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How to make tons of money on Instagram on affiliate programs

There are several ways to make money on Instagram. For this, it is not at all necessary to have a specialized education and supernatural skills. Anyone can learn this.

The advantage of such earnings is the ability to earn income without leaving the house. You can also organize your own working hours. This is especially true for students, young moms and business owners.

Istagram is by far the largest social network. Its interface is great for promoting products and specific services. The main advantage of working on Instagram is the unlimited scope of possibilities.

Profit directly depends on the effort expended. The more active the Instagram page is, the higher the earnings.

How to make money on Instagram: basic ways

Gone are the days when making money on the Internet was perceived as something unreal. Today, working online opens up unlimited opportunities for personal growth.

Instagram appeared back in 2010. It is an application in which absolutely everyone can register. The main feature of Instagram is the visual presentation of information. The main focus is on photography and short videos. The application has the ability to:

  • upload photos and videos;
  • communicate via direct;
  • publish material in stories;
  • view archive;
  • correct and delete posts.

How to make money on Instagram, everyone who has a profile on this social network has been interested at least once. You can make a blog out of your page and start actively promoting it. You can also promote other accounts.

In the second case, we are talking about working as an SMM manager.

The ability to make a product popular is in great demand. Most bloggers make money from advertising. The promoted profile on Instagram is of increased interest among advertisers.

Заработать в Instagran можно на раскрутке профиля

Opportunities are determined by the number of subscribers. The more potential customers there are for the advertiser, the more he is willing to pay for advertising.

Another way to make money on Instagram involves direct sales. Today almost all stores have a profile in this social network. Instagram is a great platform for showcasing products and services. She sells everything from clothing to real estate.

Specialists of a narrow profile with the help of Instagram can increase their reputation. Communicating with subscribers and answering their pressing questions, they confirm their competence in a particular issue. This helps to increase the number of customers and consolidate your position in the market.

Earnings with the help of affiliate programs are no less widespread. Profit is a percentage for attracting new customers.

It works as follows: the blogger posts a link to the product in his profile, the subscriber clicks on it and makes a purchase, the blogger gets a percentage of the profit. All links in the chain remain in the black.

Every year the number of affiliate programs only increases. This tool is considered to be quite effective.

Step-by-step instructions for profile promotion

A prerequisite for making money on Instagram is the presence of a promoted profile. You can do it yourself, or you can entrust it to professionals. Gurus in this topic have already released training courses.

Daria Manilova was especially popular. She has proven from her own experience that making money on Instagram is quite real. The famous blogger not only achieved success, but also began to teach others. She opened her own school and wrote a book with a guide to action.

Among the domestic stars of show business, there are also quite a few of those who found their audience on Instagram and managed to increase their income at the expense of this platform. You can use their Instagram profile as a reference.

Step-by-step profile promotion includes the following steps:

  1. Target definition. Initially, you should define the main function of the blog and what content will be published on it. It is advisable to immediately draw up a business plan and focus on it.
  2. Identifying the target audience. In any business, it is important to understand who the potential client is. This will help determine his needs.
  3. Account registration. On Instagram, you can switch your account to business mode. This greatly simplifies the work. After that, you can start choosing an avatar and filling out the profile header.
  4. Content selection. This step includes the bulk of the work. The quality and frequency of publications is of great importance. You need to find your own style and stick to it.
  5. Hashtag selection. In order for a potential client to find your post, hashtags must be spelled out in it. They are a kind of beacons that set the theme for the entire profile. To select hashtags, you can use the Yandex Wordstat service.
  6. Posting according to the plan. Posts should come out at regular intervals. You can not throw your account, but also do not annoy subscribers with publications. It is advisable to post every day.
  7. Actions to increase subscribers. This item combines many promotion tools. Bloggers often use advertising, mass-liking and mass-following for these purposes. Competitions are no less effective.

How much you can earn on Instagram

Working on the Internet is good because there is no upper limit of the norm. It all depends only on the perseverance and skills of the blogger, as well as the knowledge that you can learn on your own or in special courses. The main criterion in this case is the number of subscribers. The conditions under which you can achieve regular income are as follows:

  • live comments under posts;
  • over 10,000 subscribers;
  • regular posts;
  • great content quality;
  • high activity of subscribers.

Sometimes bloggers manage to reach a stable income bypassing these conditions. As a rule, this is preceded by the acquisition of sudden popularity. This happens if a person has become the protagonist of a resonant event.

