Лайки в Инстаграме

How to see your own and other people’s likes on Instagram: working ways (2021)

In this article, you will learn how to see likes on Instagram: your own (using the Instagram mobile app as an example) and others (using a special service as an example). All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

How to see who you liked: instruction

In the Instagram app, you can see which photos and posts you’ve liked. It’s easy to do: go to your personal profile and open the settings. Open the “Account” section in the settings.

Заходим в раздел Аккаунт в Инсте

There is a section “Publications you like” here – open it. The list displays posts that you have liked.

Понравившиеся публикации в Инстаграм

How can I watch what my friends like?

This is where things get a little more complicated. Previously, this feature was in the application: you had to open the “What’s New” section – this is the heart icon on Instagram. In this section there was information (in the “Subscriptions” section) – in the form of a list – where you could see what posts your friends, relatives, ex-girlfriend / boyfriend, etc. like.

But, unfortunately, the administration of the social network has hidden this data. And now this method does not work, which means that you will no longer be able to see other people’s likes through the mobile application.

See who the person has liked on Instagram: working way

Despite the fact that the function of viewing friends’ likes has been removed in the Instagram application itself, there is an alternative opportunity to view this information. The method works in 2021. For this we need the Instashpion service.

The online tool works in the cloud – so you can find out who liked the profile you need from your computer, phone or tablet.

Go to the Instashpion website and register – it will take no more than 1-2 minutes. After registration, you will be taken to your personal account.

You can start monitoring one account for just one ruble: for this you need to link a bank card. Don’t worry , only the ruble will be debited from the account – not a penny more. You will get access for 7 days.

Доступ в Инсташпион за 1 рубль
We start monitoring for just 1 ruble

In your personal account, in the @username line, enter the login of the required account – a friend, girlfriend, ex-boyfriend / girlfriend. In general, enter the profile of the person you want to “follow”.

The tool will start analyzing. It will take time, depending on the amount of media you have on your account. Percentages are displayed next to each task – this is the progress of the analysis.

Instagram is analyzing the account you need

Important: for 1 ruble you can check 2 accounts. To analyze more accounts, you need to buy a subscription for 30 days. So, for example, working with 3 profiles costs 390 rubles, and with 6 accounts – 780 rubles.

These are not all the useful features of Instashpy:

  • You can anonymously watch other people’s stories – they will be saved in your personal account.
  • See who the selected account is subscribed to. You will also find out who subscribes to it in response.
  • You can keep track of posted and received comments.

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How to see likes under other people’s photos

You can also see likes under other people’s photos on Instagram. But the app is enough for that. Just open the desired post in your profile and click on the line where the number of “Likes” is displayed.

Лайки в Инстаграме
See likes under other people’s photos

This will open a list of all users who liked this post.

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Now you know how to see likes on Instagram: both your own and others’. Despite the fact that the administration of the social network has limited some of the useful functionality of its application, this problem can be solved using a third-party service.

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