Instasave - приложение для репостов в Инстаграме

How to repost on Instagram to your page

Instagram is regularly updated. Developers are tirelessly working on new useful features, trying to make their creation more attractive and user-friendly. Not so long ago, the repost function finally appeared on this social network.

However, it is not always possible to use this option. Let’s look at the key methods of how to repost on Instagram to your page using the built-in functionality, and find out what to do if it is still unavailable.

Instagram repost rules

Repost is an opportunity to instantly share information, whether it be an article or another note, on any social network (in this case, on Instagram). With the help of this functionality, you can at one moment post on your page or send a friend the information copied from another user.

You can repost only if:

  • the account owner has allowed this action;
  • the publication is in the public domain.

Repost assumes the preservation of the original form of someone else’s content with the obligatory indication of a link to the source, Simply put, you should definitely mention the author of the publication.

Types of Instagram reposts today:

Custom Stories per post

Repost someone else’s favorite story to your Stories

You can duplicate the publication of your photo, for example, from your Stories to your feed

Add someone else’s post to your Stories

But the “from post to post” format is not yet provided in the internal functionality. But knowledge of some “tricks”, or the installation of special programs will help solve this problem.

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How to repost on Instagram

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated button for repost on this social network. This simple method is used by developers to protect the authors’ rights to exclusive information. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to share interesting photos or videos, respecting copyright.

Instagram repost: official way

At the moment, there is only one such way: through Direct. There is a button in the form of an airplane. By clicking on it, you will not only copy the photo you need or your favorite video, but add it to your Stories.

How to do it:

  1. Select a photo. Below it is the airplane icon, on android it will be a plus sign.
  2. Click on this icon and select one of the options in the drop-down window: Репост в Инстаграме: выбираем куда сделать репостYou can choose a recipient from the list, or add to your story. Below the published post, you will see a white clickable link where the author of the post is indicated.

Instagram repost: from your Stories to post

If you want to repost some content from your Stories, then:

  1. Go to your story, find the content you want.
  2. At the top right, find three vertical dots, tap on them.
  3. A window will open. You need to select “Share”.
  4. After editing the intended post, add hashtags, stickers, if necessary – geolocation, and publish your note.

It happens that the options ” Share ”you do not see. Then you should update the application or tap on the views counter – there you will find this “eye”.

How to repost content from someone else’s Stories

This is possible on one condition: you must be noted in the publication. Every time this happens, a notification appears in your Direct. And above it there is a link “Add to History”. To share content, simply follow this link.

Using the screenshot for repost

You’ve probably noticed that the built-in functionality does not always help with repost. Of course, there is also a built-in option with a screenshot, but it is only available with an open account. If the accessibility of the account is limited by the owner, then the repost is impossible, despite your subscription.

You can get out of the situation using an alternative option – a regular screenshot from your device. Perhaps this is the easiest and most affordable way to “repost” someone else’s photo.

To do this, you need:

  • Open the content you like on Insta.
  • Take a screenshot as you always do.
  • Edit the picture and upload it from your profile.
  • Репост в Инстаграме с помощью скриншота

    This option does not automatically add an author, but you have the opportunity to mark the person who they are.

    Repost via code insertion

    There is another possibility of publishing someone else’s content on your resource – it is a repost using the code:

    • Find what interests you.
    • Move your cursor over the upper right corner of the post. Do you see three vertical dots there? Click on them.
    • Tap Paste and copy the embed code.
    • In the post editor, paste what you copied.
    • Now you can paste this code anywhere – even a website, even a blog.

    If you do everything correctly, an exact copy of the publication with the specified author will appear.

    How to repost on Instagram using apps

    The installation of special programs can greatly simplify the repost on Instagram. There are quite a few of them – paid and free, simple and multifunctional. Let’s talk about them.

    Repost for Instagram

    Status: free. Can be used on both Android and iPhone.

    The application has a nice, not overloaded, interface and useful additional functions. The basic version involves adding a watermark that displays the author’s nickname.

    This feature is disabled when you subscribe. Subscription also saves you from viewing ads while working in the application.

    How to use:

  1. Download the application to your device.
  2. After launching the application, look in the upper right corner and click on the Instagram icon. Кликните на иконку Инстграма
  3. Copy the link to the publication or story you need. Нажимаем Копировать ссылку
  4. Return to Repost for Instagram. Find what you copied. Click “Attribution mark” and place your material in the right place. Then click on “Share”.
  5. It remains to choose where you will publish this photo: in Stories or in a post.


