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How to Sell on Instagram: 14 Tips that Really Work

Selling through Instagram is already a reality. The network that used to be just for sharing images, now behaves as a shop window and online store. That’s why I brought here 14 tips on how to sell on Instagram. Check it out:

como vender no instagram passos
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AsSocial Networks as a Sales Tool

Have you been looking to social networks when selling your Ecommerce products?

Since these are great spaces to attract, engage and convert, the use of marketing actions in media such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp is a good option when selling more.

However, an ideal social network for Ecommerce is still overlooked by many online store owners: Instagram.

In recent months, several tools have been launched by the platform to boost sales on Instagram, bringing an interesting opportunity to e-commerce.

As Locowise research shows, 75% of Instagram users have already taken an action, such as visiting a website, from an ad or post . The survey also showed that half of social network users follow at least one business, and 60% of them claim to learn about a product on the platform.

Given data like this, it’s clear that looking to know how to sell on Instagram is a wise choice to boost your Ecommerce.

In addition, Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the country both in terms of audience and engagement.

Although it is very attractive – and fun to work with –, there are still few entrepreneurs who really know how to sell on Instagram.

This article brings you practical tips for you to discover how to sell on Instagram with steps you can no longer ignore.

In the video below, Bruno de Oliveira, CEO of Ecommerce in Practice, teaches you how to sell on Instagram. Watch:

How to sell on Instagram

1. Business profile

perfil comercial no instagram para melhorar as vendas

The first tip on how to sell on Instagram is to start working on your base, your profile on the social network. To have access to the best functions for a company, the profile to be used must be commercial.

This needs to be taken into account whether you create the profile from scratch for your company or those who use your personal profile for the ads. In the second case, it is possible to change the profile type and transform your personal account into a commercial one.

The merchant account offers data analysis, metrics, boosting and linking capabilities in stories, as well as ad and store functions that are not allowed in other modes.

To have a business account on Instagram, just create a fanpage on Facebook and link with your Instagram account. It is not possible to create a business account without the Fanpage.

Once your profile has the business function, you should do some simple optimizations. The purpose of these optimizations is to convey a good initial image of your business, to be able to attract followers and test how to sell on Instagram. I’ll tell you more about this optimization in the next topic…

2. Instagram BIO (Biography or Description)

Pay attention to the Instagram biography. The sentence described there should tell your customer what you do and how you can help them. Furthermore, the description of your business should be designed for the purpose of talking to your audience, making them decide whether or not to follow the profile and click on your page.

This part is essential for anyone who wants to know how to sell on Instagram and some points that cannot be missed are: the brand’s differential, the segment in which it operates and the website or Whatsapp link.

foto de como vender no instagram

Profile picture

It is very important that your business profile photo references the company.

It can be a logo or, if your company focuses on its own image, it can be a photo taken with a very professional look, which shows you as an authority on the subject.

Ecommerce in Practice, for example, until August 2018 carried the photo of Bruno de Oliveira. Today, with the best known company and new goals, it is the logo we use.

The decision to use logo or photo is up to you, but I suggest that you consider your goals when choosing. The reason is simple: everything we show the public reflects a piece of what we want them to remember when they think of our brand.

Think about the following: when you emphasize a figure, as Magazine Luiza does with Lu or as we did with Bruno, that image becomes a representative of the brand and, therefore, something is expected from it. Furthermore, it is possible that the figure becomes stronger than the brand itself. In other words: in the end, it all depends on what you want to do with your company in the long run.

Don’t forget the link to your store

Biography is one of the few spaces on Instagram where you can insert a clickable link, so don’t leave it out.

Add a link to your Ecommerce, be it marketplace, online store or Whatsapp.

If you have more than one link to promote, create a unique link to add to your Instagram profile, so you can see how many visits come to your page through the social network.

There is an application called that allows you to include more links in this space. Put, for example, your Facebook page or YouTube channel. Another option is Biolinky , but you can also simply decide to create your own aggregator for your company, as some market players do.

The important thing is that you don’t ignore this link inclusion space within the Instagram Bio and, in posts, make a call-to-action (CTA) that calls people to click on the BIO. Users of this platform are already familiar with this type of call, which is often used as:s“LINK IN BIO”.

3. How to Sell on Instagram Shopping: Create your store

I said upstairs that Instagram is launching more and more features for entrepreneurs on the platform and, currently, the most interesting one for retailers is Instagram Shopping . Instagram Shopping [or Instagram Shops, Instagram bag, use whatever name you prefer] is where you can register your products and redirect people to your store.

