your store.

I’ve prepared a list of some interesting content types that might work:


Film your daily life in the store, the stock or, who knows, even assembling and shipping orders.

Showing behind the scenes of your business gives a feeling of closeness, as if your customer were on your side. In addition, they no longer see your brand as a company that only wants to sell and start seeing it as a space for ordinary and inspiring people.

This is perfect, since people don’t trust companies, they trust people.

Themes Related to Your Niche

Let’s say you sell sportswear. A good way to generate content is to talk about sports, gym, healthy living and everything that has to do with your niche market.

Give interesting exercise tips, share news from the world of sport, share low-calorie, healthy recipes… 

The more you involve people in the sporting experience, the better.

Customer Testimonials

Having customers talking well about your product to other people, in addition to being great marketing, generates Social Proof for your brand. This social proof helps your prospects to have more confidence in you.

Getting this stuff is simpler than you might think.

If you’ve already made a sale, you probably have your customer’s contact on Whatsapp or can communicate through a messaging channel. Ask if everything went right then, and ask him to upload photos and videos of the product for you to share.

Another way to get social proof is to create a Hashtag . When your customers receive your products at home, ask them to post in their own Stories, tag your profile and use a certain hashtag.

To make it more interesting and attract more people to do this, for example, offer a gift or special discount to the person who has the best photos.


There are several features – known as Stickers –  that can make your post more fun. In addition to being effective for making your content fun, they’re also great for engaging people in your posts.

It is worth remembering that the Instagram algorithm considers the use of Stickers to be positive, so you should not ignore them.

Discover the options here:

  • Live: This feature – also known as Live –  is great for getting the audience’s attention. Instagram notifies all of your followers when you’re making a live video.
  • Music: This is a recent feature on Brazilian Instagram – and long-awaited. This feature integrates with Spotify and allows a song of your choice to play while your video or photo is viewed by followers. This causes a soundtrack to be added to your content, making it much more interesting.
  • Poll: Instagram provides a field for your question and a poll with 2 options for followers to choose . Some businesses use polls as a way to conduct market research and understand what followers prefer.
  • Questions: This is also often used as a template for conducting surveys. With this feature, you can ask a question and leave an area for people to respond.
  • Test: It’s a great way to create content and maintain the audience talking to you. It works like a quiz: you can leave up to 4 options and people need to guess which one is the right answer.

Don’t stack Stories

This is a great tip you should use when producing this content: don’t stack Stories.

You can post up to 100 Stories for 24h. There’s no need for that, not even all of that.

People like this feature precisely because it’s dynamic and quick to watch. If you stack a lot for no good reason, people are likely to abandon their Stories before they reach the end.

Editing Applications

If you want to surprise your followers even more, some editing apps can make your Stories very beautiful and professional:

  • Canva : you can use ready-made templates, images, icons, texts and colors for your creations.
  • Hype Type : like it you can make edits to videos and images with various custom animations.
  • InShot : it offers filters and shapes and is super easy to use.

2 – Sales Strategies

Now that you’ve created enough content to engage your audience, create authority, and build trust, it’s time to understand what good sales strategies are.

The Star Strategy

Bruno de Oliveira, founder of Ecommerce in Practice, has an unbeatable strategy that works whenever he needs to boost sales. He has the full explanation in this video:

For this technique to work, you need Stories regularly on your Instagram. So always post interesting content. That way you’ll pre-warm your audience for what really matters.

That done, you can put this strategy into practice.

The first step for her is to activate the function to allow everyone to comment on their Stories.

  • Go to your profile and click on “settings”;
  • Go to “Privacy”;
  • Click on “Stories”;
  • Where it says “allow replies to messages” select the option “all”.

Done! Now everyone can get in touch through Stories.

Next, you’ll use Facebook Ads , the Facebook and Instagram ad platform, and perform a Boosted Stories.

These are those Sponsored Stories you may have seen if you use the platform frequently. They will appear while your audience is watching Third Party Stories, even if you haven’t published anything.

To do this, enter Facebook Ads and go to “public”. There, create an audience of people who engaged (commented, liked, shared, etc.) with your brand on Instagram in the last 14 days.

This number of days is what worked the most here for Ecommerce in Practice. You can go testing and find out which one is best for your business.

With this audience selected, the next step is to create a Story promoting your offer. Save it to your mobile phone and don’t publish it yet.

When you’re on Facebook Ads, use this video and show it only to this audience that’s engaged with you in the last 14 days.

This has been one of the campaigns with the lowest cost per acquisition and that several students are already implementing. The results won’t let you down.

Instagram Shopping

One way to quickly present your product to the consumer is to use Instagram Shopping in your Stories.

