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How to promote Instagram yourself from scratch: TOP-12 ways + chips (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to promote Instagram yourself from scratch: TOP-12 ways.
  • How to properly prepare a profile for promotion.
  • Frequent mistakes of beginners.
  • Useful courses on Instagram promotion.

All tips and tricks are fully relevant in 2021.

Preparing an account for promotion

Before you start self-promotion on Instagram, you need to prepare your account for promotion:

  • Create an account. It’s trite, but first you need to register a profile. When registering an account, come up with a beautiful, memorable and concise nickname. Read more about how to come up with a nickname in our article.
  • Make a beautiful profile design. Upload a colorful avatar, add a description and buttons, and style your posts. It is important to correctly fill in the Instagram page: users should understand from the first seconds what exactly your account is about.
  • Research your target audience. You need to understand exactly who you will be attracting. To do this, you need to make a portrait of the target audience: age, interests, geography, gender, level of earnings.
  • Study your competitors. Find 5-10 competitors in your niche and analyze their accounts. See what services they offer, how they sell products, what they publish.
  • Make a content plan. So you can focus on the main thing – on the promotion of your profile.
  • Connect a business account. This is important: you will have access to statistics, as well as the function of promoting posts.

How to promote an Instagram account yourself: 12 ways

Let’s move on to the main part of the article. Let’s talk about how to promote an Instagram profile yourself – in the format of an instruction. To do this, consider the TOP-12 ways to promote from scratch.

Ask your friends to subscribe

Immediately after registering an account, ask your friends to subscribe to your Instagram profile. Thus, you will gain the first audience – completely without attachments.

You can invite friends to subscribe to your account from the application. To do this, open the settings and go to the “Invite and follow friends” section.

Приглашаем друзей подписаться в Инстаграм

Here you can invite friends via WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.

Publish quality content

As trite as it may sound, it is important to publish content that will be useful to your target audience. Therefore, it is very important to draw up a portrait of the target audience at the preparatory stage of promotion.

Try different formats: carousel posts, IGTV, Stories. Broadcast live. Come up with a beautiful layout for your posts – for example, make a ribbon in the same style.

Don’t forget about the benefits: if you have an expert blog, then focus on educational materials.

For example, if you are an Internet marketer, then take small notes about online promotion: setting up targeted advertising, SEO, etc.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to promote free on Instagram. Add tags to each post – 25-30 tags.

Choose themed hashtags. This will only attract your target audience.

For example, if you are a hairdresser and publish a video tutorial on how to properly use hair gel, then use the following hashtags: # hair, # hair gel, # hair styling.

Do not use popular tags that are over 1 million that are not relevant to the topic of your posts. They will get lost among hundreds of thousands of other posts.

Try cheating

Do you want to quickly gain first subscribers, likes and views? Try cheating. We recommend the Likemania service.

It’s cheap and safe: your account will not be blocked for suspicious activity.

Go to the Likemania website and select the service you want: subscribers, likes, views, saves, comments.

Накрутка через Лайкманию

You can also choose the type of audience to be attracted: real people or robots. Enter your Instagram login, number of subscribers, likes, views and pay for the order.

Get more followers, likes, views >>>

Guest posts

This is an up-to-date promotion method suitable for personal blogs and business accounts. Find 5-10 bloggers in your niche.

Write and arrange guest posting. You write an interesting post, and the blogger will publish it on his profile with a link to your account.

In this case, both sides win: you get free advertising, and the blogger gets quality content.

Offer the blogger several topics for posts at once. They should be of interest to his audience. Otherwise, he will not agree to publish it.

Mass following and mass liking

Try mass following and massliking. To do this, you need to subscribe and like the target audience. They, in turn, will subscribe to your account in response.

Promotion actions can be automated. To do this, use the Zengram service.


It automatically likes, subscribes to your target audience. It is completely safe: the service imitates the actions of a real person, and also observes Instagram limits.

You can work for free for the first 3 days.

Try Zengram for Free >>>

Targeted ads

Run targeted ads. This is a paid method of promotion on Instagram. First, you need to connect a business account. But we performed this action during the preparation stage.

You can launch the target from the Instagram application – to do this, open the desired post and click the “Promote” button.

To get the effect of targeted advertising, you need to choose the right target audience.


Take part in the giveaways. This way you can quickly attract new audiences to your account.

Given can be compared to a lottery: people take part in the drawing of valuable prizes. Only instead of a “lucky ticket”, the user needs to subscribe to certain Instagram profiles – including your account.

For more information on what is Given on Instagram, read our article.

