Ошибки в продвижении товара

How to Promote Your Product on the Internet: Secret Tricks and Techniques for Newbies

Even the highest quality product will be of little interest to anyone on the World Wide Web by itself. Therefore, you need to know everything about how to promote a product on the Internet. Read below for the best practices, secrets and common mistakes.


Website or online store

This is no secret, but many people save on creating their online store. However, in the 21st century this is definitely indispensable.

To promote your product, you need to create a website. This is important for both large business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Интернет-магазин для продвижения товара

The resource can “work” in two ways:

  • talk about the company as a whole – then the product will be added to the catalog of the online store;
  • dedicated to a specific product, in a common trade unit – then it is presented on the landing page – landing-page.

Regardless of the specific direction, the site or online store is created for the long term. Using other additional tools, including SEO promotion, it will be possible to easily reach the heights and become a sales leader in a specific area. More on that later.

SEO: always in action

Another pillar that helped many answer the question of how to promote your product on the Internet. Translated from English, this means search engine optimization.

Simply put, a certain product you need will appear in the search results in the very first positions – in responses to user queries.

At the same time, the closer a certain page is to the top in the search results, the higher the traffic will be. Search engines constantly analyze various parameters to determine the place of a resource in the display hierarchy.

SEO важный фактор в продвижении

In order to understand exactly how to promote your product and online store, you need to find out what ranking is and what it is based on. It is necessary to rely on the following characteristics and important features:

  • The scale of the site. Of course, if we are talking about only one product, this factor is not so important. However, if an entire line is being promoted, assortment, quality index (QI) and geographic coverage are important. For example, it is best to sell goods not only in Moscow, but also in other cities.
  • Commercial factors. Special attention should be paid to how well the catalog will be structured. The product cards must be correctly formatted – they contain price tags, descriptions, and an order button. Also, you can not do without custom filters, a section with reviews and videos. Visitors like the presence of an online consultant, various methods of delivery and payment, the availability of a guarantee for the goods.
  • Social factors. Be sure to link to the site. Groups on VKontakte and other social networks are noteworthy.

Another important feature that very often turns out to be a pitfall. This is a textual basis.

Important! An online store must have content that is targeted at visitors. That is, there should not be any long constructions, clumsy texts, boring “sheets”.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to optimizing your online store. Be sure to consider all the positions presented here.

Contextual and targeted advertising

Another effective method of promoting goods on the Internet. Let’s dwell separately on each of the types of advertising.

The first – contextual – is shown based on search queries, that is, the most interested audience.

Таргетированная реклама - двигатель торговли

Targeted advertising, translated from English, is targeted. It includes videos, podcasts, special articles and banners that only the target audience will see.

Such advertising is displayed on social networks, while taking into account:

  • user gender;
  • age;
  • geolocation (which is why many applications or sites ask to activate it);
  • interests of the future buyer.

If properly configured, this will be the most effective method for promoting a specific product or service. Moreover, in some cases, this does not even require a website or an online store.

Kind of advertising during product promotion

1. Rapid sales growth during an active advertising campaign. 2. Reduced the time interval between ad submission and product sale.

1. There is no fixed cost per impression.
2. Regular investments are required, only in this case the advertisement will “work” on a regular basis.


1. Increased traffic.
2. The ability to personalize your ad settings and expect great coverage.
3. It is possible to analyze the progress of the campaign and correct it promptly, if necessary.

1. If the target audience is incorrectly defined, there will be no effect from advertising.
2. Ads are constantly being edited by moderators on social networks or on specific sites.

Based on all the advantages and disadvantages of each ad, you can make a choice. Contextual advertising is a simpler option, while targeted advertising is quite costly, but also promising.

Don’t forget about SMM

It’s about promoting a product or brand through social media. It can be VK, Facebook, Instagram.

In general, this method works well for promoting goods and services. But SMM will show itself best of all if the target audience is completely clear.

For example, coffee machines will definitely not be of interest to children or young people under 18, and cosmetics or eau de parfum are unlikely to be of interest to men over 45.

SMM продвигает товар в соцсетях

So SMM is another way to attract target audience. To promote your product on social media, you need to be patient. After all, this is a difficult and even multi-step task.


