Накручиваем подписчиков в Инсту через Лайкманию

How to quickly remove followers on Instagram: bots, inactive users

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to remove Instagram followers in 2021: manually and automatically.
  • Why remove inactive users and bots.
  • Is it possible to get deleted followers back.

How to remove subscribers manually: step-by-step

Let’s go straight to the practical part of the article. Let’s remove Instagram followers. Manually, without automating the process through services.

First, remove the followers from the phone, then from the computer. This section is written in a step-by-step format – just follow the steps below.

From phone

To remove subscribers on your phone (Android devices, iPhones), launch the Instagram application. Go to your main profile page and go to the “Subscribers” section.

A list of all subscribers will open. To start removing followers, click on the three dots to the right of the “Subscribe” button. Select the Remove option.

Удаляем подписчиков в Инстаграм с телефона

The user will not know that you have removed them from followers – Instagram does not send such notifications.

From computer

You can remove followers from your computer via the web version of Instagram. But you can’t do without blocking here. The fact is that the classic delete function is not available in the PC version of the social network.

To remove followers, log into your Instagram account from a computer. Go to the followers section.

A list of all subscribers will open. Go to the profile of the person you want and click on the icon with three dots. Select the “Block this user” option.

Блокируем подписчика в Инстаграм на ПК

A person will no longer be able to find your account. However, he will not know that you have blocked him.

Important: The main disadvantage of manually removing Instagram followers is that it takes a lot time. Also, you will not be able to massively delete all followers.

Remove Instagram subscribers automatically: bots, inactive users

In order not to perform all the steps manually, we recommend that you automate the process of removing subscribers. To do this, use Spam Guard. It is an intelligent cleaning service for Instagram accounts.

Сервис Спам Гард

It provides the following features:

  • Clearing bots in a few clicks. This will help get rid of spam and offers.
  • Clearing all commercial accounts at once. The tool will remove all commercial profiles from subscribers.
  • Clean up non-reciprocal subscriptions. The service will help you remove with one click thousands of users who did not follow you back.
  • Removing inactive subscribers – users who do not like, do not write comments. Thus, only “live” users will remain on the account. ”
  • Spam protector. Spam Guard constantly analyzes your profile to ensure that no spammers appear in your comments.
  • Optimization for all devices. You can use the online tool from a computer, phone, tablet.
Интерфейс Spam Guard

The Spam Guard online service is paid. But there is a free trial period that allows you to check the functionality.

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How to get deleted subscribers back?

Unfortunately, there are times when users accidentally delete followers. And the main problem is that it is impossible to return them manually.

The only option is to write a private message to the follower in Direct and ask them to subscribe back. But if you have deleted several hundred (or thousands) of subscribers at once, then it will be very difficult for everyone to write.

Therefore, in this case, there is only one piece of advice: Keep growing your Instagram account and attract a new audience. Read more about this in our article “How to promote Instagram yourself”.

As a last resort, use wrapping.

For this we recommend using the Likemania service. Here you can quickly and inexpensively wind up subscribers: bots and live people.

Накручиваем подписчиков в Инсту через Лайкманию

It’s also safe: your account will not be blocked for cheating.

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Why remove inactive subscribers and bots: main reasons

At the end of the article, let’s look at the main reasons why you need to remove inactive subscribers and bots on Instagram:

  • Increased coverage. If only an active audience remains on your account, then the social network algorithm will recommend your posts to other users.
  • Increase engagement. This parameter also has a positive effect on organic new audience growth.

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