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How to Schedule Post on Instagram for Free

Whoever works with Instagram needs to map the best days and times to post. But life is always busy and not everyone has time to post at any time…

There are several managers to schedule Instagram posts and analyze metrics…

However, most of them are paid.

Only on Facebook, there’s a business manager part for Instagram. Not everyone knows this tool, but from it, it is possible to program publications on the network for free.

And to help you with that, we’ll show you how to program the Instagram post for free on Facebook.

In the video below, Ana Clara Magalhães, Head of Ecommerce Content in Practice, shows you step-by-step how to do this. Check it out:

How to Schedule Instagram Posting through Facebook Manager 

The first step to schedule an Instagram post on Facebook is to have a Page of your company, as it is from there that you will access the tool and register your profile on Instagram.

Just enter your login and password and that’s it, your two accounts will be integrated in the business manager.

Once you’ve done that, open the Facebook page, look in the left-hand bar (Manage Page) and click on “Publishing Tools”.

Then click on “Creating Studio” to access the page with the content tools. That’s where you’ll be able to schedule all the posts you want.

To schedule the post on Instagram, you must click on “Publish something…” to write the caption and add the content.

Upload your content which can be either something you’ve already posted on Facebook or directly uploading your files from your computer.

After placing the content, you can still edit the selected images or videos.

Finally, it’s time to program! Click on the “Share now” option on the right corner of the screen and then click on the “Schedule” button.

On your screen will appear a square like the image below. In it, you will select the desired date and time for publication.

Now just click on “Program” and you’re done!

It is noteworthy that you can schedule the post on Instagram with as many posts as you want and at the time you like.

But beware: it is important to remember that this tool does not work for story programming. To do this, it is necessary to use another tool.

Here at Ecommerce in Practice, we use Mlabs for this type of post.

Everything else, like videos, photo, carousel and IGTV, you can use Creative Studio to schedule the post on Instagram.

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Track Your Instagram Posting Metrics

After the published content, you can follow all the post data right there in the Creation Studio.

On the homepage, at the bottom, you will see that you have a table with the most recent posts from your profile. In each of them, information appears with the engagement of the post (likes, shares and comments) and the number of views.

Also on the Home Page, on the right side of the screen, we have another box written “Information”. In it, you can find the data of video publications, such as: 

  • Minutes viewed;
  • Video views for at least 1 minute;
  • Net followers;
  • Engagement.

By clicking on any of these topics, the page will be redirected to the performance information of your publications, showing a complete graph of the different types of content (live, video, paid, organic…).

This data is great for you to understand what is working or not and what can be improved or discarded altogether. Therefore, be sure to monitor the performance of your publications.

Learn about Instagram’s algorithm and make your post boom!

As you can see, it’s very convenient and quick to schedule Instagram posts through Facebook’s Creative Studio.

However, it’s not enough to just post content and expect it to receive a lot of likes, comments and shares. That’s not how your content goes viral…

For a post to be successful on Instagram, it needs to be relevant to its target audience. Only then can it stand out among the thousands of other posts that appear in the feed and in the users’ “explore” section.

In the video below, Ana shows how Instagram’s algorithm works. With this knowledge, you will be able to devise strategies to make your posts generate real results on this social network. Watch: 

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