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How to monetize your Instagram account: step-by-step instructions for 2021

Everyone who leads an active life on the Internet thinks about how to monetize their Instagram account. There are several ways to do this, and the opportunity exists for both popular, promoted profiles with several thousand fans, and for beginners.

Consider the main ways to make money on your Instagram profile. Let us examine in detail the options for how you can increase your attractiveness to the audience and advertisers. After all, the possibility of making money on a blog depends on this.

3 main ways to monetize Instagram

Almost every person has an account on the visual social network Instagram. Some use it purely for communication, while others dream of blogging and making large sums of money. Bloggers have several basic models that they can build on to generate income:

  1. Placing advertisements for third-party brands or bloggers on the page.
  2. Providing advice as a recognized expert or selling professional services.
  3. Turning your personal page into your own marketplace.

For all of the above methods, one rule applies – the more subscribers and activity, the higher the conversion will be. Visitors and viewers are more willing to convert into earnings, which is also appreciated by advertisers. Each method of monetization has its own characteristics that must be taken into account in order to receive real income.

Selling direct and native ads

This is the simplest method of making money, which depends on the level of development of the page. Selling advertising means that a client, in the form of a brand or a third-party blogger, asks the page owner to post his content or create a new one. The main goal is to attract a client who learns about the offer, and then spends money on a product or service.

Advertising can be of two types:

  • Direct – a blogger posts information about a product or service in a publication or profile.

It can be a photo, a link, accompanied by text, in video format, a blogger can tell or show the advertised product, to demonstrate brand symbolism. The target viewer immediately understands that there is an advertisement in front of him, so the value of direct exposure decreases.

Прямая реклама
  • Native – to implement this format, the blogger weaves a mention of a product or service into his content.

The product can be displayed against the background of a photo or video, brand symbols are placed in the decorations. The main goal of native advertising is indirect promotion, the viewer does not feel imposed. At the time of purchasing the advertised product, he considers such a decision to be his own initiative.

Нативная реклама

In order for your ad to be of high quality, and the flow of customers does not dry out, you need to do it creatively and not forget about retaining a constant audience.

It is better to choose a native format, it pays more generously and is well received by viewers. But the blogger has to work on coming up with a story and subtly weaving ads into it.

Expert advice and services

For those who want to self-actualize and provide a service, there is also an option for self-promotion through social networks. This is usually suitable for a number of professions:

  • psychologists ;
  • lawyers and advocates;
  • photographers;
  • decorators;
  • handicraftsmen (furniture makers , glass blowers, auto repairmen, etc.)

Personal publications about life and everyday life can be alternated with professional inserts that will offer a specific product of the blogger. As a promotional offer, you can conduct short educational programs in the format of separate recordings or live broadcasts, during which answers to popular questions are given.

Моё творение

Consultations can be offered on the Internet by video communication, or in a tete-a-tete format, and you can also post publications about them with customer reviews. If the audience sees the real results of the expert and is able to evaluate his skill while viewing the content, the flow of orders will increase.

This scheme is often used by psychologists and lawyers who, in their public records, speak on general topics and explain the basics. This is what demonstrates charisma and professionalism, the client, in order to resolve his issue, will prefer to contact a person he knows, at least on social networks.

Promotion of your own products

This model of earning is suitable either for those who sell a truly unique product with a small number of subscribers, or for “opinion leaders” – popular and respected bloggers.

Their name alone has weight, and if such people also offer to buy something from them, competitors have no chance.

Many bloggers choose this format for generating income, not wanting to depend on the availability and desires of advertisers.

For example, Konstantin Zarutsky, better known as the Academeg autoblogger, is developing his own brand of automotive chemicals. He mentions it in videos and uses it as a working tool, thereby increasing the credibility of the brand.

Typically, this method of making money differs from providing advice and services in that it sells a real physical product. Thus, advertising affects offline commerce, increasing sales and generating income for the blogger outside of social media.

Alternatively, a public person can monetize their Instagram page by simply launching an online store. It is desirable that the products on sale correspond to the theme of the blogger himself, among viewers and potential buyers this will create a feeling of reliability of the offer.

Интернет магазин публичного человека

You shouldn’t concentrate only on the product, you need to continue your personal creativity so as not to lose your audience and get new fans. Many bloggers create separate pages in the marketplace format and leave a link to them in their profile or posts. Demonstration of the product in the post will be especially effective, as it will redirect the customer to the store.

