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How to Promote Videos on Instagram: Stories and IGTV Features

The request for how to promote videos on Instagram can be called one of the most popular, especially after the appearance of IGTV. The social network, which was originally built in fact only on the photo, now allows you to use it for promotion and video. And after the introduction of IGTV, the time limit disappeared, so you should definitely use this tool.

The appeal of videos on Instagram is that the first 15 seconds are shown virtually free of charge. This means that you have enough time to “hook” the user and even stimulate him to search for your video and watch it. We will tell you how to do this later.

Benefits of using Instagram videos

Do you need videos in your account, many Instagram users wonder. It is more costly both in time and effort than a photo, especially if the task is to shoot with high quality. However, there is a very good reason why the video should not be ignored.

Instagram launched an algorithm that changed the principle of displaying posts. It lies in the fact that all your posts are seen only by subscribers who in some way interact with you, for example, comment on them or leave likes, and also linger on some of them for a while. This is one of the best ways to promote your Instagram videos.

Преимущества использования видео в Инстаграм
Benefits of using Instagram videos

Now let’s approach the question from the other side. You, of course, have noticed that most often you can see a flashing sign in stores. This is due to the fact that people are more attracted to moving rather than static objects, and advertisers are actively applying this rule in practice.

So the conclusion is obvious : if your post contains a video instead of a photo, subscriber engagement will be higher. You can also use useful features such as Stories and Live Stream – these are great promotion channels that work for the account owner.

The main advantage of Stories today is that Instagram has not extended the ranking algorithm to the service. All stories are arranged in chronological order, which means that subscribers are interested in them more often.

6 life hacks to create a selling video on Instagram

  1. Fast and Slow . Simple tricks like speeding up and slowing down make videos very effective. If it filmed the process of packaging a product half an hour long, then subscribers are unlikely to watch it. But if you speed up the video, then it will fit in five seconds and look funny.

  2. Boomerang . An application that allows you to make stories with a twist. However, do not use it too often and use the options with funny faces and movements less often – they become boring. Find a non-trivial move.

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  4. Less is better. Good directors use this rule. Watch your video again and mercilessly delete the unnecessary, leave only the most interesting and exciting.

  5. Help programs . All you have to do is install one application for video processing on your phone and study it properly. For iPhone, iPad, Android (including tablets) iMovie or WeVideo are recommended. Unless you’re considering publishing videos professionally, there is no need to waste time on serious software on your PC.

  6. Remind me ! If you published a story, support it with a post. If you plan to go live, notify subscribers with a message where you will indicate the time of the release.

Video formats for Instagram Stories

It is not always obvious whether it is possible to promote videos on Instagram with the help of other publications on the network. It would seem that Stories is not the most interesting way to promote your account. This video is only 15 seconds long and disappears 24 hours after being uploaded. However, the advantages of this type of publication are inherent in the fragility. And most importantly, they are always relevant, they literally demonstrate the momentary moments of your higher life, and therefore, cause more emotions in the audience.

Форматы видео для Stories в Инстаграм
Video formats for Instagram Stories

For stories, you can make the following videos :

  • Contact your subscribers directly and get to know them . It is always interesting who founded the brand, created the project, and personal acquaintance always increases loyalty.

  • Tell us about the promotion that is taking place today, or publish a promo code . In this case, the short existence of the format is a significant advantage, because in a day the story will be deleted. As a result, subscribers will wait for their release to receive relevant and even hot information.

  • Demonstrate a new product . Here you can introduce him to subscribers even before you officially introduce him on your website and in social networks.

  • Show how the product is created . The audience is captivated by the involvement in the process, so the majority observes with interest the working moments of the production of the brand’s goods, which attracts their attention.

  • Conduct mini-interviews, blitz polls . You can publish video reviews of your visitors – receive them yourself or ask to send customers after receiving a service or purchase.

  • Announce events, including contests and sweepstakes . By the way, here you can also take advantage of the short-term nature of stories – give hints in them that disappear after 24 hours.

  • Create mini-series from stories . For example, launch one day in the life of different employees in them, let them demonstrate how they work on a project or create a product, show it with different eyes. It creates an emotional connection with your followers.

Of course, ideas don’t stop there! Instagram offers a huge number of opportunities for inspiration to help you create useful and effective content.

