Единая цветовая гамма для контента

How to Run an Instagram for Business from Scratch: Instagram Tricks 2021

To understand how to start an Instagram for business from scratch, read the article. We’ll cover the basic tips for creating a profile to get your Instagram business started as efficiently as possible.

The base of the basics is profile styling

As the saying goes, “They meet by their clothes …”. So here, too, a bright and informative design of the profile is our everything. Let’s take a closer look at how to properly design your Instagram.

Choose a high quality profile photo

First and foremost, your Instagram photo should represent you or your product in the best possible way.

For a brand, choose a brand logo that is instantly recognizable.

Your logo is also the simplest solution because it helps you maintain visual consistency across all your social networks (Vkontakte, YouTube, Facebook).

At the same time, if you are an influencer (as they say, influencer), entrepreneur or blogger, choose your own photo.

A guy for Instagram can choose a photo in a car, or at work, if we are talking about promoting goods or services. A girl can do the same. The main thing is that the photo corresponds to the whole profile and does not stand out like a white crow. Instagram beautifully is as easy as taking a selfie.

Фото профиля инстграм

Technically, make sure your profile photo is high quality, pixel-free, and looks good on any device.

Currently, Instagram’s dimensions for profile display on mobile are 110 x 100 pixels.

However, since the profile pictures will be larger in the desktop (computer) version, upload a large picture that Instagram will automatically resize.

Include a keyword with your name in the title

To be found, make sure the nickname you use on Instagram includes your real name. Since people looking for you on Instagram will use your real name or your business name, matching your name to your Instagram descriptor increases the chances of being found.

Since Instagram users also search for keywords, adding this word to your name triples your search success rate.

For example, AnnaSMM includes both name and occupation. Just like the keywords toy, baby, travel, and others.

Ключевое слово с вашим именем

To choose keywords for your name, think about the words your potential followers might use to find inspirational accounts, cool hashtags, or specific places to follow.

As an illustration, if you want to reach your target audience from Berlin, add the word “Berlin” next to your name. Then people can find you by entering the city name in the people search bar.

Likewise, if your followers are looking for Instagram coaches, put “Instagram Business Coach” next to your name. If your followers are looking for interior design inspiration, add Art Decor. interiors “next to your name.

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, it’s easy to add them to your Instagram profile. Open your profile in a browser and click the Edit Profile button. In the Name box, enter a keyword after your name. You can share your real name and target keyword with emojis (emoticons).

Include targeted keywords in your description

Instagram bio has little time to make a great first impression. Make it easy to scan your bio – This helps people quickly understand what the profile is about. For optimal crawling, targeted keywords will be best friends as they clarify what content can be found in your account.

You should also take advantage of Instagram’s feature, which allows you to add hashtags and profile links to your bio.

This is the perfect place to promote your branded hashtag. Since people can follow your hashtag, your audience includes not only followers, but also the tags and subscriptions of your branded hashtag.

To add hashtags and profile links to your Instagram bio:

  • Open your profile page and click Edit Profile.
  • In the Bio field, add the hashtags and profiles you want people to associate with you.
  • Don’t forget use # for hashtags and @ for usernames.
  • Once saved and signed out, hashtags and usernames become clickable for subscribers to follow.
Хэштеги в инстграм для бизнеса

Using keywords from your target audience’s niche will make it clear what you support, what you offer, and whether your account is relevant to them.

Choose keywords that reflect your strongest skills or interests that you want to highlight in your account. For example, use the words fest, concert, open air to create a strong page about city events.

Tip: To find the right keywords, look at accounts similar to yours and think about what makes you different. Do you have something unique? Do you have any cool features to add to your skill set?

Your bio is a place where you can showcase your best skills in the strongest combination. You can treat it like a short summary, 3-5 lines. A quick glance should catch the keys.

Add links to your account

Since Instagram wants its users to stay on the platform, there are limited places to post URLs that lead audiences to external domains. However, tracking traffic and measuring clicks on your website are important metrics for Instagram businesses.

Currently, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you can link to Stories and drive traffic there, but this tactic clearly doesn’t work for small accounts.

