In the modern world, every company that has something to grab people’s attention is interested in how to create texts for Instagram. Let’s not forget that today, where social networks are developing rapidly, pop stars and movie stars happily use them. Instagram helps increase online store sales, and using it would be completely unreasonable. You will learn how to do everything right in later stages.

How to prepare Instagram sharing

It makes no difference whether your profile is corporate or whether your page sells anything. It is very important to remember the basic rules. What are they?

The first rule. A bright picture

Remember, Instagram users can only “forgive” photos of poor quality of their closest relatives. Do you use a work-related profile? Then the photos you send should be of the best quality and carry a style. If you skip this rule, users will also bypass your profile. The main advantage of this type of sharing is that the texts can be supplemented with the relevant image. Thus, all the advantages of the product can be evaluated immediately visually.

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If for you Instagram is a suitable platform to present your wares, you should show it from various angles. A perfect shot of the product or service on Instagram will stand out as an advantage. Here is an example for you.

Do you sell backpacks? Then post a photo showing the insides of the bag, showing how many items can go inside. Is your product a notebook or a diary? Make different cover layouts and show them how they will look, especially if you’re selling a diary.


And the text for such images may be, for example:

“With a monochrome cover or with a bright patterni embellishi, staplewith and spiral We offer i, notebooks with white or kraft paper, lined and unlined notebooks. You’ll definitely find what you need with us! ».

The second rule. Description text

Instagram followers have started appearing on your account. But it doesn’t matter to them just to admire the goods or services in the pictures. It is important to know how to order them or how to get to the store. Therefore, it is very important to write the contact information in the shares. It is also necessary to consider the design of the profile cover. Otherwise, even good texts won’t do you any good.

The cover should not be lengthy, but should also give the user an idea of ​​what kind of company you are, what you offer, and how they will get the products. Your social network or an official website should be linked to these pages in the title.


The third rule. Edit

Of course, your messages must be error-free. This rule ensures that you are completely confident, you should read the text of each post twice before posting, or even better three times. Believe me, errors are very often found after the first reading, these are details that you simply overlooked at the beginning. It’s a good idea to spend another five to ten minutes reviewing the text so you don’t be surprised if anyone is interested in your profile.

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How to draw attention to texts on Instagram?

Instagram followers love to follow stories from life, they want to know what’s going on behind them. That’s why it’s helpful to include sales points, photos, for example the working process or thematic information of the store environment. Here you make the choice.

For example, if you represent a beauty salon or a cosmetics store, they should offer advice on merchandise and cost messages, product selection, care for different skin types, information about promotions or master classes in makeup application.

For example, in the case of a tourism-related company, there would be excellent options, cheap tours, passport advice, interesting information about the most popular tourist destinations in the countries. You already got it, in principle.


Don’t forget to add photos of your employees. It could be a courier rushing to deliver an order, a girl making a bouquet of flowers, etc. These messages are important for customer trust. It indicates that the company is trying to provide the best service for its customers.

For the vast majority of business types that create Instagram profiles, there’s always one reality that works – the closer you are to people, the better. If you’re writing official texts on other social networks or on your own website, or just stating the basics of goods, Instagram is a good thing because you can afford to stretch the boundaries a little.

You should try to “chat” with your followers. Because it would be nice to write articles in the usual speaking style. Here, for example:

«Our lady Ayşe prepares the best coffee because we need to get over the Monday morning syndrome!».


«”We’ve extended our working day especially for you, so you can get gifts for your relatives without going on vacation!”».

These are not sales-related texts, but they work for the benefit of your company.

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When is it better to post the post?

Despite all the unpredictability of social networks, analysts were able to identify when Instagram users were particularly active.

Here’s an approximate graph.

The hours of 17.00-18.00 are better for editing posts on weekdays. You can try it later at night. In general, the night hours are empty and you may be one of the first to catch the attention of subscribers.

Focus on the target audience as well. If you are selling goods for children, the best time is between 10:00 and 15:00, as mothers on maternity leave have a little more free time. Speaking of students, we can choose a morning or afternoon for sharing.

But it’s important to remember that Instagram has algorithms for users to choose content. For this reason, time is not very important for the publication of the shares, it is necessary to motivate the followers to comment and like, so that the value and position of the sharing come to the fore.

Manage hashtags

Today we can say that the hashtag is really useful on Instagram. Thanks to them, potential customers can find you. That’s why it’s important to choose the clearest requests for your business.

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The hashtag is something that needs to be approached with a little cunning. Finding the middle ground is really hard. When you start typing hashtags, you can write a word less or longer than you want with auto-completion. On average, fifteen hashtags are placed in the query field. To tell the truth it’s not very nice to see them on the post, so we have to pull them down as much as possible.

Tip: Create a hashtag that specifically refers to your company. Basically take the name of the company. If a unique tag is not omitted, add a few matching words.

You will find customers on this hashtag and you will find photos of customers using your goods or services. Usually, subscribers indicate these.

In short, it’s a great idea to create and post the best photos from customers on your profile. Thus, you will increase the trust of new customers. There is no doubt that such messages will bring you undeniable benefits.

Which posts should we avoid on Instagram

We discussed how to draw users’ attention to your posts, now let’s talk about what not to do. Most entrepreneurs are just learning to use social networks to improve their business, so making mistakes is inevitable. Believe me, if you’re starting to promote your business via Instagram, it’s better to pay attention to other people’s mistakes than to do it yourself.

Here are the most common mistakes:

Closed profiles

Just imagine, you’ve opened a new shop with bouquets and brochures and discount promises. Customers come to your store with good feelings, but the door of the store is locked. These same feelings apply to your closed and inactive instagram sales page.

Sharing about sales only

Imagine yourself as a follower. On your page only bags, clothes, travel agency services and all in the same spirit and boring. Even you will get tired of it sooner or later and you will leave this profile dissatisfied.

No regular updates

Any profile that does not have regular updates loses popularity very quickly. If you have just started Instagram account promotion, be sure to make regular updates. A few posts two or three times a week works better than a dozen posts in one day.

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Ignore the page

If followers are commenting on your posts, be sure to reply to them. Your followers should make sure that their opinions are really valuable to you.

Playing with hashtag words

The hashtag you create can direct your target audience directly to your profile. Or it could be a mockery. Make sure the brand hashtag you design sounds good. Especially if it’s just a few words. Sometimes this can be against you.

Instagram posts, examples, basic rules for creating hashtags, all of these are easy to find on the internet. The peculiarity of the social network is that it is live, so posts that are written in a living text and have an appeal will draw more attention to your business. Do not be afraid of sharing attempts and communication with your followers. Only in this way can you make your work more popular on Instagram.

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