And using it doesn’t have much complication. As explained in our Step-by-Step article for using Instagram Shopping in your Business, you must first have a professional Instagram account and have your products registered.

And just as you can tag them in your feed, you can tag your products in Stories.

Once this is done, the “shopping bag” will appear on the side of the markup, where the customer can click and go straight to your sales page or payment link.

With this feature, you make your customer can buy your product in very few clicks.

Partnership with Influencers

Digital influencers are people who have a voice and can generate opinion within Instagram because they have a large following and engagement.

According to Nielsen data, the ROI of campaigns with influencers is 11 times higher than traditional ones.

So look for influencers who can work with you. But be careful not to choose someone just by the number of followers; it is important that you also have commonalities with your brand.

If you have a Pregnancy Clothing Ecommerce and you sign a contract with an influencer who has a page about games, no one will identify.

Study in depth about the influencer and his or her audience. Ask for the media kit, look at the comments, likes, shares… gather as much information as possible.

Once you’ve chosen the person you’ll work with, give them a good lead about your brand. After all, for the message to be delivered in a true tone, the influencer must keep in mind exactly what they need to say to their followers.

Finally, measure the results to understand whether it is worth working with this person again or not.

Best Friends

This feature works as follows:

  • After you make a Story, below you will have the option “Best Friends”
  • By clicking on it, it appears the option to create a list of people that if you select, only they will be able to see Your Story
  • Under “Add to List”, select who your best friends will be and that’s it.
instagram stories melhores amigos

Now every time you post with Best Friends option, your Story will be visible just for that audience.

This is a great way to deal with your VIP customers.

You can create a promotion and add your best customers to that list. Make the payment link available only to these people and make it clear that they are the best customers, so they are selected as your Best Friends.

If it’s the people who buy the most from you, it makes sense that they get special treatment. You can bet they will be loyal and will buy from your store more often.

Analyze the competition

When one is absolutely lost, a good way to go is to analyze what the competition is is doing.

If your brand is not being people’s first choice, analyzing the competition will help you understand what their strategy effectively works with customers.

Contestants must always be closely monitored. This is nothing more and nothing less than a market study to understand what might work for your audience.

So, follow them all, see what Stories content they post, what their sales tactics are, how many followers, comments… be careful not to miss any information.

Stickers for sale


This Sticker allows your followers to request to join a chat. The user can then view the list of interested people and decide whether or not to add them to the conversation.

Once that’s done, just press a button to create a chat group with all the friends who interacted with the sticker.

This can work to publicize an offer: “The first 20 followers who request to join the group will get 20% off”.

Once they are in the group, in addition to offering the offer, it is possible to talk to them and build trust and engagement.

Drag Up

When you reach 10,000 followers, Instagram releases this Sticker that allows you to add a clickable link to your Story.

When the user literally drags the Story up, they are directed to their link of choice. It can be straight to your website or to a payment page.


With the Countdown Sticker it is possible to generate an Anticipation perfectly. You select a date of choice and the feature will create a countdown to that day.

Great to announce something new in your business, whether it’s a new product, an offer…

Metrics to track 

Metrics are like a guide to making more assertive decisions. From them, it is possible to understand which strategies work best and which ones need to be adjusted.

For this reason, I have separated the most important metrics to be evaluated in Stories, and they are very simple to find.

When you see your Story, drag it up to access the information.

You will find metrics like:

  • Views: how many people saw your Story;
  • Impressions: how many times your Story appeared in your feed bar followers;
  • Answers: how many followers answered your Story by direct;
  • Pass the story: how many people did not finish see your Story and they went right;
  • Sticker: if you used a Sticker, you can see how many people interacted with it;
  • Clicks in link: you can see how many people entered your link if you used the “Drag up” feature.

In the case of using links, it’s good to use tracing, so you will understand where each sale is coming from.

Sell Beyond Stories

Stories is an amazing resource for making sales.

With all the strategies I’ve shown here, I believe you’re already getting interesting results in your store.

But a business needs to go beyond Stories to ensure true cash flow and sustain itself for the long term.

Even if it seems like a big step to go from social networks to new platforms, believe me: with a good map, you can make this expansion in a simple, agile, cheap and effective way.

And that’s exactly what we’ll talk about during Ecommerce Week.

Bruno de Oliveira, founder of Ecommerce in Practice, will give free online classes on how to create a business in a safe, profitable way and that will be a great success.

It took him more than 18 years of experience to acquire all this knowledge. Now he passes all this information to our students.

And you too can be part of this training.

Enroll now for Ecommerce Week and secure your seat!

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