Status: free.

Reposts from Instagram are done very quickly, since you don’t need to provide credentials. You only need a link to the publication.

Репост в Инстаграме с помощью Regrann

If you want to repost a post later or, for example, transfer it to another application to edit, Regrann gives you the option to save it. Most interestingly, the files retain their original resolution and no watermarks.


Status: free, but if you don’t want a watermark on the photo, you will have to pay about 600 rubles

The application is extremely easy to use. A couple of clicks and a link to the publication you need – that’s all you need! An important criterion is a description in Russian and responsive technical support.

Instasave - приложение для репостов в Инстаграме

The disadvantage of the free version is the presence of a watermark on all saved files.

Instagram Repost

Status: free.

With this application, you can repost any publication without providing credentials. It is also possible:

  • creating posts for Instagram;
  • transferring posts to your friends, even if they are not on Instagram, but in other messengers;
  • save the file if you want it in the future somehow edit.

This app has another cool feature – the ability to view the best reposts. Any user, having seen the best publications of others, can choose and save for himself what he liked.

In addition, the utility allows you to track new posts from popular Instagram users.

Story Reposter

Status: free.

Reposts of your own and other people’s stories on Instagram, the ability to share them in other applications. This repost has a built-in editor, which is great! Now, before publishing the material, you can edit it: for example, change the size, add some filter, sticker, write something on the photo, etc.

Video Downloader

Status: free.

This app is mainly for users who want to repost videos. You download videos and photos from Instagram, and then use these downloaded files in your own post. It’s very simple – just paste the link and upload the file.

Easy Repost

Status: free.

Repost on Instagram using this application can be done very simply. In the built-in functionality, it is possible not only to repost, but also to make a selection of posts worthy of repost.

The main feature of the application: you can repost the post-carousel.


Status: free.

Buffer is not a simple Instagram repost app. Rather, it will become a full-fledged manager for you, with the help of which you can manage your social network, scheduling publications at the time you need, write comments, view the grid, edit entries, etc.

Repost it

Status: free.

With this simple tool, you can repost and schedule posts. The application contains only the most necessary, without unnecessary functions, so that you can concentrate on the main thing – to create interesting content for the delight of your subscribers.

Repost options with Repost it:

  1. By name. Enter the nickname of the desired user, open his publications, select what interests you.
  2. Follow the link. Copy the link and upload the post.
  3. Repost your post. You have the opportunity to repost your content.

With this application, you can repost any Insta content – photos, videos and even stories.

Reposts for Instagram

Status: free.

With this program you can save videos and photos from Instagram with just one click of a button. You can also share, for example, a post, while maintaining its full authenticity.

The main advantage of the application is ease of use and loading speed. It has a built-in player, so after downloading the file you can watch it right away to make sure it is of good quality.

InsMate Pro

Status: free.

Simplicity and ease of use, quick download of pictures and video content from Insta for further use in your publications – you will find all this in the InsMate Pro application.

No need to switch applications – background loading starts after you insert a link to the required content in InsMate Pro, and you do it directly from Instagram. In addition to media files, it is supposed to export titles, texts, tags.

Insta Video Photo Repost

Status: free.

An extremely easy-to-use application with excellent functionality that makes it possible:

  • planning and posting your posts;
  • Instagram reposts;
  • adding and removing watermarks;
  • viewing your repost history.

Recommendations and some nuances

Many social networks immediately embed repost into their functionality, which, of course, is an attractive fact for users. Instagram has provided the ability to repost not so long ago, and, unfortunately, this function is not available for all publications.

For this reason, before reposting, especially when using third-party applications not provided by the developers, you need to do one more important step – get permission from the account owner to repost.

Otherwise, your actions may be regarded by the administration as a violation of the intellectual property of another user, which threatens to ban your account.

To get permission to repost, write to the owner in Direct, or leave a comment under the content you need, or write to the contact specified in your profile.

It is very important that you remember to indicate the authorship of the publication by linking to the owner of the publication in the post or in the description.

In general, although you have learned how to repost on Instagram to your page, do not abuse reposts, allowing subscribers to appreciate the exclusivity of your content.

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