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How to remove bots on Instagram

Instagram bots are unwanted subscribers, because they don’t like, view the feed, or comment on posts. If there are too many “dead souls” in subscribers, then the engagement rate inevitably drops.

You can clean your account from bots manually, but it is very tedious, because you need to go to the profile of each subscriber to make sure that this is a real person. If you want to save time and reduce labor costs for removing bots on Instagram, you can use special services.

Using the Instahero service as an example, we will analyze how to remove unwanted followers on Instagram.

Add account

There are two ways to add an account in the service:

  • Unauthorized – you only need a nickname from the Instagram profile to conduct a free analysis, and then a full analysis, but using this method, blocking bots will not be available.
  • Authorized – you will need a username and password from profile, and sometimes a verification code. Using this authorization method, you will be able to start blocking bots in the future.
Добавить аккаунт для начала работы в сервисе

After adding an account, it will start free analysis. The progress of the analysis can be seen on the screen.

Прогресс анализа инстаграм-аккаунта

In a few minutes you will get an analysis of 30% of your profile audience, but no more than 1000 subscribers.

After the free analysis, you will understand the general profile statistics and whether it is worth doing a full analysis and removing unwanted subscribers.

Perform a full profile analysis to start removing bots.

After a complete analysis, you will see all the information about all your subscribers. Review the analysis results and decide who you want to remove.

Cleaning from bots

Instahero has three ways to remove bots from a profile.


If you do not want to understand the deletion filtering settings, then choose this option. The service will automatically select accounts that are bots.

On the analysis page or in the left menu, select “Automatic deletion”.

Выбираем Автоматическое удаление для чистки ботов в Инстаграм

After clicking “Delete”, the service will start preparing the collected list for deletion and send you to the window with deletion settings.

Окно с настройкой удаления
  1. Choose how many bots will be removed per day. The optimal number of deletions is no more than 100 profiles.
  2. After you have selected the amount to be deleted per day, the service will calculate how many days it will take to remove the found number of bots.
  3. Action type. Choose what to do with bots, remove or block them.
  4. Exclude. Close friends “collect a list” and contacts from a direct “collect a list”. If you want to exclude from the removal list those who have been added to the “Best Friends” group or people with whom you have had a conversation, click “Collect List” to exclude.
  5. Click “Save “The entered data and” Run “the deletion.

You can track the deletion process in the” Account history “section. You can also upload the list of deleted subscribers there.

By parameters

The second removal method will allow you to enter all the filtering parameters for finding and removing bots yourself.

In the menu on the left, select “Cleaning” and “By options”

Выбираем: Чистка - По параметрам

Choose the options you think unwanted subscribers should have. The filtering also has the ability to ignore users who have an active history, who comment or like you, profiles with which you have a mutual subscription, etc. These options will help you avoid removing active audiences.

After setting up filtering, click delete collected audience and the service will send you to the deletion settings window, which we already wrote about above.

Selective deletion

After a complete analysis, you will be able to delete profile groups:

  • commercial profiles – profiles with a business profile;
  • foreign accounts – country accounts that are different from Russia;
  • mass followers – accounts with more than 1,500 subscriptions;
  • inactive profiles – accounts that have not published anything for a long time and have not shown themselves in your profile in any way;
  • girls and men;
  • closed profiles – their accounts are private ;
  • mutual subscriptions – with these profiles you have a mutual subscription.

You can choose any category to delete.

On the analysis page, click Selective Delete.

Then select the group you want to remove by clicking Select Category.

Выбираем категории для удаления

You can list each category and exclude profiles you don’t want to delete.

In order to open the list of the group, click “Select category”, select the desired category and click on the number of users found.

Жмем на Число найденных пользователей

A list will open. You will be shown the first 10 users.

  • Click “Show all …” to open the full list and use the search for this list.
  • The search works only for the selected number of users.
  • To uncheck all accounts and then independently set whom to delete.
  • A check mark to exclude a user next to whom there is a check mark.
  • “Show more” 10 users
  • “Download” the entire list users.
Вносим правки в список удаления

After you have made all the edits in the group or groups, click Delete the service will send you to the bot removal settings window.

Tips for removing bots

Before you start removing bots, determine who your target audience is. You must have an accurate portrait of the client so that after analysis in the service, you immediately understand exactly who you need to delete.

Do not remove large numbers of audiences at once. Start with 30-50 deletions per day so that if you delete the wrong category of people, you can immediately change the deletion settings.

If you are in doubt about whether to remove bots and are afraid to remove an active audience, contact your personal one for help in the “Configure for me” section.


After you start removing bots, be sure to follow the changes in statistics to understand whether you configured the removal correctly and whether your reach is growing.

The service has a monitoring service that will show you:

  • last posts statistics;
  • engagement graph;
График изменения вовлеченности аудитории
  • graph of outgoing subscriptions;
  • graph of the number of subscribers;
График числа подписчиков
  • top posts and best metrics summary;
Прогресс анализа инстаграм-аккаунта0
  • summary of metrics: changes in the number of followers, changes in the number of subscriptions and posts, changes in the engagement rate.
  • Прогресс анализа инстаграм-аккаунта1

    In the upper right corner, you can choose how long it will take you to see statistics. You can also customize the receipt of a report on changes in statistics.

    Прогресс анализа инстаграм-аккаунта2

    Account protection

    If you have already started cleaning your account or cleared it of bots, but new unwanted subscribers are still following you, you should enable account protection from all kinds of spam and new bots subscription.

    Protection from bots

    You can delete accounts that:

    • without an avatar, less than the specified number of subscribers and subscriptions;
    • less than the specified number of posts in the profile;
    • have links in the profile description, the last post was within the specified number days;
    • word stop and white word list can be set.
    Прогресс анализа инстаграм-аккаунта3


    • reciprocal followers;
    • accounts with active history;
    • accounts that were active on your profile.


    The service protects your account from spam:

    • comments – based on the commentator’s profile and based on the content of the comment;
    • spam posts – marks on spam posts based on the profile of the person who tagged you;
    • direct – protection against unwanted requests to direct based on the sender’s profile and on the content of the message.

    In the “Report” section, you can enable sending a report to your mail or Telegram.

    Прогресс анализа инстаграм-аккаунта4

    The report can be received once a day, once a week and once a month. On the right is an example of a report that will come to your email.


    Audience analysis is a must for anyone who wants their profile to inspire trust, the cost of advertising posts is high, a drop in ranking due to bots, a decrease in reach and engagement. It’s worth just doing a free analysis to see if you have bots that are hindering the development of your blog.

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