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How to monetize your Instagram profile: a step-by-step guide for newbies

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to Prepare an Instagram Profile for Monetization – Tips for Beginning Authors.
  • How to Monetize an Instagram Account: 6 Topical Ways.

Preparing Instagram- account for monetization: step-by-step instructions

Before moving on to the main part of the article, let’s talk about preparing an Instagram account for monetization. The process consists of 4 main steps.

Define a profile topic

First, you need to define the topic of your profile. For example, you can start a book blog or public about cars.

The topic determines the ways of profile monetization. For example, in a personal blog, you can sell information products – books, manuals, courses. Public – advertising and affiliate products.

The main types of Instagram accounts:

  1. Personal and expert blogs.
  2. Public.
  3. Online shopping.

Make a quality design

After you have decided on the topic and direction of the profile, proceed to the next stage. Make a high-quality account design.

How to design an Instagram profile:

  • Upload a bright and memorable avatar.
  • Come up with a laconic nickname.
  • Create a profile description.
  • Add buttons for communication.
  • Publish Stories Highlights.

Read more about designing your profile in our article “How to design your Instagram profile correctly and beautifully.

Start publishing content

Now you need to start posting content to your profile. Quality content is the basis of promotion.

Publish posts in different formats:

  • Entertainment.
  • Selling.
  • Informational.
  • Educational.

For example, if you have an expert blog, then focus on educational and informational posts. When you reach your first audience – for example, 5,000 subscribers – you can start monetizing your account.

Start promoting your profile

The last stage of preparation for Instagram account monetization is profile promotion. Your task is to gain an audience. The more subscribers, the higher your earnings.

Let’s take a look at 4 ways to promote your Instagram profile.


Use hashtags in your posts. This is a free promotion method.

By tags, posts are included in recommendations. This increases the reach of publications. The larger the reach, the higher the organic audience growth.

Read more about hashtags on Instagram in our article.

Mass Following and Mass Liking

Try mass following and massliking. The online service Zengram will help you with this.


The tool helps in promoting your account: it automates mass-following and mass-liking actions.

It’s safe – Zengram does not exceed the limits of the social network. There is a free trial period.

Start promoting your profile through Zengram for free >>>

Targeted advertising

Set up targeted ads – through the Instagram app or Facebook ad account. This is a paid way to promote. This requires an advertising budget.

5,000 rubles are enough to test ads. When setting up ads, you need to select the correct target audience: specify age, geography and interests.


If you want to quickly gain the first subscribers, then try cheating. The Likemania service will help you with this.

Лаймания — накрутка подписчиков

It’s simple, user-friendly and, just as important, cheap. The price of one subscriber starts from 0.35 rubles.

There are two types of followers to choose from: robots and real people.

Increase followers and likes through Likemania >>>

Important: this is only a small part of all methods of promotion on Instagram. Read more about account promotion in our article “How to promote Instagram yourself from scratch: TOP-12 ways + chips”.

How to monetize your account: TOP-6 ways

Now let’s talk about ways to monetize your Instagram account. Let’s take a look at 6 of the best ways to make money.

Sale of goods and services

You can sell goods and services through your Instagram account. This is relevant for personal and expert blogs, online stores, publics.

For example, if you are a psychologist, you can sell your own services through your Instagram profile. If you are a popular blogger, then sell your own products: for example, merchandise or handmade goods.

Sale of information products

Another way to monetize your Instagram account is to sell information products. These are online courses, books, PDF manuals, sales scripts, manuals.

This monetization method is suitable for blogs: personal and expert. For example, if you are an SMM specialist, then through your personal profile you can sell online courses on promoting your business on social networks.

Affiliate Programs

If you do not have your own goods or information products, then you can earn on affiliate programs.

Simple example: you have a small Instagram blog about women’s fashion. You can partner with an online women’s clothing store like LaModa. Advertise affiliate products and get a percentage of every sale.

Selling Ads

This monetization method is suitable for publishers and blogs. Advertise other people’s products and accounts on your profile.

The price of one ad post depends on the popularity of your account. For example, if your blog has 50,000 subscribers, then the advertising price can start from 10,000 rubles.


Another way to monetize an expert account on Instagram is to sell consultations. For example, if you run a blog about internet marketing, you can sell your subscribers advice on promoting projects on the internet.

Earnings from likes and subscriptions

The easiest way to monetize your Instagram account, which is suitable for beginners, is to make money from likes and subscriptions. To do this, you need to register on a special service and add your profile to the system.

Principle of making money: you subscribe to other people’s profiles and like publications. For each action you get paid money: for example, 30 kopecks for a subscription.

To make money on likes and subscriptions, use the Bosslike service. There are thousands of active jobs available here.

Important: this is only a small part of the ways to make money on Instagram. You can find more methods in our article “How to make money on Instagram: 12 best ways”.

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