Your Instagram bio is your only way to organically drive traffic to your website. Photographers can post a link to their portfolio, a manicure master – to a site with photos of works or to an appointment page.

Ссылка на ваш аккаунт для трафика

To add a URL to your bio, click the Edit Profile button and add your URL in the Website field.

Tip: In your bio, linking to a website or blog post is a great start.

However, if you are promoting different offers every week and want to send subscribers to specific product pages, constantly changing links in your bio becomes a daunting task.

To get around this barrier, you can use the linktr.ee app (in English) – arguably the best tool for adding multiple links to your Instagram bio.

Use line breaks, emoji and custom fonts to fine tune your biography

After you’ve covered the basics (like keywords, URLs, and promoted hashtags), add some personality to your bio as a final touch. For example, add a favorite quote you live or share a funny phrase that well represents your business.

Индивидуальность в биографии Instagram

Note that line breaks also make it easier to scan your profile.

To add line breaks, click Edit Profile and then click Bio. In the biography paragraph, click Enetr where you want to add a line break. Although line breaks do not appear on the desktop, you can also add emoji to break text into chunks.

Emoji can also visually highlight certain keywords and make your bio even more crawlable. To add emoticons, click Edit Profile and enter the desired emoticons in the Bio section.

Don’t overdo it! Stick to emoticons that visually complement key information about the text.

A custom font can also add a creative touch to your bio. With apps, you can customize the font in your description, and many of these fonts are free to use.

Правильно оформленный профиль - залог успеха

To use similar applications:

  • Open it and click “Start”.
  • Select a font from the drop-down menu and enter your text. It will appear in the selected font.
  • Then click Share to copy the text to the clipboard.
  • Go back to Instagram, click Edit Profile and paste the text where you want, for example , your name or biography.

Submit new content regularly

Instagram content is photos, videos, stories. If promoting your business is important to you, you should regularly update your content.

Write a content plan. Choose the photos so that they form a pleasant picture. They can be united by one color scheme.

Единая цветовая гамма для контента

The beautician will be helped by inserting customer reviews after the procedures – this will increase confidence in the services and professionalism of the master. Photographers can alternate blocks from different photo sessions – so they show that they are working in different genres.

Bonus tips for business Instagram profiles

If you run an Instagram business, you need an Instagram business profile because it helps you build a brand and look professional. With this profile, you will have access to analytics and charts to help you make decisions based on them.

You can also add a business category, contact information, and action buttons to your bio.

Select the correct business category

The trick of Instagram is that your Instagram business category must match the category you chose for your Facebook business page. For example, ZARA is classified as “Clothing (Brand)” on its Facebook page. On Instagram, Zara’s business category is exactly the same.

To add more specificity to your Instagram bio, you can change your Instagram business category.

  1. On mobile, tap Edit Profile and scroll down to the Business Information category. You will see a Facebook page that is linked to your Instagram profile and a category that was automatically selected from your Facebook page.
  2. Tap the Category option to see other areas you can select, such as books and magazines, events, television, movies, local businesses, brands and products, music, public figures, sports, etc.
  3. Once you have selected the category that best suits your business, you can select a subcategory from the dropdown menu. The subcategory is what appears on your Instagram bio.

Add your contact information

To help Instagram users connect with you, you can add an email address, phone number, and postal address.

Click “Edit Profile” and open the “Business Information” section. Then click on Contact Options to see the Email, Phone, and Address fields. Any field you fill out will appear in your Instagram bio.

Tip: do not make all contact options available, as this truncates important information in your bio and forces users to click the More option (three dots icon), which unnecessarily lengthens the user’s journey.

Select action buttons

An action button integrates an Instagram profile with other online services such as Yelp or Eventbrite (available in the US) so customers can order immediately without leaving your Instagram profile.

Click the Add Action button and select the online service you use to conduct your business. Then click Next, add the URL used by your company and click Finish.

When you’re done, a new action button will appear in your bio.

Remember that your action buttons appear in the same place as your contact information. Avoid overloading, otherwise all content will simply not appear in the profile.

While your Instagram content and captions are important, your profile is the first impression you make on the platform. Due to the limited time it takes to count impressions, use the tips in this article to customize your Instagram profile and get more value from your efforts.

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