Advertising with bloggers

Buy ads from Instagram bloggers. Blogger’s advertising price depends on the number of subscribers. The more audience it has, the more expensive one ad post is.

Before buying an ad from a blogger, check it for cheating. The trendHERO service will help you with this. You can also find a blogger for advertising here.

This includes publics. Buy ads in thematic publics – as a rule, they are cheaper.

Run contests

Run contests on your account. For example, if you have an online store, then give away your products.

This method of promotion can be used by bloggers: you can play a cash prize, book, sign. The main thing is to think over the conditions that must be met in order to take part in the competition.

A simple example: to take part in the drawing of a cash prize (for example, 5000 rubles), the participant must subscribe to your account and mark his friends in the comments. This will increase the organic reach of the competitive post.

Mutual PR

Don’t forget about mutual PR. Find 10-15 Instagram accounts similar to your profile by topic. Offer mutual promotion to the authors of these accounts.

You publish, advertise their profile, and they – yours. This is a free and extremely effective promotion method without investment. And it still works in 2021.

Chat in the comments

This is not about comments under your posts. Comment on other people’s posts.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Subscribe to 50-60 related accounts.
  2. Turn on notifications so you know when these profiles will post.
  3. As soon as you get notified, go on this account and write a comment. Your task is to be among the first commentators. This will help you gain more attention.

Just don’t be explicitly spam. Write meaningful messages on the topic of the article: share your opinion or advice.


Analyze your profile constantly. See what content “hits” subscribers the most. For example, if tutorial posts get a lot of likes, comments and saves, then focus on this format.

Experiment: try to publish not only posts, but also videos. Don’t forget about Stories and live broadcasts.

Analyze content in the “Statistics” section. It will become available after you connect a business or author account.

You can also use the LiveDune service to analyze your profile and competitors.

How to increase engagement

To increase organic audience growth, you need to increase engagement:

  • Spend like times. These are posts that greatly increase audience engagement. Like time conditions: you publish a post, after which subscribers should like and write a comment – for example, “I want to like”. Other members should like the posts of previous commenters.
  • Add CTAs to posts. This is a call to action. At the end of each post or video, ask your audience to like, subscribe and comment.
  • Analyze trends. See what’s popular on Instagram right now.
  • Announce posts in Stories. Add a link to the new post in Story. Read our article on how to do this.
  • Conduct surveys. Ask your subscribers questions – in Stories, posts, during live broadcasts. For example, ask what books they read this month.

Profile Promotion: Bad Advice

Many beginners make mistakes when promoting a profile. Because of this, the effectiveness of promotion methods is sharply reduced.

Frequent beginner mistakes:

  1. They “hammer” into account registration.
  2. They do not analyze the content.
  3. They ignore hashtags, or “shove” dozens of tags with a million-plus population.
  4. Forget about competitor analysis.
  5. New posts are published chaotically: for example, this week there were 3 posts, and the next – 0.

Instagram promotion: useful courses

We also want to share with you useful materials for promotion on Instagram. These are training courses in which you will learn how to promote Instagram accounts from scratch.

The Instagram Marketer Profession – Skillbox

The profession of Instagram marketer is an educational program from Skilbox. You will learn how to set up and promote your Instagram accounts.

Профессия Инстаграм-маркетолог от Скиллбокс


  • Work with bloggers.
  • Launch targeted advertising – a step-by-step algorithm.
  • Create a content plan.

Who is the course for :

  • Beginners who want to master a demanded profession and earn from 50,000 rubles a month.
  • Marketers who want to learn useful skills.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to promote your business on Instagram.

The program consists of 3 courses. At the end of your studies you will receive a Skillbox diploma

You can pay for the course in installments for 12 months. The price will be 3 250 rubles / month.

Learn more about the course “The profession of Instagram marketer” >>>

“Instagram Promotion” – Netology

“Promotion on Instagram” is a training course from Netology. You will master a demanded profession and will be able to earn from 50,000 rubles a month by promoting other people’s accounts.

Продвижение в Инстаграм — курс от Нетологии


  • Develop a promotion strategy.
  • Set up targeted ads.
  • Work with bloggers.
  • Create cool content.

For whom:

  • Freelancers .
  • Newbies .
  • Business owners.

After training, you will receive a certificate of professional development.

You can pay for tuition in installments: from 1825 rubles / month.

Learn more about the course “Instagram Promotion” >>>


Now you know how to promote Instagram yourself from scratch. Use all the methods described in the article. This will help you gain a new audience quickly: in just a few weeks, you can attract the first thousand subscribers.

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