Enabling this feature on Instagram will shorten your customer’s purchase path. So, instead of making the consumer leave a post, search your site and find the product within the site, they can simply click the buy button and be redirected.

To use Instagram Shopping, you will need to have your Facebook Business Manager registered. Remember that Instagram is part of the Facebook family and most business functions are based on the main platform, which is Facebook.

Within the Business Manager, you will be able to follow the entire catalog registration and store activation process. We have that process documented in this post on how to create your Instagram store, in case you want to follow along.

After the process, you will wait a few days for your store to be released. When it’s released, you’ll be notified and can start making your product tags on the platform.

4. Create content with the persona in mind to sell on Instagram

To make your brand stand out in order to sell on Instagram, you’ll need to create content with your persona in mind. That’s right: as Instagram is a social network, you’re expected to post relevant posts there for the person following you. In the case of brands, I advise you to pay attention to the persona you want to reach.

If you still don’t know what this is, understand that your persona is a semi-fictitious character that you will direct all your actions to. Once you understand your persona’s consumption preferences, it’s easier to think of content and solutions targeted at her.

Keep in mind what your persona is will be very helpful, because whenever there are insights and news to show you how to sell on Instagram, you’ll be able to think about the best way to adapt the idea to him.

This way of positioning yourself will strengthen your brand to position itself as a reference in your chosen market niche.

5. Know what to seeunder Instagram

If you want to learn how to sell on Instagram, but still don’t know what product to sell, know you’re not alone. This question is very common among people who are starting to undertake, but knowing what will sell before creating an audience can help you think of a strategy aimed at the brand.

I’m not going to say it’s essential for you to have a product before you build your audience on Instagram or any other channel. You can act like hundreds of influencers and, over time, understand what your audience is asking for and create products based on that. However, you will quickly notice that even “mere” content creators understand well the segment in which they are inserted.

For example: makeup, fashion, entertainment, decoration, etc.

Understanding, at the very least, the sector in which you work will help you direct your communication.

But if you want some tips on what can reach a wider audience on Instagram, there are some niches that stand out, like:

  • Health, Cosmetics and Perfumery;
  • Fashion and Accessories;
  • Home and Decoration;
  • Appliances;
  • Sports and Leisure;
  • Electronic, computer and cell phone products;
  • Books, Subscriptions and Handouts;
  • Food and Drinks.

This does not mean that other segments have no place within this social network. In fact, you can sell ANYTHING on Instagram, even services, as long as you talk to the right audience. Now it’s up to you to take a moment and analyze among these niches, which one seems more interesting to you before deciding what to sell on Instagram.

6. Offer powerful content

foto de produtos para vender no instagram

Produce relevant content regularly within Instagram, abusing the formats that the social network offers you. It’s no use creating a profile and not producing any type of content, because people will no longer follow your brand. (NOTE: Download the free ebook here with 32 ideas of what to post on Instagram.)

For this, I’ll give you some tips:

You can make use of a series of short videos answering your audience’s questions through the stories. The same can be done to pass on precious concepts with the intention of working the pains of your persona. Athere is still the possibility of using photos and good images with valuable messages, or that invite followers to take action.

Remember: messages or subtitles with a powerful use of call-to-action make a difference when selling on Instagram. However, as Instagram has its own language, it doesn’t need all that seriousness from the corporate world.

To support you in this constancy,use apps that make scheduled posts and publish beautiful, harmonious images, as Instagram is a visual network. Bet on fun posts to generate greater engagement, and don’t forget to use emoticons to increase engagement and conversion (studies show that posts with emojis are more attractive and engage the audience more).

And to improve your results, don’t forget to interact with your followers.

Post photos and videos with good quality and description

It’s always important to remember that Instagram is an extremely visual social network. If you want to know how to sell on Instagram, you need to keep that in mind.

To be successful in sales there, invest in excellent quality photos to compose an attractive feed and use the videos to explore the product’s characteristics, such as finish and proportions.

It is very worthwhile to explain in detail how to use and advantages of the merchandise.

Bet on Video Content

mão segurando tablet para assistir vídeo

Publish videos regularly, preferably with content that will make life easier for your audience. But be aware: on Instagram videos can only be 60 seconds long. If necessary, cut the video and parts and publish it as a carousel. If it doesn’t work well, the suggestion is to use the IGTV format.

For now, IGTV accepts videos of up to 1 hour and manages to generate automatic subtitles on the videos, which will help people to consume the content without the audio turned on. The feature, launched in 2019, started with little engagement, but today it brings great results and is expected to be monetized soon by the social network.