The average income of a beginner blogger can be 5,000-20,000 rubles. It grows as the audience grows. A blog with more than 100,000 subscribers can earn 300-400 thousand rubles a month. It all depends on the quality of the content, the type of income and audience loyalty.

The approximate income on Instagram of famous personalities is displayed in the table.

How much she earns on Instagram (information from open sources)

Ksenia Sobchak

Polina Gagarina

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Daria Klyukina

Vera Brezhneva

You need to understand that it is not Instagram itself that pays money, but advertisers and organizers of affiliate programs with which the blogger cooperates. In order for the income to become official, you will need to apply for an individual entrepreneur or self-employment. Otherwise, there is a risk of stumbling upon heavy fines.

TOP-5 ideas for earning money on affiliate programs

Everyone who has a promoted profile on Instagram should think about how you can make money on affiliate programs. The main advantage of such earnings is that there is no need to make investments. At the same time, the seller, not the blogger, bears responsibility for the quality of the goods.

But cooperation with unscrupulous offers can still affect his reputation. The disadvantage of affiliate programs is the need to establish trusting relationships with subscribers. Otherwise, they won’t follow links and make purchases.

Link placement must be appropriate. It would be weird if a girl blogging about cosmetics suddenly starts promoting products for renovation. The most popular affiliate programs today include:

  • Cityads;
  • Epn;
  • Leads;
  • Admitad;
  • Actionpay.


The main advantage of this affiliate program is a wide selection of financial and gaming offers. The site has a completely understandable interface and provides statistical data.

Заработок в Instagran c Cityads

Unlike other affiliate programs, payments here can only be received 2 times a month. The main promotion tools provided by the service are banners, widgets, coupons, landing pages, etc. The platform pays 5% for attracting referrals.


Epn is essentially a cashback service. Money is credited to the webmaster for attracting new users and purchasing goods through his link. The personal account contains detailed statistics on transitions. From time to time notifications are sent to the mail about the possibility of passing various webinars.

Epn - сервис для заработка в Инстаграме

The site comprehensively assists webmasters in improving the quality of their work. It also has separate services for advertisers and consumers.


This affiliate program allows you to select a specific action for which income will be accrued. This parameter can be easily set in the settings.

Партнерская программа Leads

Individual conditions of cooperation are provided for individual entrepreneurs and self-employed. Money can only be withdrawn from an amount of 1000 rubles. Payments are made both to cards and e-wallets.


The most popular affiliate program in recent years is considered to be Adnitad. At the registration stage, you are given the opportunity to choose a traffic source: mailings, targeted advertising, websites, etc.

Популярная партнерская программа Admitad

The service provides users with a lot of convenient tools. In addition, the system allows you to track statistics that are updated in real time.


In Actionpay, interest is charged exclusively for sales. There is a huge number of offers to choose from. Among them are not only online stores, but also banks, information products, online games, etc.

Actionpay - сервис для заработка на партнерках

The uniqueness lies in the fact that the service offers goods not only for the Russian, but also for the international market.

Major errors

Not everyone can promote their profile on Instagram and make money on it. If there is no clear understanding of the ultimate goal, then it will be very difficult to make money. The strategy can change every 3-4 months, depending on the result obtained.

In maintaining an Instagram profile, randomness is inappropriate. Posts should be posted regularly. This is necessary not only to retain subscribers, but also to maintain reach. Its fall leads to a decrease in sales.

If money was invested in promotion, then in the end it will turn out to be an ordinary drain of the budget. The main mistakes of bloggers on Instagram are as follows:

  • private account;
  • irregular publication of posts and stories;
  • refusal to use hashtags;
  • unfilled profile header;
  • lack of feedback;

  • low quality content;
  • excess of advertising.

Don’t neglect profile ads. This is a good way to promote your account, thereby increasing your profits. But it is worthwhile to understand that investments must be appropriate. Promoting a profile with low quality content won’t pay off.

A critical look at the profile will help identify and fix vulnerabilities. In this question, you can contact subscribers. They, like no one, will better indicate the flaws of the profile. On Instagram, it is extremely important to keep in touch with your subscribers and build friendships.


Making money on Instagram is really real. But you will have to make every effort for this. The number of bloggers is only increasing, which creates competition in this field. To make a significant profit, you need to stand out from the rest.

An important condition is hard work and perseverance. By and large, working on Instagram is the same as any other. The main difference is that it opens up a lot of scope for self-realization.

Sincerely, Veronika Vladimirova
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