Ways to promote videos in Instagram Stories

To promote your videos on Instagram, you must meet several conditions.

  1. Likes received

    Likes left for a video mean that people liked it and can be recommended by another user. Therefore, be sure to encourage people to like your videos.

  2. Comments left

    Try to make your videos commentary. To do this, at the end of the video, you can ask a question, preferably a provocative one, so that visitors want to say something about this. The more the subscriber wants to leave a like or comment, the higher the engagement in your publications. Thanks to this, the ER rate grows, the interaction with the video increases.

  3. Regularity of publications

    If you set yourself the goal of uploading one video a day, then in a month you will be surprised at what results you have achieved compared to the initial ones. If you are wondering how to promote Instagram videos for free, then this is one of the best ways.

    Регулярность публикаций
    Posting Regularity
  4. Audience attention

    Only the audience provides publication statistics, and you can keep it only with interesting content. If the video contains, to put it simply, stupidity with ridiculous offscreen text or credits, hardly anyone will pay attention to it and wait for the next video. The same if the plot is boring, gray.

    I want to watch a good video to the end to find out how it will end. To shoot just for the sake of filming, because everyone does it, there is no need – it is frivolous and unattractive.

    Think about the topic, develop a strategy and, based on it, write down at least a dozen stories, but do everything well, think how useful and effective your videos are, you yourself would watch them if someone else created them.

  5. Hashtagging

    Don’t forget to include them in the description! Instagram indexes them and displays them in the top and finds videos by tags that have views, likes, comments.

    It gets to the top using the same algorithms as any other publication, but with its own content. And this is good motivation for your subscribers to share your videos. To do this, IGTV offers to click on the bird under the video. Most often, people share blog posts based on hype or humor, this is the content that is most popular with subscribers.

  6. Promotion of Instagram TV in Stories

    You can tell about what video you posted on IGTV, then more of your followers will come out on it and give it a chance to go to the top. Post any photo to Stories, swipe it up and you will see a bracket.

    This tool, which was previously only available to users with 10,000 subscribers, is now available to everyone. This is a great way to send a visitor to your page from Stories directly to your site – no matter how many followers you have, 1000 or 200. In the opened bracket, you can take a video from your Instagram TV and embed it into a story. And already through it, people will get to IGTV.

  7. Active links

    Please note that all links in your video description are active. This means that when you publish a video on IGTV, you can say: “Click the link in the description” – and your subscribers will go to an external resource. Instagram easily transfers people to other applications, besides, it now interacts with YouTube and some videos can send each other to these platforms and back.

    In addition, the link to your video on Instagram TV can be copied and uploaded to any other resource, forum or chat, inviting friends to watch, like and write a comment. This is another way to bring it to the top. The link is completely ordinary, direct, and you can follow it to your video both from your phone and from your computer.

Benefits of the IGTV format on Instagram

Instagram TV is a relatively new platform like YouTube. Essentially an additional application built into the social network.

Its peculiarity is the publication of both horizontal and vertical videos. They can be viewed at full size on a PC. The main difference from stories is that the video is given not 15 seconds, but much more. You can download up to 15 minutes of video from your phone and up to 60 minutes from your computer. In some ways, this is not an analogue, but a competitor to YouTube.

Strengths of Instagram TV :

  1. Since the social network actively promotes this function, posts in the news feed occupy as many as four cells, unlike a regular post, which is allocated only one, and the video is in the first positions.

  2. You can watch only 60 seconds of video in the news feed, then you need to go to IGTV to continue watching . This is done in one click. In the video itself, Instagram TV promotes other videos on the same or similar topic.

  3. The video is ranked first by hashtags . You can check: type any tag in the Instagram search engine, and videos from IGTV will appear in the top.

    Сильные стороны Инстаграм ТВ
    Strengths of Instagram TV
  4. The system allows you to upload a preview – that is, a picture on the cover of a video . A successful preview increases the chances of watching the video and, accordingly, the coverage of the page as a whole.

  5. Instagram makes links clickable . Any advertisement placed in the video description will be active, and this in turn increases the chances for your subscribers to click on it.

