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How to Sell on Instagram from Scratch: 20 Cool Tips (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to sell on Instagram: TOP 16 tips.
  • What to sell on Instagram in 2021.
  • What mistakes beginners make.
  • How to increase sales.

What to sell on Instagram: ideas and recommendations

I would like to start with the fact that in 2021 you can sell everything on Instagram: clothes, cosmetics, plastic windows, building materials. This can be done, but you need specifics.

So let’s look at niches and ideas for products / services that sell well on Instagram.

What to sell:

  • Services. You can sell the services of an SMM specialist: setting up advertising, maintaining and promoting accounts; services of a manicurist; services of a photographer.
  • Courses and training materials. Sell ​​your knowledge: If you are a good photographer, then sell courses on quality photography and photo editing. It also includes books and manuals – they also sell well on Instagram.
  • Handmade. This includes handicrafts such as toys, soaps, jewelry and stuff like that.
  • Art. Pictures, portraits, music – all this is in demand among Instagram users.
  • Clothes and shoes. Probably the most popular products on Instagram. Sell ​​stylish dresses, branded sneakers, hoodies. Create your own online store – read more about this in our article.
  • Consulting. Another way to monetize your expertise. Sell ​​consultations: for example, the cost of one hour can start from 5,000 rubles.
  • Franchise. You can sell a franchise of your business – open representative offices of your company in other cities. Also, you can open a franchise business and start promoting it through Instagram.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can write a whole book with an overview of all niches and ideas for selling and making money on Instagram. But the topic of our material today is a little about something else.

How to sell on Instagram: TOP-16 tips

Let’s move on to the main part of the article – let’s talk about how to sell on Instagram. We have compiled 16 practical tips – use them to start making money from scratch selling goods / services.

Choose a niche

It’s corny, but first you need to choose a niche. If you have a business, then that’s good – move on to the next tip. If there is no business, then perhaps you will find something interesting in the previous section of the article.

Also, here are some tips for choosing a niche:

  • Choose an area that interests you: for example, if you like internet marketing, then try your hand at SMM. If you choose a niche that does not interest you, then in 2-3 months you will quit your business.
  • Analyze trends. See what’s hot on the commodity market right now. Remember the days of talking hamsters and spinners? There are always viral products that sell well.

After choosing a niche, create an Instagram account.

Make a marketing profile design

Let’s move on to the next stage – the correct design of the Instagram profile. It should be selling.

But this does not mean that the cap should contain only “selling” words like “Buy our branded bag right now”, “Hurry up to pick up a new iPhone at a huge discount” and everything like that.

How to design a profile:

  • Come up with a nickname – it should be concise and memorable.
  • Download bright and high quality. avatar: company logo, personal photo, product snapshot.
  • Add a description. Tell about your product in a header; add information about payment and delivery methods.
  • Make buttons for communication. They are also located in the header of your Instagram account.

For more information on creating an Instagram profile, read our article.

Create awesome content

The basis of sales is quality content. Write selling posts, but don’t forget about the visuals.

Each photo and picture of the publication should be bright and catchy. Your task is to stand out in the feed of potential buyers, to attract their attention.

Don’t publish only sponsored posts. Dilute your content plan: talk about the life of your company, publish entertainment materials (videos, stories).

Use hashtags in your posts – they will help you attract your first customers for free.

Be sure to choose the optimal time for posting – this way you can get high coverage. The greater the reach of your posts, the higher the sales. For more information on timing your posts, see our article “The best time to post on Instagram: TOP Tips”.

Get new customers

Don’t forget about promoting your account. We recommend trying mass following and massliking. To do this, you need to subscribe to the target audience and like their posts.

This way you get their attention. Of course, you can start the promotion manually. But this is long – you need to observe the intervals between each action so that the profile is not blocked.

Therefore, automate all actions. We recommend using Tooligram 2.0.

Сервис для продаж в Инстаграм Tooligram 2.0

This is an online tool that allows you to attract new customers – it subscribes itself and likes the target audience. Using Tooligram, you can interact with users by hashtags, geolocation and competitors.

Every day the service works with more than 300 live accounts – these are your potential customers. You will see the results of promotion in 2-3 hours after the start: new subscribers, potential customers, increased reach.

The first 25 customers can be acquired for free.

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Analyze your competitors

Find 5-10 competitors in your niche. Analyze their accounts: see what posts they publish; analyze how they interact with their audience in the comments; keep track of what promotions they are running.