With new video-related features popping up frequently within the platform, theInstagram believes it is time for new influencers to discover new ways to know how to sell on Instagram and establish themselves in the channel.

Several fashion brands, for example, are using IGTV to launch small programs within Instagram.

This is a great idea to engage people.

For those who sell fashion, we have a complete article to help sell on the platform. Check out our post about this how to set up a Fashion Ecommerce on Instagram.

Make Lives

Live videos are resources that bring a lot of results in a strategy for those who want to know how to sell on Instagram, because when you start a Live, Instagram automatically warns your followers, that can interact with you.

Lives work even better than videos to make one-off product offers. Today, with the popularization of the concept and use of Live Commerce, this feature has become even more valuable to companies.

But here’s the tip: vyou need to involve viewers in the experience before offering the product. This is how you can sell more on Instagram.

7. Abuse Stories to find out how to sell on Instagram

video para vender no instagram

The Stories feature is a fever. Since 2017, Instagram has enabled users with more than 10,000 followers to add links to their Stories. This allowed many to build compelling stories about a product, and could display the sale link on Instagram.

With millions of users, it is constantly used by companies in strategies to sell more on Instagram. A survey by the news portal O GLOBO that even shows that3% to 15% of sales happen after the disclosure on Instagram.

Since Stories makes it possible to place momentary information that lasts 24 hours, many companies take the opportunity to devise dissemination and traffic techniques.

Learn how to sell through Instagram Stories:

Now see more 2 tips for using Stories:

Draw technique

If you’re researching how to sell on Instagram, pyou’ve probably seen several sweepstakes made by stores that sell on Instagram. This serves to increase the brand’s reach on the platform and attract more potential buyers.

Today, we have a number of caveats about drawing lots, because the truth is that you can attract followers who have no real interest in your company and who won’t follow you, giving you an illusion that the strategy worked and doing with your engagement drop. However, if you want to make the draw, there is a method that we consider more intelligent…

Keep inside the steps you should use to apply this technique:

  • Get clearance to make a draw – yes, clearance is mandatory. Otherwise you can be fined. It’s not common, but it’s worth paying attention to.
  • In your Stories, put some eye-catching artwork promoting the draw
  • In your home , place an original photo of the giveaway (Where will people like and tag friends?). Generally the rules for participation in the draw is to tag 3 friends, like the photo and follow the drawer’s Instagram. In other cases, it is worth asking the follower to post a photo with your @ and follow your profile.
  • The text following the image must contain all information regarding the draw, such as prizes and rules

Your Instagram will start to get a wider reach with this technique, as well as more engagement during the draw period. But, as you’ve noticed, so far there is nothing different. The leap of the cat is: you’ll go into your Business Manager and create an audience based on who has engaged on Instagram in the last 30 days, and then you’ll target your company’s ads to the audience, focusing on maximizing conversion with this campaign.

In addition, you will create content strategies to keep users active on your network, consuming content. So there must be relevant publications there!

See how it’s not enough just to make the draw?

This is just an idea, of course, but it works much better than purely investing in a lottery.

Take the opportunity to use art to promote your products and start selling on Instagram.

Don’t stack stories

This tip is very important, especially for you who want to highlight stories and sell on Instagram.

Analyze the following situation: You have a story to post, but before that you had already made several posts around there. The scroll bar is long – which crashes many phones. Consequently, people will skip your stories, not watching what is most important there.

Social Bakers itself, which brings several reference studies on social networks, has already revealed in a survey that the average of stories on Instagram watched is 10.

So act smart… Most relevant posts first and no stacking.

8. Careful service with Messages by direct

troca de mensagens

Direct, in addition to allowing you to chat with your customers, allows you to send links.

This way, you can create a payment link on your platform for the product the customer wants.

This link helps you reduce the customer’s purchase path, helping you to sell faster and faster on Instagram.

9. Enjoy Hashtags

The hashtags are a symbol of social media. They are the main tool to reach new followers for your page and, consequently, sell on Instagram.

These hashtags serve to tag content within the Instagram database, making searching easier. Instagram accepts up to 30 hashtags per post, but what I recommend is putting only 5 in the post caption so as not to visually pollute the caption. The rest, put in the first comment.

Use words relevant to your business to attract interested people. Search for the most searched hashtags and try to implement it in your day to day. This will make people who are interested in the hashtag theme, but still don’t follow you, to visualize the photo and reach your profile.

So, if the content you present on your Instagram is of quality and has relevance to your audience, the engagement and involvement of these new people who are arriving will be natural. When your profile already shows the product link, has quality photos, and has an interesting feed, it’s likely that the person will be hooked and you’ll gain a customer.