  6. If you want to share your video from Instagram TV to Stories, the application will automatically and quite nicely squeeze it out of it for 15 seconds . This “summary” gives the user a chance to be interested in the full version and go to your TV channel, and this also increases the reach.

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Promoting IGTV Videos on Instagram

  1. First minute

    On Instagram, you can watch only 60 seconds of video, and then you need to go to the Instagram TV channel for further viewing. This means that the first minute of the video should be as exciting and noticeable as possible. Use the open loop technique to make this piece effective. It is important that both the picture and the sound are of high quality. If your video interests page visitors, they will wait for the next story.

  2. Call to click on the link

    You can add active links to the description and urge to click on them at the end of the video. Tell us where they are, how to find the description of the video, what exactly needs to be done and other details, because Instagram TV is still a new product that the audience has not yet fully explored. This will help you reach your users as much as possible.

    How to increase the impact of any post:

  3. Content quality

    Many people think that it is enough to wind up views and likes to get to the top. There is no difficulty in promoting Instagram videos for a fee using promotions. However, only those who are interested will get into the bookmarks of real users. And such can only be high-quality videos with a unique plot. You also need to choose a topic that is currently relevant. To find out what’s trending right now, you can see what’s on top of the video and explore the hashtag catalog.

  4. Interactive communication

    You need to actively interact with users. You need to respond to the comments they leave. You can involve them in communication by conducting polls and giveaways. If your subscribers are responsive to your content, it will be beneficial in promoting your video.

  5. Prime Time Publishing

    To determine the peak time at which your post will be seen by the largest number of people, you need to analyze your account statistics, which will show at what time visitor activity increases and on what days and hours the number of views and subscriptions increases.

  6. Using hashtags and geotags

    Hashtags are the main tool for finding publications on topics of interest. However, you can also promote videos using tags that are not relevant, but very popular. You can select high-frequency hashtags using special services :

    • Tagsets . No registration required. Looks for hashtags and gives out 30 pieces each, that is, the maximum allowed in the publication. Collections are saved via the hashtag manager or clipboard. You can create a top of the most popular tags. There is an English version and a Russian version.

    • TopHashtag . Offers a whole catalog with tags on different topics. A selection of relevant ones can be obtained using the “Hashtag Generator”. There are also top tags grouped by topic.

    • InstaTag . There is a large catalog of hashtags in Russian and English for better audience coverage. You can find a selection of tags that reflect user actions, that is, likes, subscriptions and reposts. The downside is that there is no hashtag generator, but there is a collection of emojis.

    These are free services. There are also paid ones, for example HashMaster, Hashtagify, etc.

    Geotags affect only the correct formation of the SERP, promotion to the top does not depend on it. But they still need to be set if your goal is to attract an audience to the video.

  7. Content and design

    What the user sees at the first glance at the cover plays an important role for views. It is necessary that it attracts attention, which means that its design must be approached very seriously. You can choose an interesting frame from the video, put it using the menu, or add a photo through the “Gallery” – it will be the first frame that precedes the video. However, this is not always enough.

    For the cover to be effective, you can resort to services that are designed to decorate videos directly on Instagram:

    • InShot . Service with many functions. In addition to video, you can use it to create stories and photos. The clips can be trimmed, cropped, changed their speed, saturation and color balance vary. There are bases of filters and backgrounds, you can choose music for video. The service also offers a library of gifs – they can be inserted into videos.

    • Motion Ninja . The application is designed for Android smartphones. Shareware – basic features are free of charge. With it, you can edit videos, add stickers, gifs, backgrounds, music to it. Large library of sound effects.

  8. Interactive communication

    Interaction contributes to the promotion of the video. The simplest example is prediction. You launch a video where the plot is looped. If you click on “stop”, it will stop and show the prediction to the user. Be sure to ask to share your results in the comments below the video.

    Another good move is the attentiveness video. You can, for example, ask subscribers to find an item, as is often done in a story. This is also possible in the video. To get more attention, promise a prize to someone who’s done it.

But all these recommendations are good and effective when used in combination. You don’t have to choose one method and follow it when promoting videos on Instagram. Even if you have great and exciting content, you lose a lot of views with few subscribers or bad hashtags.

Use every opportunity to make your video appear at the top positions of the Instagram feed. Don’t forget about engaging with your audience to promote your videos.

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