  • identification of the main competitors and target audience;
  • advertising strategy identification;
  • creating content base;
  • development of corporate identity;
  • work on content, staff training;
  • preparing for interaction with requests (who will do this, developing the most efficient algorithms).

At the last stage, when all of the above points are “configured”, you will need to start the traffic. Interaction with feedback will definitely be required. You can’t do without testing and fixing all kinds of errors.

Email Marketing

Another interesting method that many people mistakenly think is outdated. Email marketing is set up to subtly remind you of a specific product or service.

The advantage of this method is that it does not impose anything. However, it offers useful and, which is also very important, free information.

E-mail маркетинг предлагает полезную информацию

Thanks to e-mail marketing, specific products become much closer and more interesting to a potential buyer. It is important to consider the following nuances:

  • emails should come regularly;
  • you need high-quality textual support – a description of the product, its advantages and features;
  • the subject line should reflect the goals and needs of the users.

Of course, e-mail marketing also needs to be configured. It is advisable to use this method of promoting goods on the Internet, but already at the last stages, when all other processes are established.

Extra Secrets

The following steps and solutions will help you optimize the promotion of your online store. The advantage of the methods is that they allow you to do this without investment or using minimal amounts.

Use of the Facebook Shop Section

This is another unique tool. With its help, it will be possible to create a new online store, which is based on this social network.

Promotion and advertising of a new product in a similar format is more promising. For example, in comparison with posts. After all, the user does not need to follow the links to get acquainted with the cost of the product or buy what he is interested in.

Instagram Activity

It’s no secret that this application has more than one million active users. Its visual direction is great for promoting a product or a whole group of products.

Instagram Advertising Opportunities:

  • posting photos and videos of your products;
  • launching contests and entire campaigns;
  • connecting with the most influential account holders to share content is necessary to attract a new wave of users and subscribers.

Instagram also allows you to activate the sales feature. It can be used directly from the account of this application.

Use this tip if you don’t know how to promote your product for free.

The most offensive mistakes

Since promoting a product on the Internet is not an easy task, many make common mistakes. We recommend that you study this list to avoid annoying mistakes.

Excessive detail in the catalog

It is important that the user quickly navigates within the directory. Therefore, excessive detail can be harmful.

The optimal structure is considered to be no more than three levels. Let’s say:

  • category – goods for children;
  • subcategory – educational;
  • subcategory – puzzles.

What to do with information that does not fit? It needs to be taken out in filters or ready-made tags.

For example, number of parts, drawing, material. In this case, the user will be able to quickly and easily customize the search to suit their needs.

Outdated information on the site

Another frequent occurrence that severely damages the reputation. When on the site, especially on the main page, the banner “Everything for the New Year” weighs in the spring, users get the feeling that the resource is abandoned. How can I order something here?

Ошибки в продвижении товара

Therefore, if the promotion has already ended, information about it should not still be on the site. The same applies to the assortment that does not correspond to the season. It just shouldn’t be on the site.

This is also relevant for contacts and feedback. In general, all information on the site must be valid and up-to-date.

Low quality or uniqueness of content

This certainly won’t help you learn how to promote a product on the Internet. After all, small or fragmentary information about the product will scare away users and lower the position in the search results. Bad content will create distrust in the user towards your products.

We need to attend to the full description of the product. It is desirable to have thematic informational articles.

Such materials on relevant topics will help bring the resource to the top, including the online store.

Global Automation

Of course, website templates and automation will make life much easier, but it also negatively affects the store experience. Therefore, you should not completely abandon manual work.

Remember! Everything related to search queries, namely texts, titles and meta tags, must be written manually.

Unreadable URL

Another important nuance. Search engines are not very fond of a large number of letters or a set of numbers in the URL. Therefore, it is much better to make the address as clear and logical as possible.

How to promote your product on the Internet? In a broad sense, you need to do it wisely. At the initial stage, you can try to do this without investment in terms of advertising. For example, promoting a product through social media.

But in the future, it will be necessary to constantly improve the quality of the goods, expand the audience, order advertising. Only in this case, you can count on healthy competition and demand on the Internet.

You can make your resource even more effective using SEO promotion. Don’t forget about social media, which will keep users interested. While a competent advertising campaign will increase the influx of buyers and sales growth.

Sincerely, Alina Yakovleva
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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