Also study the statistics of competitors: analysis of the audience, posts, engagement. The LiveDune service will help you with this.

Run contests

Contests are a great way to stimulate the growth of sales of your products and services on Instagram. Play your product out to subscribers.

Often contests attract a new audience, which later becomes your customers.

Before starting a contest, you need to think over the conditions. The most commonplace way of doing it is random. Pick a winner at random.

For this, participants must subscribe to the profile, like the contest post and mark a friend in the comments. This increases the organic reach of the competition.

Chat with customers

Potential clients constantly ask questions in the comments under the posts and in Direct. Try to answer even the most trivial questions and criticism – especially in the comments. Tell us in detail about your products / services; check all details before shipping your products.

This will show that you have a customer-centric company. This significantly increases the audience’s confidence in the brand.

Make upsells

Don’t forget about such a sales tool as upselling. When communicating with a client, when he has already made an order, recommend related products to the main product.

Example: a customer bought an evening dress. Offer nice shoes to complement your dress.

Upsells are a great way to increase your average purchase order. It will also significantly increase your company’s profits.

Run targeted ads

Another way to sell your goods and services on Instagram is targeted advertising. This is a paid promotion method.

You can launch targeted advertising directly through the application – for this you need to connect a business account. After that, a Promote button will appear in each post.

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This is what the Promote button looks like

For advertising to have an effect – applications and sales – you need to choose the target audience correctly.

Not sure how to set up a target? Take the training – read more about this in our article “TOP-14 Targeted Advertising Courses”.

Respond promptly to customers

Turn on Instagram notifications on your phone. This way you will know when potential customers write to Direct or leave a comment.

Try to answer potential buyers’ questions within the first 35 minutes. The fact is that in the future – for example, after 2 hours – he can change his mind, or go to competitors. Therefore, the buyer needs to be “lukewarm”.

Submit customer reviews

Another tool that increases the confidence of potential buyers in your products / services. Publish testimonials from real customers – for example, in Stories.

You can also make a separate block in the “Relevant” section with reviews.

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“Relevant” block with reviews

Another option for publishing reviews is a post-carousel.

Offer discounts

Discounts are another effective way to increase sales. Make discounts on products in honor of the holidays: on New Years, February 23, March 8.

Also, offer customers a discount on the purchase of a second or third item. Combined with upsales, this will significantly increase your average check.

Comment on other people’s posts

Write comments under the posts of famous bloggers in your niche. But there is no need to write advertising spam – you will be blocked.

You’d better share some useful advice or tell an interesting story on the topic of the publication.

Collaborate with bloggers

Collaborate with famous Instagram bloggers. First, buy advertisements for your products and services from them.

Second, offer them barter: you give them your product – for example, a set of Korean cosmetics – and the blogger will tell about it in a separate post on his account.

Give your customers value

Another way to sell on Instagram is to give some value to your customers. Free. This free product is called a “lead magnet”.

For example, if you sell courses in financial literacy, then offer users a free tutorial on the basics of money management. This will show your expertise and build trust in your brand.

Set up a sales funnel

Design a complete funnel – step by step:

  • The first step is to warm up the target audience. Free value will help with this: mini-course, manual, consultation.
  • The second step is to sell the main product.
  • The third step is to sell up. A few days after the sale of the main product, offer the client an additional product / service – but at a lower cost.

Of course, this is a very common sales funnel. It is only needed to show you in which direction to think when creating your own funnel.

How to increase sales: 4 recommendations

Tips to help increase your Instagram sales:

  1. Stream live. This is a great way to reach new audiences. Sell ​​your products on the air.
  2. Take live product photos. If you sell iPhones, then you do not need to publish posts with pictures from the first page of Google search results. Take live photos of your products. It’s even better if you show your products in action – for example, in video format.
  3. The illusion of scarcity. This is an old marketing gimmick: tell customers that the product will be out soon – for example, there are only 12 pieces left in stock. Therefore, they should hurry up and place an order.
  4. Warranty. Be sure to inform your customers about the guarantee for the goods.

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4 bugs that hinder sales

Beginning entrepreneurs often make mistakes when selling on Instagram:

  • Publish only selling posts in their accounts.
  • Do not respond to comments under the posts.
  • Only the price of goods is written in the profile header – no delivery terms, payment methods, office location.
  • Don’t do additional account promotion, but hope that clients will find the profile themselves.


Now you know how to sell on Instagram. Apply all the tips from the article to make your first money selling goods / services. Also try to avoid common mistakes.

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