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How to monetize Instagram account: important tips for the page

Nobody will pay money just for the existence of the page, the blogger must be a real “opinion leader” who is listened to and whose thoughts are important to the masses. Therefore, you need to recruit starting subscribers, which even for inexpensive advertising will require at least 10 thousand people.

If you have money, you can order advertising from more significant authors, the most effective will be a collaboration in one live broadcast or photoset.

You can attract both fans and advertisers by posting quality and thoughtful content on your blog.

The profile should immediately speak about the professional status of its owner, for this it is recommended:

  1. Work on high quality content – no longer surprise anyone with a beautiful photo in an exotic location or posing in a car. If a photo is posted, it should be unique, pleasing to the eye and harmonious, the video needs good quality and dynamics, and they practically don’t look at the “talking heads” now.
  2. Adhere to a single style – the latest Instagram trend is the same color scheme … Photos should be in the same color style, including the avatar, but this does not mean that it will be possible to operate one photoset for several months. For example, by choosing red, a blogger should use it in all posts. It can be clothing, a car, technology, nature – everything that matches the chosen color. Entering such a page, the viewer feels harmony, but does not feel repetition, the content does not bother him.
  3. Work on the texts – many people think that Instagram is a purely visual network and good accompaniment to photos, like videos, is not required. The bottom line is that it takes a few seconds to view a photo, but enticing text can help a person stay on the page and even persuade him to comment or like. Especially appreciated are creative but concise notes that express a thought, as a rule – their statistics are the best.
  4. Fill out a profile – the presence of information about the blogger, his topics and interests will help the viewer understand whether the author is interesting to him. You can also post links to other social networks where the blogger works in the profile, thus increasing engagement.
  5. Post regularly – the problem of fans is that they do not have a clear schedule for posting content. They can arrange a live broadcast in the middle of the night, not appear on the social network for several months, and then post dozens of photos in a week. Professionals do not allow this, working on a schedule, while fans know when they can get new valuable content.

When the first thousands of subscribers are recruited and the recommendations are followed, you can start looking for advertisers. There are entire blogger exchanges on the Internet where promoters and performers can meet. This is especially useful for beginner but up-and-coming writers who may take a long time to get an ad order.

With the passage of time and the growth of popularity, you can count on the independent appeal of advertisers.

A blogger is especially valuable if he has regular customers who do not contact many authors – this means that his work gives a good effect.

Only bloggers with millions of views receive such offers – these numbers are achieved by everyone who follows these tips.

Avoiding Failure – Expert Opinion

Even if you want to make money on your public account with all your heart, you can “burn out” if you make the slightest mistake. As a rule, success is achieved by people who did not plan to turn blogging into work, but if there is such a goal, you should familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes.

  • Ignoring style guidelines – a poorly designed profile will not bring success and popularity. A unified color scheme, “tasty” texts about everyday life and popular topics, regular airing and communication with subscribers are the main pillars of the blogger. Otherwise, even potential fans will not want to stay on the page and will leave without reading the content.
  • Cheat – having received starting subscribers by cheating, some authors decide to further increase the number of fans this way. way. For advertisers, this does not matter, because without likes and comments, the blogger has no value.
  • illegible advertising – having gained only 10-20 thousand subscribers, bloggers often begin to monetize their activities ” Here and now”. As a rule, with so many fans, serious advertisers are not interested in bloggers.

Cheap and mass advertising attracts fraudulent or low-grade companies, and hoping to make money on the page, it is filled to the brim with such content. This leads to a decrease in the value of the blogger, misleading the audience. As a result, there are massive unsubscriptions, complaints are filed and even a small number of fans are lost.

Step-by-step instructions for making money on Instagram

Now that you are familiar with the types of advertising and tips for maintaining a page, you can start creating an income account. This is a fairly simple process, divided into stages:

  1. Creating a new profile.
  2. Placing high-quality publications on a schedule, accompanied by a beautiful visual line.
  3. Conducting live broadcasts, communicating with the audience, recruiting new viewers (you can use jokes prizes).
  4. Registration on the blogger exchange and receiving the first low-cost orders upon reaching the first 10-20 thousand fans.
  5. Page development and decrease in the number of advertisers with an increase in their level and price tag.

Having a page on Instagram, you can make money on it by offering advertising and developing your own business. But you won’t be able to make a profit just by understanding how to monetize your Instagram account.

It should be a beautiful profile that uses creative texts and constantly updates content. Only then will the page generate income, and the audience will constantly increase, increasing the value of the author for potential advertisers.

Sincerely, Artur Ryazanov
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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