Контент-план помогает в продвижении инстаграм

How to promote your Instagram yourself: a detailed step-by-step Face without

Let’s tell you how to promote your Instagram yourself. Let’s go from creating an account to implementing our own strategy.
Developing a profile alone is quite difficult, but possible. The article presents a clear plan and contains useful tips that will help you in a quick and productive promotion.

Account preparation

Let’s look at how to create a new account and get it ready for work. Here’s a quick reminder of what to look for to create a striking profile.

Registration and connection of a business account

Let’s talk about technical issues. Before creating an idea and individual blogger “chips”, you need to create an account. Signing up on the Instagram social network is completely free. Consider the instruction:

  1. Download the app and open it on your device.
  2. Select “Create a new account” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter your email address (or mobile number) and click ” Next. ”
  4. Type first name, last name.
  5. Create a password and then enter it in the field.
  6. Enter your date of birth.

Now you need to connect your “business account”. Owners have access to detailed analytics, new functions for communication with customers, advertising settings, etc.

Подключаем бизнес-аккаунт в инстаграм

To connect, go to the menu and find “Settings”. Click on “Account” and then “Switch to Professional Account” at the bottom of the screen.

Выбираем роль: Автор или Бизнес

Choose a role: author (for public figures, bloggers, artists and musicians) or business (for stores, brands, service companies).


Think about concept (main idea) and positioning (image creation). Answer the questions honestly:

  • What can I do, what are my strengths?
  • What talents do I have?
  • What do others think of me, how do they rate me?
  • What is my goal (sales, recognition, traffic)?

The answers to these questions will be very useful when creating a blog: they will help you not to lose yourself. A lot of people write about what’s trendy. However, there are few people who maintain a page about their favorite business or hobby. Sincerity and originality make a person stand out in the crowd.

Any blogger is a brand. The laws of marketing work the same for both Apple and Christina’s girlfriend (@kpuctakl).

Apple produces innovative gadgets and, accordingly, publishes product photos of its activities on its Instagram page. What does @kpuctakl “post”? Useful recipes, nutritional advice, an overview of vitamins and dietary supplements.

Posts about relationships, cars, pets do not appear in the feed. There are clear boundaries within which the blogger operates: only healthy food and nothing superfluous.

Positioning too broad prevents the audience from understanding what a blogger is. A person who lands on the page should immediately understand what is the point.

Sharing personal, of course, is possible, and sometimes even necessary. Do this very carefully and try not to stray from the main topic of your blog.

BIO profile

A person, once on a page on Instagram, makes a decision in the first few seconds whether to click on “Subscribe” or not. The choice of a particular person depends on many factors, but “Information about yourself” definitely plays an important role, because this is the first thing people see when they visit.

The header should reflect the essence of the profile. Compress the information as much as possible to fit in 150 characters. In a business account, you can increase the size of the field by entering data in the “Address” section.

Write strong text for the profile header:

  • Fill in the name field. Write keywords or a catchy slogan that characterizes you. If you want to indicate a real name, do it effectively. For example, add your full name with facts about yourself and your activities.
  • Insert a phone number or e-mail for communication, indicate the manager’s contacts (if any).
  • Add a clickable link with a call to action … Cool, if following the link, the user will receive a real benefit (coupon, checklist, webinar recording).
  • Provide a link to other projects you are involved in (courses, marathons, shops).
  • Make the text beautiful: use emoji and custom fonts.

The main task is to create informative, witty, intriguing text. It should be easy to perceive and instantly “cut” into memory.


Identity is the corporate identity of the brand. This includes: a logo, a specific color palette, fonts, and other styling elements.

We create an account identity from scratch. Commercial accounts just need to add a corporate logo instead of a profile photo. Make it yourself in a photo editor or use the sites:

  • turbologo.ru
  • logaster.ru
  • renderforest.com
  • logomak.com

You can ask a professional to draw the logo yourself.

Create icons for pinned Stories. Advanced users work in photo editors (Photoshop, Canva, PicsArt). If you don’t have enough knowledge in design, create icons on the icons8.ru website constructor or download ready-made pictures.

Decide on the main colors that will be present in your feed.

Единая цветовая схема для продвижения интаграм аккаунта

It’s no longer fashionable to decorate the entire account in one color (for example, pink), so try to create a single color scheme.

Powerful strategy

Now that the page is ready and there is basic information on it, let’s start creating a strategy. Let’s start by analyzing the market and setting a task, and then draw up a content plan based on the information received.

Competitor Analysis

The first item on the list is competitor analysis. Highlight several main accounts with similar topics. In this case, it is convenient to use hashtags.

Search not only for pages on Instagram, but also for sites, online stores, blogs on other social networks.

When the database is ready, proceed to the analysis:

  • Profile photo (design, colors, fonts, etc.);
  • Username;
  • Profile information (USP, benefits, benefits, working conditions );
  • Eternal Stories (design, content);
  • IGTV (video ideas);
  • Number of subscribers and subscriptions;
  • Publications (visual, design, subscriber activity, frequency of publications, texts).

Identify strengths and weaknesses. Highlight ideas you like so you can adapt them for yourself.

Subscribe to competitors from your personal page. Watch Stories regularly, follow publications, read posts. If you work with an online store, you can try to buy a product and become a “mystery shopper”.


Competitor analysis helps to understand how the system works. Consider the information received and start setting goals. For convenience, we distinguish three types of goals:

  1. Marketing (expected actions of the target audience);
  2. Communication (expected relationship to a brand or company);
  3. Business tasks (increase in profit, average check, conversion, etc.).

