How to Put Multiple Links in the Instagram Bio

Want to learn how to put multiple links in the Instagram Bio and provide various content from your blog to market your business online?

I’ll show you how to do this, right now!

Let’s go?

As Instagram doesn’t accept links in posts, many users turn to the BIO link to put multiple links from websites, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, etc., on your profiles.

And, as we can only put one URL on the Instagram profile, when you want to share multiple links, it gets very complicated.

It was with this in mind that I decided to bring the solution.

After this tutorial, you will be able to put several links in the BIO from Instagram, no problem.

Well, to know how to put multiple links in the Instagram Bio, you’ll first go to Linktree.

This tool will help you to group multiple URLs in your profile.

On Linktree there are two types of plans: one free and one paid, which has more features (PRO Plan). Just choose the plan you want.

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Follow the step by step below and learn how to put multiple links in the Instagram Bio right now.

Step 1: Go to Linktree, then click “Sign up with Instagram ”;

Como Colocar Vários Links na Bio do Instagram usando o Linktree

Step 2: Log in to your Instagram account to authorize Linktree to grab your profile information;

Como Colocar Vários Links na Bio do Instagram Tutorial

Step 3: Choose a plan.

  • If you choose the free plan, click “Continue with free”;
  • If you choose the PRO plan, to use the extra features, click on “Select with PRO”;
Como Colocar Vários Links na Bio do Instagram passo a passo

Step 4: Fill in the requested information and then click “Save details”;

Como Colocar Vários Links na Bio do Instagram Vantagens para o seu negócio

Step 5: Now that your Instagram account has been registered, access your Linktree account to start placing your links in the Instagram Bio;

Step 6: Click on “+add new button/link”, write the title and paste the link you want to put in the Instagram Bio ;

Step 7: In the button right side of the link you can turn link display on or off;

You can also change the display order of the links by dragging the button up or down. the one on the left side of each link.

Follow the Step by step

Step 8: After you’ve placed the links in the order you want them displayed, copy the URL, which is found on the upper right side of the page;

Step 9: Go to your Instagram profile and click on “edit profile”;

Step 10: Paste the link you copied into the “Site” option.

Como Colocar Vários Links na Bio do Instagram Tutorial0

That’s it!

See how simple it was?

Now you can make several links available on Instagram BIO to promote your business online, and your followers will be able to access various content about the product or service you promote.

Now that you know how to put multiple links in the Instagram Bio, take advantage of this feature and promote your business online even more.

Instagram is, without a doubt, a great place for you to work on your marketing strategies and promote your business online .

And, with this functionality, of being able to place several links in the Bio, it will be another opportunity for you to convert followers into customers, if you know how to make good use of it.

Another practical use of links in Bio is that you can make Lives on Instagram and make Call To Action for people to click on your profile link and download digital bait or go to a sales page for example.

Ahh, and if you are already a student of the Online Business Formula, you can use OptimizePress or Elementor, which I teach in the course to place Seeing several links on the Instagram Bio, in my case, that’s what I did, take a look at my bio link.

On this page, I put the links to the main channels of my project , this way I don’t need to keep changing the link with each digital marketing action.

See you next time!

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