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How to promote a store on Instagram yourself: TOP 11 promotion methods

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to promote a store on Instagram: 11 working ways to promote from scratch.
  • How to prepare an online store account for promotion: the main steps.

Preparing an online store for promotion

Before you start promoting your store on Instagram, you need to prepare your profile for promotion.

The main stages of preparation:

How to promote a store on Instagram: 11 ways to promote

Now let’s talk about how to promote an online store on Instagram yourself from scratch. To do this, consider 11 effective ways to attract customers. The list includes paid and free methods of promotion.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Conduct contests and sweepstakes among subscribers. To do this, play the valuable product of your store.

For example, if you sell smartphones, then choose a new gadget model as a prize. Be sure to think over the terms of the promotion.

A simple example: to take part in the drawing of a new iPhone, users need to subscribe to your account and mark 2-3 people in the comments. This will increase the reach of the contest post.

If you run contests, then come up with such conditions so that all users can take part. The easiest way – to enter the contest, users need to post a photo to their Instagram account, tag your store and use a special contest hashtag.

The contest is likely to go viral, which will increase organic audience growth.

Remember: part of the audience that subscribed to the store profile during the drawing will unsubscribe after the winner is determined.

Read more about contests in our article “Contests on Instagram: why they are needed, how to hold them (full instructions)”

Advertising with bloggers

This method requires an advertising budget. The cost of one advertising post depends on the popularity of the blogger: for example, if he has 150,000 active subscribers, then the price of advertising can start from 30,000 rubles per post.

If you have a budget, then find 5-6 thematic Instagram bloggers and buy ads from them.

For example, you can send them your product. The influencer will take a photo of this product and publish a post on her profile – with a link to your online store.

Mass following and mass liking

Another effective way to promote your store on Instagram is mass following and massliking. These are massive actions: you follow and like your target audience to draw attention to your Instagram profile.

Part of the audience will subscribe in response. Some of the people who visit your profile will become buyers.

You can subscribe and like manually. But it will take a long time. Plus, you can exceed the limits and get a blocking of actions.

Therefore, we recommend automating actions. To do this, use the Zengram service.

Zengram — раскрутка магазина в Instagram

This is an Instagram promotion tool. The online service is automatically subscribed to and liked by the target audience. You can also start the automatic browsing of stories here.

The main advantage of this method is that you only attract real and active subscribers. You can use Zengram from any device: smartphone, computer or tablet.

It’s also safe: your online store won’t be blocked for suspicious activity.

Start using Zengram service >>>


Use hashtags in your posts. But remember that the tags should reflect the topic of the publication.

Hashtags will help increase the reach of your posts. This will increase organic audience growth. Also, well-chosen tags will increase sales.

For more information about tags, see our article “Instagram hashtags: how to use and why they are needed.”


At the initial stages of store development on Instagram, try cheating – followers and likes. The Likemania service will help you with this.

Накрутка в Instagram-магазин

Here you can quickly and inexpensively wind up followers, likes, views. There are two cheat options available: real people and robots.

The cost of one live subscriber is 1 RUB; bot – 0.35 rubles. The tool is completely safe: your online store account will not be blocked for cheating indicators.

Start using Likemania >>>


Mark geolocation in posts. Especially if you have posted a photo or video of your product.

Geotags are a great way to promote regional stores. For example, if you have a clothing store in Moscow, then users will be able to find it by geolocation, indicating a specific area or city.

Posts with geotags are also included in recommendations – they are seen by users who are next to the tag.

Direct mailing

Send mailings to Direct. For example, send welcome messages to new subscribers.

Offer them a discount on a specific product category or the entire store’s assortment. This will help increase sales.

Read more about mailing in our article “15 best mailing services in Direct Instagram + instructions”.

Live broadcasts

Streaming live is a great free way to attract new audiences and customers. For example, you can answer questions from potential customers.

Also do product reviews live – some viewers will be interested in your product and place an order right during the broadcast.

Targeted ads

Set up targeted ads. This is a paid way to promote your store on Instagram.

Targeted ads are sponsored posts that appear in the user’s feed. You yourself choose the audience that will see the ad post – indicate gender, age and interests in the ad account.

For a start, a small budget is enough: for example, 5,000 rubles. Test different bundles: target audience + advertising post.


Use interactive content. For example, games. They help increase audience engagement.

Games also stir up users’ interest in your products / services.

There are two main game formats:

  1. Regular posts.
  2. Stories.

Read more about games in our article “36 Cool Games on Instagram: TOP Selection for Stories and posts “.

High-quality and useful content

Post interesting content. Dilute selling posts with useful posts: for example, if you have a complex product, tell potential buyers how to use it.

Share your expertise: let’s say you have a shop for fishermen. Publish posts with life hacks for fishermen: for example, how to choose the right fishing rod or boat; TOP 5 best tents, etc.


Now you know how to promote your store on Instagram yourself. As you can see, there is nothing complicated here: just use all the promotion methods described in this article. This will help you quickly find your first customers.

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