Consider how it works with a simple example. Blogger “A” sells author’s courses on promotion on Instagram. Its business goal is to increase profits by 30% by the end of 2020.

Blogger “A” is convinced that for the successful implementation of the plan, the audience, engagement and interest in the page must grow (marketing goal). And finally, the communicative task: Blogger A’s subscribers should be convinced of her knowledge and start treating like a master in the field of promotion.

The goals have been set, how to proceed? Blogger A should create quality content, improve course material, follow competitors’ products and invest in promotion.

Content plan

Content plan – prepared material for publication. Usually compiled for a week or a month.

It is not necessary to write the plan in an Excel spreadsheet, you can use notes on your phone or special applications:

Keep track of everything: feed post schedule, Stories schedule, IGTV video release date.

Контент-план помогает в продвижении инстаграм

How often do I post content? It all depends on the type of profile (personal blog, online store). Add new Stories 2-7 times a day, feed posts 1-2 times a day.

The audience loves to watch videos and live broadcasts. Upload your videos to IGTV as often as you can.

Consider what the target audience would like to see. Write posts for potential buyers / readers / viewers. Change your content plan depending on the behavior of your subscribers.

How to promote your Instagram yourself: TOP-7 ways

Consider how to promote Instagram in 2021. This article contains only working methods.

We advise you to use each of them several times: change advertising layouts, test an unusual presentation, collaborate with different bloggers. Track how your audience is reacting to new methods through analytics tools.


Targeted advertising is one of the most effective methods of promoting on Instagram.

To get started, you need to connect your Facebook account. It is impossible to set up a target without Facebook, the creation and payment of the company takes place in the personal account of the FB. You can link accounts in the main settings. When the FB profile is connected, go to the “Payments” section and pay for the advertising campaign.

Advertising with bloggers

People listen to the opinions of their favorite bloggers and willingly make purchases according to their advice. Take advantage of this.

Ask the influencer to talk about your page, products or services. Not for thanks, of course. For example, a recommendation from Olga Buzova can cost from 400,000 rubles.

However, there are many micro-influencers on the market today who are willing to accept more modest fees.

To find bloggers, use the sites:

  • getblogger.ru
  • en.epicstars.com
  • adinblog.ru

You can find an opinion leader yourself by searching in Instagram.

Creation of information products

You can promote your blog not only with advertising, but also using your own information products (courses, checklists, marathons, collections, books, guides).

Bloggers successfully sell information products and get paid for it.

However, at the beginning of the work, offer, for example, your author’s guide for free for a subscription.

Mutual PR

Find a profile with similar statistics and audience, and then offer cooperation. This is beneficial to both. Bloggers talk about each other on their pages and leave a link for subscribers. Those who are interested go to the account to subscribe to the news.

Newbies who don’t know how mutual PR works use repostpost.com

Just create a task, and the system will find a suitable blog and show the finished task from a partner.


Nobody will refuse gifts. Organize a contest with a prize for a subscription or repost. Subscribers will share information about the giveaway with their friends, and you will receive a new wave of traffic not to the page.

Placing posts in thematic communities

Great free method: write to the topic group asking for a post with attribution.

Groups always need quality ideas. If a subscriber is interested in the material, he will go to your page and, possibly, click “Subscribe”.

Natural activity and interesting content

If a person creates a quality product, he will definitely be noticed. Emphasize personality and fresh ideas. Work on something that will interest your audience.

Do not forget about contact with subscribers, be active: write comments, correspond in private messages, express your opinion in heated discussions, find new friends.

Fatal errors

Do not rush to get down to business as soon as you finish reading the step-by-step instructions for promotion. Everything is not as simple as it might seem. We will tell you how not to do it.


Instagram gurus never stop talking about the importance of hashtags. Commercial page owners follow this rule clearly.

By the way, you can add 30 tags to IGTV and to a post, and up to 10 in Stories. Bloggers stubbornly accompany posts with a canvas of hashtags, often adding them as the first comment under the post.

Back in 2018, Pavel Gurov, a lecturer at the Re: Store Academy, questioned the need for hashtags to promote an account. Yes, the undeniably correct hashtags attract the target audience.

However, not everyone can compose a competent list of tags. Just leave an interesting caption under your post if you do not yet know how to place hashtags.

Instagram algorithms work in such a way that if a post is interesting, users will see it immediately. Emphasize quality content.

Consider what hashtags you can put to everyone:

  • Branded – company name or slogan (for example, the famous #justdoit from Nike);
  • Advertising company (# Green Line for the Perekrestok hypermarket).

These tags help personalize your account and make it stand out from the rest.


There are services related to cheating. The old ways don’t work in 2021.

There are services that offer to cheat live subscribers for a certain amount. However, no one can guarantee that these people will stay on the page and be active.

Mass following and mass liking work on a different principle. The system automatically collects the target audience and begins to subscribe / like and comment.


Spam causes nothing but annoyance. People don’t like being forced, so forget about:

  • Off-topic comments under posts by stars;
  • Direct mailings with template messages;
  • Senseless tagging on photos.

It is necessary to communicate in comments and private messages, but only when it is reasonable. Go to thematic communities and participate in discussions, share your opinion. Do it brightly and interestingly, so that other users themselves want to click on “Subscribe” next to your photo.


Let’s write a summary of how to promote your Instagram yourself:

  • Create your personal brand and actively develop it in all available ways.
  • Emphasize your individuality.
  • Be informative and try to bring maximum benefit to your subscribers.

Build your strategy according to the three points above to achieve quality growth.

Sincerely, Anastasia Dmitrieva
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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