One point of attention, however, is: improperly used hashtags are blocked.

10. Exclusive offers, coupons and discounts for followers

A study by Iconosquare revealed that 41% of users who follow a business on Instagram do so for freebies and discounts.

Another number presented by the study is that 70% of the users of the social network have already participated in a contest within the platform.

Although the first dice is a little overwhelming, you need to know how to handle it.

One of Instagram’s strengths is its ability to attract and generate leads, so please dedicate a portion of your content to actions that seek this result, in addition to sales.

You can create posts with promotional discounts for Instagram followers, or offer gifts and bonuses for purchases made from the company’s social network link.

Finally, to find out how to sell on Instagram, use contests in your strategy. They can be made for the purpose of generating more followers and leads, or even stimulating more sales on Instagram.

11. Partner with influencers

influenciadores dando opinião para seguidores

The power influencers and influencers have over audiences has been known for a long time. That’s why companies from all segments have invested and invest in partnerships that link their brands to a celebrity, for example.

Today using this strategy, called influence marketing, is even more important.

Over the years, people have stopped trusting traditional advertising, television celebrities, and have bet on niche influencers, according to a Nielsen survey. They are these “youtubers” and “instagramers” we see around.

So, look for influencers who talk to your brand and consider forming a partnership to drive Instagram sales.

As credible authorities, people tend to trust them when they say a product is good.

12. Instagram Ads (Instagram Ads)

The use of the resource to create and transmit ads on the social network cannot be missing from our tips to know how to promote a product on Instagram. These ads are made through the Facebook Business Manager , which I’ve talked about in previous topics.

With the tool it is possible to make sponsored posts in the format of photos, carousel of images, videos and even in reels.

They are great to help educate followers about your company’s products or services, conversion, brand awareness, etc. FUsing this tool is a powerful component in any Instagram selling strategy.

13. Share Success Cases of your Customers with your brand

Everyone trusts a brand more when they see other customers happy with it. Therefore, publicizing your clients’ success stories is an action that helps you sell on Instagram…

But of course, for that, you’ll need to build an engaging storyline that grabs the public’s attention and shows how much your brand really makes a difference in people’s lives.

To take this tip and take action in this direction, ask for testimonials from your customers about how your brand has made a difference in their lives. Once this is done, you select the best cases and after asking for their authorization, publish the results on your profile.

14. Use the Network Management Tools to learn how to sell on Instagram

In fact, there are many social networks to follow daily. Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Whatsapp… And iinteracting with them individually can be very confusing and laborious.

Also, the time to log into each one and schedule posts can be better used if you use a management tool that centralizes accounts.

There are several examples available on the market. For example: Buffer, which is a free tool, can help you manage up to 3 accounts.

NowPulse and Mlabs, which are paid, are also great for managing posts.

But best of all, Facebook’s Business Manager has Instagram integration and offers a function called Creative Studio. There, you can create and schedule posts, track basic metrics about the social network and even make small edits…

All in one place and for free! To use, just register your account.

The Next Step: How to Sell on Instagram

Vyou are an entrepreneur and your goal is to sell on Instagram. So, the more qualified followers, the more chances of selling. That’s why these tips I’ve listed throughout this article are so important: with them, you’ll be able to prepare your ground for attracting, engaging and converting sales every day .

Of course, your only focus will not always be the sale itself. For many brands, Instagram is a space to strengthen the company’s values, generate traffic, acquire leads or a series of other objectives that the social network can occupy in the strategy.

But no matter what your main purpose on the network is, what you do on it always impacts – directly or indirectly – the power of the company to sell on Instagram.

Believe it: everyone can use this social network to make sales.

However, many people give up before trying because they think it won’t work. So, even though we presented the manual with platform guidelines and tips for selling on Instagram,The first step is up to you. Believe in yourself and in the potential of your store, your products.

And, dafter checking out 14 killer tips to boost your ecommerce and sell on Instagram, the next step is to deepen your strategic knowledge.

We have prepared a True Guide for You to sell on Instagram, with techniques and strategies already tested and approved by us. And it goes far beyond the tips I’ve already presented in this article.

This How to Sell on Instagram ebook is available within EnP Prime , the streaming entrepreneurial education from Ecommerce in Practice.

In this ebook, you’ll have access to a Walkthrough complete with tips, insights and strategies to turn your Instagram into a Sales Machine.

In addition, you will also see several Success Cases that will give you new ideas on how to start your operation through this social network.

All this in a simple, straightforward language.

Get your access to the ebook through EnP Prime now!

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